Thu, Jul 27, 2023

Mustang National @ Putnum Park Road Course

Putnam Park Road Course

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The Mustang Club of America is pleased to offer a one day event at Putnum Park Road Course as part of our MCA National Show at Indianapolis!  This is a High Performance Driving Education track event.  The weather should be great and we are limiting run group size and maximizing track time.  You will be on track 4-5 times each day for 20 - 30 minutes each.  The current track schedule is available below and we recommend that your print out and bring with you to the event.

For Novice drivers, learn high speed driving and car control skills through classroom and limited in-car training from experienced instructors. Bring your street car or track carNo previous experience necessary.  Novice space is limited so register early.

The MCA member cost is only $200 for the day.  


Event requirements

Event Requirements

Run group assignment you select during  registration on Motorsports Reg may be changed by the Chief Instructor based on driver experience/resume information that you provide during this registration process in MotorsportReg. You will receive/confirm your group assignment  when you check in at Registration at the track.  Run groups will be limited to ~ 40 cars with the exception of the Novice Group.  The Novice Group will be limited  based on Instructor availability, so register early.  We expect the event to sell out so register as soon as possible please.  

Experience levels for run groups:
Group 4 = Very Advanced (Solo Driving  & Passing in designated passing zones with documented advanced driver status or competition license)

Group 3 = Advanced (Solo driving with documented advanced driver status, point by passing in designated areas,)
Group 2 = Intermediate (Experienced with several driving school and open track events, point by passing in designated areas,)
Group 1 = Novice (Limited experience with one or two prior driving schools or open track events, instruction required)

Car Sharing:  Contact Mark Badgley at before registering if you plan to share a car between two drivers.  In this case each driver must  be qualified to participate in different run groups as determined by the Chief Instructor. Separate registrations including payment of separate registration fees are required for each driver. Again, students may not share a car in the same run group.

Open cockpit cars are not permitted for this event.   Examples of open cockpit cars are BMW Z3s, Convertible Miatas w/o a full competition cage, Convertible Mustangs, AC Cobras, Aerial Atoms, etc.  Contact Jeff Mays at or 770-318-0987 before registering if you have questions regarding your open cockpit vehicle.

Instructors: Acceptance is contingent upon presentation of proper credentials and approval.  If you have already instructed for us, you are approved and should be able to go to the bottom of the registration page and select the days you plan to instruct.  

Students age 16 & 17 must have a valid driver's license or learner permit from their state of residence, must have parental approval, and a parent must be present at the track. Driver's under 16 with a learner's permit may be accepted after review of their registration by the Chief Instructor.

Helmets must meet the Snell SA 2015 or SA 2020 standard. Make sure as to the compliance of your helmet as of the date of the event. No DOT or Motorcycle helmets are permitted.  We do have a limited number of Snell SA 2020 helmets to loan out.  

Host Hotels: Hotels will be listed when they become available .

Please find below the current schedule and waivers  for the event.  Please printout and bring with you to the event.   The MCA HPDE Rules and Group classification details are in the MCA HPDE file and is required reading.

MCA 2023 Tech Form.pdf

Putnum Park 2023 Schedule.pdf

MCA Adult Release.pdf

MCA Minor Release .pdf


Putnam Park Road Course

Mount Meridian, IN
Download track map
Download track map
Watch a video tour/lap
Watch a video tour/lap


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