Sun, Jul 7, 2024

Motorsports Boot Camp 2024

Circuit of The Americas

About this event

If you are Active Military then bring yourself, your motorcycle to Circuit of the America's for free and let us do the rest! Our experienced mentors/instructors will work with you to help you apply book knowledge at speed in a controlled environment so you are taking deliberate action on the roadway during a crisis helping you avoid serious injury or possible death.


Active Military” means—

  • Full-time duty in the Armed Forces
  • Drilling members of the Reserve/National Guard

Event requirements

Rider Gear Requirements

  • Full Face Motorcycle Helmet  – In good condition with no visible damage that can compromise it’s integrity.  This must be DOT,SNELL or ECE Certified.
  • Full Body Motorcycle Suit –  two-piece zip together suits are OK for this event as well.  CE Armor must be inside the suit.
  • No Suit?  You can still register,  we are working may have loaner suits available,  please answer Sex, Age, Weight when registering.  We will notify participants as we get closer to the event if we are able to accommodate suits.
  • Zip Together Textile Suites, Mesh, or Leather Zip together are OK.
  • Motorcycle Gauntlet Race Gloves
  • Motorcycle Boots  – "Over the ankle",  no cowboy boots, no work boots
  • No Quick Release Chin Straps allowed on Helmets. No exceptions
  • No GoPro’s mounted to helmet via adhesive, systems which C-Clamp onto helmets are OK.

Motorcycle Equipment Requirements

  • Motorcycle must be in good working condition with no visible or obvious loose parts.
  • Throttle must snap back to position by itself
  • Lights, reflectors, mirrors must be taped off and license plate removed prior to event start time.
  • Tire tread must not be past wear markers
  • All fairings must be secure and nothing is loose
  • “Anti-Freeze” is not recommended due to glycol (very slippery) We suggest you change it to Water Wetter or Engine Ice for everyone's safety. However we can’t enforce it.
  • Chain tension with some slack but not enough that it can come off the sprockets.  The chain should not be too tight either.
  • GoPro’s and Action Cameras must be tethered to the bike.
  • Oil filter, drain bolt and cap tight, safety wired is preferred but not mandatory
  • Large touring or cruiser machines are welcome we will review applications and group these machine together.

Circuit of The Americas

Austin, TX
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Download track map
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