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Northern Tech at Collings Foundation

Northern Tech at Collings Foundation


Saturday, April 18, 2020
Collings Foundation, Hudson, MA

This event was cancelled Mar 17, 2020. Can we show you some more events nearby?

This Event is Cancelled!

Northern Tech at the Collings Foundation Stow, Massachusetts

Saturday, April 18

Cost per person: $60 (includes lunch and entrance to three museums)

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Now for something different. The VSCCA will visit the renowned Collings Foundation in Stowe, MA.  If you are not familiar with it you’re in for a treat:  

  • Meet in their hangar where they house a collection of vintage warbirds from WWI and WWII, race cars and micro cars.  
  • At 11 we’ll have a presentation on disributors by Rob Medynski of British Vacuum Unit and an overview of the Collings Foundation.
  • Buffet lunch at 12.  
  • After lunch you have two more buildings to tour. The vintage car museum and the brand new American Heritage Museum which has one of the finest collections of armored vehicles in the world with a focus on WWII.  Their Tiger Tank will give you chills…  
  • Check it out at
  • it could be a bit chilly in the hangar, make sure to a warm jacket, gloves and hat if the forecast is cool 

For more information contact Event Chair Peter Ross at or call 978-831-8424


  •  10-11: Check in and see the hangar, race cars and micro cars
  •  11-12:  presentation and Q&A
  •  12-1: we'll break for lunch
  •  After lunch: Tour the vintage car museum (closes at 2) and the armored vehicle museum (open until 5)

Event Entry: 

  • $60 per person (includes buffet lunch and all-day entrance to three museum buildings)

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