Sat, May 29, 2021

NNJR/NePA Autocross Event - Pocono Infield

Pocono Raceway

About this event



This is a joint event being held with NePA SCCA at the Pocono raceway east course.

Event Format:  Due to covid-19 restrictions involving instructors, the number of novices for this event will be limited. Depending on turnout, we'll run a 4 heat / 2 group format (work twice, run twice) or a 3 heat format. 

2021 Covid-19 Protocols will be inforced.


Online payment is required if you pre-register.  You will not be charged until after registration closes, and you have until registration closes to cancel.  If you don't cancel before the event and your account is charged, there are no refunds, but we will offer a credit good for one year..  There will be no credits if the event sells out and you fail to notify us by 8am the day of the event (via email, or by canceling in MSR).  

We will be charging late fees for not registering at least 3 days before the event.

If you haven't pre-registered, we will accept walk ups, but you will pay the late registration fee, and you MUST check in at the truck. NO CASH PAYMENTS.

You will need to have an SCCA annual waiver or use the online speedwaiver service to complete the waiver for the event.  If you have an annual waiver you will not need to sign the online waiver.  A link to the online waiver will be provided the day before the event and can be completed any time before entering the event, including when you pull up.

COVID-19 Restrictions / Special Notices

Please see the requirements on the next page of the registration process.


Please try to determine the correct class for your car before registering.  Please refer to the following links for car classing help:

All race tire and CAM classes run in the following index classes:

  • XR : Street Prepared, Street Modified, Prepared, and Modified
  • T : Street Prepared and Street Modified cars running on 200+ tread wear tires.  This class has a PAX adjustment since the standard factor assumes race tires.
  • CAM: CAM-C, CAM-S, and CAM-T

Event Schedule

  • 7:30 - Arrive
  • 8:00 to 9:00 - Registration
  • 8:15 - Course Open for Walking
  • 8:15 to 9:00 - Tech Inspection
  • 9:00 - Novice Course Walk
  • 9:15 - Course Closed for Walking
  • 9:20 - Mandatory Drivers' Meeting
  • 9:45 - First car off


Based on the high site rental fees at the Meadowlands, we will use tiered pricing based on the number of pre-registered drivers.  The bad news is that low turnout means a higher price, the good news is that the higher cost will mean more runs.  An email will be sent out when registration closes to confirm the price.  You will then have 2 hours to cancel before your credit card is charged if you decide that the cost of these events is too high.  Due to issues determining if we'll have the minimum number of drivers at some events last season.  In order to make sure we have enough drivers, a late registration fee of $10 will be charged to anyone registering within 3 days of the event to motivate everyone to not wait until the last minute to register.

Minimum Drivers:

  • Minimum number of pre-registered drivers: 80


  • 100+ Drivers: $75 / 6-8 runs
  • 80-100 Drivers: $85 / 8 runs


  • An additional $15 will be charged to non-members to pay for a weekend membership and insurance costs.
  • Walk-up registration is an additional $10.

Event requirements

Registration closes by 5 pm the day before the event.

General Requirements

All competitors must posses a valid driver's license.  All competitors under 18 years of age are required to have a Minor Waiver form signed by a legal guardian.  This form must either be signed in the presence of an SCCA member at the event, or signed and notarized prior to the event.  The minor waiver form is available here.

All kart drivers (KM) must be SCCA members (no weekend memberships permitted).

SCCA Members

All competitors must be SCCA members

If you are not an SCCA Member you can still run, however, you must fill out a weekend membership form on site if you have not pre-registered (not during this time). If you pre-registered and are not an scca member, the online MSR will submit your info to SCCA and assign you a weekend number for the weekend.  This way for the event you are an SCCA member for insurance purposes.


