Thu, May 20 - Sat, May 22, 2021

NEQ Lime Rock Park HPDE - May 2021

Lime Rock Park

About this event

NEQ 2021 Lime Rock Park High Performance Driving School  - Thursday/Friday/Saturday, May 20-22, 2021

That's right - three days this year at Lime Rock Park! Come for one, two or three days. Here's how it works:

Thu, May 20, will be an Advanced/Solo Student and Instructor Day.  Event starts at 1PM.

Fri and Sat, May 21 & 22, will be the traditional all abilities event. 

Sign up for Thursday only, Friday and Saturday together, or all three days.

  • First time at a high performance school?  Sign up for Friday and Saturday.
  • Been running advanced or high level intermediate?  You're probably go to good for Thursday too (subject to eventmaster approval)
  • Not sure if you qualify for the Advanced Day?  Contact the eventmaster prior to signing up...and prior to February 1, as this event typically sells out quickly!
  • Don't own an Audi? All makes and models of vehicle that conform to the ACNA Vehicle Requirements are welcome. 

NEQ instructors and instructors who sign up for all three days will be given priority over others should this event sell out.

About This Event

The Northeast Chapter of the Audi Club NA (NEQ) is holding its annual event at Lime Rock Park in the beautiful Northwest corner of Connecticut on May 20-22, 2021.  Again this year we will be sharing track time with the Lime Rock Club.  To ensure that all participants get the same track time as at previous LRP events, we are limiting the number of students in each run group.  This will allow us to have four full track sessions on each day for every run group.  Please join us at LRP for one, two or three days of fun and learning on one of New England's most beautiful road courses!

This is an all abilities high performance driving school.  All makes of vehicle are welcome.  Our High Performance Driving Schools are suitable for all skills levels from Novice to Expert. The school combines classroom and on-track instruction in a closely supervised and controlled environment. Students are divided into "run groups" according to their prior experience and evaluations from previous schools. In between the track sessions, students get classroom instruction in an environment appropriate for their skill level.  There may also be opportunities to gain experience by riding as passengers with their instructors.


COVID-19 policy and in-car instruction

In 2020, the Audi Club was one of the few clubs able to develop and deliver education for all abilities while conforming to COVID safe practices.  In 2021, we intend to welcome and safely instruct all ability levels; newbies, beginners, intermediate and advanced drivers. NEQ will remain focused on the safety of our members. Specific policies and procedures will be communicated to those attending prior to the event.

Only where allowed by local & state ordinances, WE WILL SUPPORT IN-CAR INSTRUCTION, with the following restrictions:

  • One instructor assigned to only one student.
  • Headsets will not be shared between students during the event.
  • Students and instructors must have a full face helmet with visor, or an open faced helmet with a face covering when closer than 6 feet, such as in car
  • Windows will be down at all times

In-car instruction will be OPTIONAL for students and instructors and BOTH PARTIES MUST OPT-IN. Lead-Follow instruction will be used in all other situations.


Registration Fees

Advanced/Solo & Instructor Thursday:

      $325 students and instructors who are not also running Friday and Saturday,
      $150 instructors attending Friday and Saturday.

All Abilities Friday & Saturday:

      Students $625 per student for both days - NOTE: priority is given to students attending both days (Fri and Sat).
      Instructors: There is no cost for instructor registration for this events
      Don't delay, this event usually sells out quickly
Due to the configuration of this event, two novice or inexperienced students will not be allowed to share a car. Contact the Eventmaster for further details.

     The costs for this event include

  • Classroom instruction included
  • Instructor/Coach included for Non-solo students (Solo students are encouraged to seek coaching as desired)
  • Friendly Atmosphere
  • Instructor lead-follow available
  • Banquet or BBQ Friday night at the White Hart Inn
    NOTE:  We are working with the White Hart Inn on a banquet or BBQ of some kind that will likely be outdoors, weather permitting.  Will firm-up plans as we draw closer to the event and COVID restrictions are better understood.  

86db Max Sound Restriction

Please note that Lime Rock enforces a strict sound limit of 86db.  If you have a modified car (stock street cars are not an issue) it is your responsibility to ensure you do not exceed this number.  The volume is monitored at various spots around the track. Your will be given a chance, maybe two, to modify your car if you are black flagged for a noise violation. There will be no refund for any case that a a vehicle violates the noise restriction and is sent home.

What is a High Performance Driving School?

The purpose of a driving school is quite simple: to improve your driving skills. We conduct the school on a racetrack under the close supervision of experienced and trained instructors. You will learn how to handle and control your vehicle at speeds not normally attained on public roads. This will help to prepare you for emergencies in normal driving. It will also allow you to explore your capabilities as a driver and those of your vehicle in a controlled environment. At no time will you be pushed or encouraged to go any faster than is comfortable. All participants will be organized into run groups in accordance with experience, skill, and type of vehicle.

What you learn on the track depends on your driving skill. Beginners are taught driving style (smoothness, consistency, the ability to read the track), more experienced participants continue to work on consistency, while developing new skills such as trail braking and threshold braking. Every time you are on the track, you will have an experienced instructor in the passenger seat.

For the most experienced drivers, you can be “signed off” and drive solo when you have proven to your instructor and the Chief Instructor that you understand the basics of high speed driving, you can consistently drive the correct line, and you show proper etiquette on track. Maturity, good judgment, skill, and significant experience will lead to being signed off for solo driving.

Though you are on a racetrack, with other drivers of similar driving skills, it is not a race. Passing in corners is not allowed, and you are not expected to shift at redline, or go screaming through each corner with the tires squealing. Safety of the event is of the utmost importance. Driver conduct will be diligently monitored throughout the day by the staff, instructors, and corner workers.


