Sat, Nov 13, 2021

Motorfest @ Thunder Alley

Rockingham Speedway

About this event

Saturday, November 13th M4theM presents "Motorfest at Thunder Alley" benefiting "Smiling While Bringing Hope"

Motorfest is an all-make, model, and style car show with many more activities including track laps around the oval, burnouts and dyno pulls..

Car Show:  Classics, Hotrods, Modern Muscle, Jeeps, Sports Cars and Vintage Stock Cars are all committed and will be present for this event.  Prizes will be given out to the top 75 cars in the show as well as other special awards.  Car show entry is $30 in advance, $40 at the gate day of the event.

Spectators/General admission $5 for ages 16 and up. 15 and under along with active military and veterans FREE!  General Admission available day of the event only, no pre-registration.

Track laps around the famous oval!  Track Laps will be led by pace car drivers around the speedway for 5 minutes at the speed your group can keep up.  We have no speed limit mandated but are limited only by the safety and ability of the group following to stay together. Track laps are available to all attendees you do not need to be registered in the car show, spectators/general admission ticket holders are welcome. Tickets are $40 in advance.  Want more than 5 minutes?  Drive up to 5 additional sessions at $35 each when registering in advance.  Track laps will be $50 the day of the event so pre-register and save!

Hotlaps on the Oval.  Want a little more thrill, hotlaps in race-prepped and exotic cars driven by professional drivers/instructors will be available.  They will go faster than the paced laps and you must wear a helmet.  If you plan to do hotlaps and you have a DOT or above legal helmet in good shape, we recommend bringing it as we only have a limited number of loaners and covid requirements at the time may not allow us to use them.  Hotlaps start at $20  and go up depending on the car and driver.  Cash Only, available day of the event only, no pre-registration.

Dyno Pulls.  Powercurve Motorsports will be on hand with their mobile dyno.  2 pulls for $80 with awards given to the top 3 in both normally aspirated and power added/boosted categories.  Available day of the event only, no pre-registration.

Stationary Burnout Pit/Competition:  Chocked burnouts, 20 seconds to make all the smoke and noise you can.   $10 for funCash only.   Big Dog Burnout shootout during the afternoon. $175 to the winner, top 4 pay out.  $50 entry fee Limit 16 cars.  Pre-registration available.  See Pre-reg requirements for details.

Vintage Stock Car exhibitions.  Vintage stock cars will be in attendance in their own special section.  They will be available for up-close viewing/pictures and will do exhibition runs throughout the day.  Make sure you have a camera with you to take shots of these beauties from the past as they return to the high banks of the Rock!

Christmas Craft and Merchandise Fair.  Dozens of vendors will be on hand for you to browse and purchase Christmas decorations and gifts.

8th Annual Christmas Charity Toy Drive  Bring a new, unwrapped toy and receive 5 free raffle tickets.  (limit 1 toy/5 tickets per family.)  Help a great cause and get a chance to win door prizes or the 50/50.

50/50 CA$H Raffle.  Yep, cash!  All the cash brought in from the Raffle will be split down the middle to a lucky winner.  Tickets available on-site $1 for 1, $5 for 7 and $10 for 15.  Available day of the event only.

Silent Auction  Items for a silent auction will be available for bidding with proceeds going to the charity.

Food Trucks!  All the walking and driving will make a body hungry and we'll make sure you have plenty of opportunities to eat.  Plus, Dominoes and Kona Ice will be on hand as the speedway's official vendors.

DJ/Music.  A DJ will be on hand spinning rockin' tunes from all decades

Event requirements

Car show participants:  Make sure your car does not have significant leaks.  Car Clubs that have 12 or more cars registered can contact the organizer to have a private corral reserved free of charge.  Jeeps have a large area already reserved but we can divide it into sections for clubs to stay together as desired.  All other solo car show participants will be first come first serve for car show spots.  All cars MUST back in on grass with ALL of the car completely off the pavement.  If you tow in or camp the night before, all trailers, trucks, and camping gear must be IN LINE behind your show car if you are in a space that allows such or kept in the assigned support vehicle parking area.  Pop-up tents can be no more than 2 feet onto the pavement.  The soil is grassy and sandy, mud will not be an issue as long as we stay right on the edge of the pavement. STRICT 5mph speed limit inside speedway and show area.  Car Show participants that are present with a club and purchase track laps will be escorted to the track lap area as a group so they may "parade" through the show grounds as a unit safely and enjoy driving the track together. 

Track lap expectations: These laps will NOT be slow pace laps.  They will go as fast as the group can safely stay together.  NO LAYBACKS to go fast on the straights.  We will remove you from the track if you lay back in the corners and floor it on the straights.  You can go fast in a straight line anywhere, you do not get the chance to go up to 75-80 in 28 degree banked corners.  Enjoy the g forces of the corners.  There is a drag strip across the street if you are looking to go fast on straightaways. That said, we find most cars end up following the pace car between 50-80 mph depending on the car and driver.  We will attempt to group cars by car type and speed preference. 

Folks that want to go faster, we will try to group together.  Folks that just want a touring type cruise, we will attempt to put together for their laps.  Regardless of group type, all cars must stay reasonably evenly spaced at 3-5 car lengths max or we slow down the pace car to bunch us back up.  Laying back slows the whole group down.

We promise will not intentionally stick your modern Camaro/Mustang/Challenger/Corvette etc. out on the track behind a timid minivan driver going 50, we will do all we can to put you with other cars and drivers of your type that express interest and ability to maintain fast interstate speeds.  We can run the grocery getters together afterward. 

No helmets are required in street cars but we urge you to wear one if your vehicle has roll bars or a single roll hoop installed.

Big Dog Burnout comp rules.  No straight pipes!  Noise meter used to measure the noise made by cars and then measure the reaction from the crowd.  4 groups of 4 by random draw and the winner of each group goes to finals for another round.  The top 4 of the finals round are awarded CASH as follows $175 to win $100 2nd, $75 3rd, $50 4th.  The remainder of the entry fees goes to the Charity.

Load-In Fri night camping.  The show area will be open Friday, Nov 12 sometime in the afternoon to allow load-in/setup for groups or folks wishing to choose their spot and camp.  The exact opening and closing time of the load-in period will be made available as soon as the schedule is finalized.  All persons camping must be self-contained.  Electricity is limited and potable water is not available in the infield.  Restrooms with running water are available between the garage buildings in the main paddock.

Rockingham Speedway

Rockingham, NC


Car Show/Concours organized by

Motorsport 4the Masses

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