COVID-19 Restrictions - PLEASE READ

Safety Guidelines During Events

Notice to Participants: In light of the current COVID-19 situation, every attempt will be made to minimize the risks of exposure to the virus. New processes and procedures are being developed and will be put into place for events going forward.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to assess the risk to you, both on-track and off, and to make the decision on whether or not to participate. If you are feeling unwell or are experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath please stay home. If you have been in contact with someone who has been experiencing these symptoms in the last two weeks, please stay home.

While on site please take the health and safety of your fellow participants, volunteers and staff into consideration and practice social distancing, wear a mask, and wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer frequently.


Northern New Jersey SCCA COVID-19 Operations Plan and Policies 

Revision 1 –3/15/2021

Purpose and Statement of Policy 

  • We are looking forward to returning in 2021.  As a participant in NNJR-SCCA Autocross events, you are required to comply with our event and site policies. This COVID-19 risk management plan is a new policy and procedure we will implement (and request your participation to implement) to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission between persons while participating in NNJR-SCCA Autocross events.  
  • The policies and procedures laid out in this plan shall be considered a condition of participation in NNJR-SCCA Autocross events. Event and program chairs reserve the right to take all measures necessary, including removing individuals due to noncompliance to the requirements of this policy, in order to ensure the successful and compliant running of NNJR-SCCA Autocross events.  

NNJR-SCCA requests that all event participants conduct a simple appraisal of their condition the night before, and morning of, events prior to heading to the site. This check should consist of the following: 


  • Conduct a temperature self-check prior to heading to the event site. Be honest with yourself if you have a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher. We do not want to offend anyone, but if you are not feeling well for any reason, please do not come to the event.  
  • Additional Information for Your Consideration, the SCCA has provided operations teams with detailed guidance, some of which goes beyond the details provided in this policy. Please take the time to click this link: 

Cancellations and Refunds 

  • If you are not feeling well, and your self-monitored temperature is 100.4 degrees or higher please, stay home.  If you missed the deadline to cancel your registration and you wake up feeling sick the morning of, e-mail the registration folks or one of the chairs (  the day of the event saying you’re not going to come due to illness and we will be more than happy to refund your entry fee or put towards a future event. 


  • We will be conducting online registration only for the duration of the season.  Cash payments will not be accepted the day of events. If you are a walk-up, or you forget to register the night before, fear not!  We’ll keep the online registration open until around 8:45 am the morning of the event.  

Set Up / Tear Down 

  • We will make all efforts to minimize the number of setup persons to the lowest level practical to set up a safe event and course.  
  • Social distancing, including cone drops, will be followed at all times during setup operations.  Individuals working in the truck during setup will wear facial coverings and nitrile gloves / work gloves.  
  • Worker stations will be asked to stack cones as they usually would at the end of the event, but on an individual basis only, with no stack building between persons encouraged.  


  • Drive up to the Tech line and keep face covering on at all times
  • Drivers remain in cars while waiting to be teched. 
  • Tech workers should wear nitrile gloves* to avoid cross-contamination of touching car-related surfaces. (Nitrile is preferred to latex due to possible allergic complications.) 
  • For your helmets, you’ll also have to show the tech person the appropriate Snell sticker.  We suggest you find out where it is in your own helmet.  If it isn’t directly visible on the inside of the helmet, it’s most likely under a flap of fabric.



  • We’re going to strongly, strongly suggest everyone gets themselves an annual waiver.  You can download and print out a COLOR ONLY copy here:
  • You’ll have two options, you can either get it notarized or you can fill it out and have an event official sign it. Do not fill it out at home and bring it to the event.  We need to see you sign it and it must be in color.
  • If you don’t have an annual waiver hard card, then THIS DIGITAL WAIVER must be done before arriving on site. Use your cell phone for the best experience, as you need to take a selfie and physically “sign” it.  You will need to show the completed digital waiver at the gate, so TAKE A SCREENSHOT for easy access. You can apply anytime before the start of the event.