Track Time

You will have four on-track sessions each day that are 20 minutes each. At the end of the 2-day event you will have had almost 3 hours on-track over the two days. That’s a lot of driving time and a lot of personalized high-quality instruction.


Your day is divided between driving on the track, classroom sessions, and free time. Yes, this is a school, and there is mandatory classroom time. All participants are required to attend classroom sessions throughout the day to learn vehicle dynamics and driving techniques.

In the classroom, you learn a lot of high speed driving theory. Learn about the difference between an early and late apex. You’ll get a better understanding of car dynamics so you understand what is really happening when you brake or why your car understeers or oversteers in certain circumstances. Each classroom will also include an opportunity for Q&A.

Do I need to own an Audi?

We welcome all makes of cars  -- you don't have to drive an Audi to enjoy our events.  This school is an excellent way for you to improve your driving skills and have fun too!  

All participants must simply be members of the Audi Club of North America (ACNA).  There is a $49 fee for annual membership. To join or update your membership, please go to the ACNA website ( and click on "Join ACNA" at the top of the page.

First Time Students

Our club is a friendly community of individuals who share a passion for driving their cars.

We know what it’s like to drive on a race-track for the first time and we customize your experience to make it an enjoyable as possible. We love welcoming first-timers to our events and we have a good number of first-timers at each one – you will not be alone.  Your novice classroom teacher and your personal in-car instructor are ready to make you comfortable and give you the tools and confidence to enjoy driving your car on the race-track. Don’t forget – this is not competition driving. There is no overtaking in corners or racing other cars. This is all about having a safe and enjoyable experience.

We have some restrictions on driving convertibles and you will need a helmet. Requirements are on the next page. We have rental helmets available if you need one. Should you have any questions which are not answered on this page, please contact us and ask. We want to make you comfortable and we’re happy to talk with you. Use the "Contact Host" button on the right side of this page.

This YouTube video shows even more about events with our club.



We will have a banquet at the beautiful White Hart Inn.  The menu and atmosphere will be well worth the banquet fee.  It is a great way to meet and spend time with your fellow members and friends.  Last year was our 1st banquet at the White Hart Inn and it was a huge success with some of the best food ever experienced at an NEQ banquet. Banquet Fee is $50.


Here are some hotel suggestions:

Interlaken Inn, Lakeville, CT

The White Hart Inn, Salisbury, CT  (site of the banquet)

Wake Robin Inn. Lakeville, CT  

A Meadow House B&B, Lakeville, CT

Sharon Country Inn  Sharon, CT

Interested in attending or have other registration questions?

Please continue through to the next page for more information about the event and helmet and technical requirements.  

To learn more about the NEQ, please visit

Contact Eric Galvin at with any event related questions


Event requirements

2021 COVID Policy:

  • ONLY where allowed by local & state ordinances, we will support in car instruction with the following restrictions:
    • 1 Instructor assigned to only 1 Student. Headsets will not be shared between students during the event.
    • Students and Instructors must have a full face helmet with visor, or a face covering when closer than 6 feet such as in car.
    • Windows down.
  • In car instruction will be optional for students and instructors and both parties must opt in. Lead / Follow will be used in all other situations.
  • Attendees are responsible for adhering to state requirements for travel quarantines, which are subject to change frequently. Please plan accordingly!
  • Full refund for cancellation at any point if attendee is experiencing ANY COVID-19 like symptoms.  Please contact Event Master as soon as symptoms present.  A doctor's note or test result (positive or negative) may be required for full refund.  ** DO NOT ATTEND EVENT IF YOU MAY BE SICK! **

2021 NEW Helmet requirements:  A helmet with a SNELL SA10, SA15 or SA20 rating are the only helmets that may be used. No more M (motorcycle) helmets will be allowed. SA2010 helmets will be allowed for the last year in 2021.

General Track Event Information

Information that applies to all on-track driver education events. Be sure to study all of this information before attending any NEQ track event.
Vehicle Requirements
Tech Inspection
Open Top Cars
Track Terms





Cancellation Policy:



   - No penalty up to 30 days before the event
   - $100 from 29 days to 11 days before the event
   - No refund within 10 days of the event    


Membership Requirements:

To participate in this event you must be a member of Audi Club North America (ACNA).  To join ACNA and receive your membership number please go to

 Once you have this number you will be able to register for all future NEQ events. 

Vehicle Requirements

The newer generation of driver's school applicants often bring vehicles whose performance is beyond their driving ability. Because of this the NEQ Board of Directors passed the following resolution which requires the vehicle to more closely match the driver's ability.

  1. Non-solo applicants - Those drivers who have not soloed at NEQ events.
    • Vehicle must be Registered and Street Legal
    • Vehicle must be insured
    • Vehicle must have DOT Street Tires with a tread wear rating of 140
  2. Solo applicants
    • Vehicle must be Registered and Street Legal
    • Vehicle must be insured
    • Vehicle must have DOT legal tires
  3. Instructors
    • Any tires acceptable
  4. All convertibles must have permanent roll bars and meet the Broomstick rule described HERE

Tech pre-Inspection

Well in advance of any on-track driving event, you'll need to get your car pre-inspected by a competent mechanic, who will have to provide a completed and signed copy of the Safety Inspection Checklist form (first page only) for you to bring with you to registration. Please get your car inspected at least two weeks before the event to avoid disappointment if the inspection uncovers repairs that must be completed before the car will pass.

For further information on this event and all NEQ events and requirements, please visit our website at or

Contact Eric Galvin,  with any event related questions

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Lime Rock Park

Lakeville, CT
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