Loaner Helmets 


Driver’s Meetings 


Work / Heat Assignments 

  • Work assignments will be assigned by the worker chief, right after you get teched.   We expect you to be at your assignment during your heat.  When returning from assignments to maintain 6 feet of distance in passing. Workers traveling to/from workstations and passing one another will be required to wear a facial covering while traveling to/from their assignment. 


Grid Spots 

  • Grid will be broken up into a two-driver car section and a single-driver car section.  
  • Drivers of single driver cars are required to remain in the area immediately around their vehicle for the entire duration of their run group unless a maintenance/ mechanical concerns, tire pressure checks and/or notification of event chairs / grid workers is necessary for safety reasons. 
  • Socializing is permitted, but please do not walk over to another participant’s vehicle. We ask that everyone use common sense in maintaining 6 feet from one another. 
  • If you are outside your vehicle in grid conducting any activity other than maintenance/prep vehicle checks, you must wear a facial covering.  
  • Drivers must be in their cars 5 vehicles before they are called to stage, or drivers will forfeit their run. 
  • Grid workers will be instructed to skip drivers not in their vehicles when called to stage, and timing /scoring will be notified to DSQ the run(s). Grid workers shall remain at least 6 feet from all vehicles and drivers, and drivers requiring the assistance of the grid worker are asked to remain 6 feet from grid workers whenever possible.  
  • Two driver cars will stage in a line, separately from single driver vehicles. Two driver vehicles must remain six feet apart in line. All other grid rules outlined in this section apply to two driver cars. Grid workers will be instructed to monitor two driver vehicles, and ensure one driver remains in/around the vehicle at all times.  
  • Individuals sharing a household will not be asked to socially distance if they are codriving.  


Timing and Truck Work 

  • No more than 3 individuals shall be permitted to work inside the truck at any time.
  • Event participants are not permitted to enter the truck for any reason, at any time, during events. 
  • Participants requiring assistance are asked to find a grid worker, safety steward or event chair to call to the truck via radio. 
  • Workers inside the truck shall wear NJ compliant face coverings at all times while working inside the truck and workers shall provide their own face coverings to be considered eligible to work inside the truck.  


  • There will be no physical results sheets generated or posted at any event during the 2021 season.  Everyone has access to live timing via their phones and we ask that individuals make a conscious effort to avoid congregating.  
  • There will be no end of event drivers meeting / results meetings until further notice. You can view unofficial results via live timing. Official Results will be posted online within 48hrs.


Passengers and Non-Participants 

  • Ride-alongs in single driver cars for non-novice instruction and/or two driver/codrivers are suspended until further notice.  Unless approved by event chief
  •  Novice instruction will be conducted on a voluntary basis only. Novice instructors may volunteer to ride along with a novice for safety reasons, but no novice instructor shall be considered mandatorily required to ride along with novices as a condition of being an instructor.  


 Novice Course Walks 

  • Novice course walk will be conducted in one of two formats dependent on the volume of novice participants:  
  • Events where there are 10 or fewer novices registered by 8:300am day of: shall conduct a novice course walk with efforts made toward social distancing.
  • Events where there are 11 or more novices registered by 8:30am day of: Novice chairs shall group novices with instructors for individually distanced course walks such that group size may be minimized pending instructor availability and event attendance.   
  • We understand that this may introduce a steeper learning curve for first time participants and will make all efforts to have instructors available for coaching based on observations however, large groups course walking will not be permitted until further notice. This includes the tradition of the novice group course walk.  


Course Walks – Event Participants 

  • Course walking shall maintain 6 of more feet between them at all times. We will enforce a ‘walk right, pass left’ policy in the same vein as what anyone would see in a major airport.  
  • Persons observed course walking in groups will be asked once, to separate. A second warning will result in disqualification of results for the event and/or program chairs reserve the right to request any individual actively in non-compliance leave the event. Course will be opened for walking from 8:00am to 9:20am.  



  • We will not limit or restrict co-drivers at our events.  Autocross can be a fun family activity and it wouldn’t make much sense to not allow co-driven cars when all the codrivers are in the same household or have already had contact within 6 feet regularly.  
  • What we are strongly urging is to use commonsense and discretion when co-driving a car that is not shared by the same household.  We are aware it may hurt some feelings, but you should be understanding if a car owner no longer offers a seat.   
  • Please be understanding if a codriver requests you wear a face covering while driving their car. If you insist on co-driving with a non-family member, we will strongly advise you do what you can to keep the touched surfaces on the interior clean.  Use hand sanitizer prior to running, clean the steering wheel, shifter, and seatbelt / harness between each run, then wash your hands again when you’re done running. 


Shared Site Resources   

  • Surface disinfection of these shared resources will be required at the beginning of the day, after each run group and prior to the handing off of any of the above listed materials from one person to another. 
  • NNJR-SCCA will provide supplies for surface wiping of shared event resources 
    • Timing computers  
    • Station Radios 
    • Flags 
    • Fire extinguishers 



  • Events at MetLife Stadium are dependent on Port-a-johns to facilitate bathroom facilities. While not ideal, this our only option so the following best practices are encouraged
  • All participants are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer with them to events for use with bathroom facilities.  



Autocross is an inherently social event. Some people would argue the social aspects are the real draw of the sport. We typically encourage socializing during events, within reason. We know the ongoing COVID-19 situation is going to make it very difficult to go back to ‘normal’ in the short term. We must ask that if you are going to socialize at autocross events, you use common sense: 

  • Open areas outside of major walking
  • Maintain 6 or more feet between yourself and others whenever possible 
  • Do not walk up and down the grid lines. We need to be reasonable and serious about complying with the State’s up to date social distancing guidelines.  
  • Meals shared in an open-air environment with social distance are permitted so long as groups are not positioned such that they must be bypassed directly by pedestrians. 
  • Do not wait in line for the bathroom if you can avoid it. This is a traffic safety hazard as well as a social distancing issue. 
  • Course walks – feel free to reference the section above in this document, but you can walk 6 feet apart while wearing a facial covering. This is the best we can offer in terms of flexibility and compliance to the State requirements. 
  • Interactions with site staff / NNJR-SCCA Operations Stewards – We expect to get a lot of shouts from afar. Don’t be afraid to get on the radio and call for us. Just don’t run up to anyone unannounced. We all must follow these rules as well, and everyone has a part to play.  


Driver of the Year / Class Championships 

  • This is all depends how many events we have in 2020


Face Coverings / PPE 

NewJersey Presently (April 28, 2020) requires:  

‘any individual who is over age two and able to medically tolerate a face-covering shall be required to cover their nose and mouth with a mask or cloth face-covering when in a public place and unable to maintain, or when not maintaining, social distance.’ 

As of the date above, when this document was generated, this is the State Requirement and the NNJR-SCCA requirement as a condition for any individual entering the event site. No event participant will be allowed to enter the site and check in without showing a gate attendant that they have a compliant face covering available for use. We apologize that this policy may be burdensome, or an annoyance, but this is the present requirement we must comply to in order to legally and safely run autocross events.  

Final Thoughts 

We are going to be trying our best to be following the best-practices outlined by the SCCA. What we need from you, the competitors that make driving around cones so much fun, is understanding cooperation and patience.  We’re doing everything we can think of to continue to hold events in a safe manner and in accordance with State and Federal guidelines.  If we’ve missed anything or need to make any adjustments on the fly, please bear with us. 

We all want to get back to normal and back to having fun with cars.  The more cooperation and understanding we all have, the faster that will happen. 

Stay safe, wash your hands, and quit hoarding toilet paper! Or at least bring some for the port-a-johns…. 



NNJR Event Chiefs


Entries (118)

Bob West
Larry Wolfe
Stephen Pak
Casey West
Catrina Eberhart
David Freidinger
Carlo Rosati
Adair Hernandez

Pocono Raceway

Long Pond, PA
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