Sun, Aug 13, 2023

MoHud Solo 2023 Event #3

Tech City Kingston NY

About this event


  • LOANER HELMETS are available for this event, but must be reserved and will be kept for the day. All entrants must have an approved Snell 2010 or newer helmet in order to participate. If you reserve a loaner helmet, you must wear a balaclava, or head sock, when wearing the loaner helmet. MoHud plans to have head socks/balaclavas available for sale. Cost is $5 and must be purchased at time of registration.
  • Events are typically run with drivers split into two heats or run groups, based on class. One group will run first, while the other group works, and then they switch. Normally you can expect three timed runs in the morning and three in the afternoon — more if we can squeeze them in, so get to your worker assignments quickly. There is no real scheduled break for lunch so brown bag it – there is no time to go off-site to grab something to eat.
  • It is CRUCIAL that everyone stay and work their assigned position when the other heat is running. By registering, you are affirming that you are agreeing to stay for the entire event unless you become ill or otherwise have a valid emergency that requires you to leave. If it becomes necessary for you to leave, you must notify an event official that you are leaving and, within reason, the reason why. Thank you for your understanding.


  • 7:45 am — Registration and Tech open
  • 8:30 am — Course open for walking
  • 9:15 am — Registration closed
  • 9:30 am — Tech closed
  • 10:00 am — Drivers Meeting
  • 10:45 am — First Car Off

Directions: 550 Enterprise Drive, Kingston, NY - Location on Google Maps.

**All participants will be required to work.**

Event requirements


Numbers are assigned at time of registration.  Numbers are maintained now on MSR, so if you are able to register with your preferred number and class, then you're all set.  Please be aware that if you need to change your class after you register, the number you chose may not be available in the new class you are moving to.  If you have any questions about this, please email Timing & Scoring Chief EJ Smith ( with your questions.

Your Solo class and number should be prominently displayed on BOTH sides of your car.  Please make sure it is legible so that the folks in the Timing tent can see it, and that workers on course can read it when you are at speed.  You should also make sure that if you use a PAX Modifier (Novice, Pro) to put that on your car as well.  'Novice' is for those new to autocross, or have run less than 4 times; you should choose 'N' when registering as a PAX Modifier.  'Pro' is meant for long-time autocrossers who would like to compete against other long-time competitors; you should choose 'X' when registering for a PAX Modifier.  No PAX Modifier selection is meant for those who are Novices and are looking to compete with other experienced autocrossers.  Your PAX Modifier, Solo Class, and number should be in the order of <PAX Modifier> <Solo Class> <Number>.  Examples:

  • An entrant registered as a Novice, running in G Street, and using number 28 = NGS 28
  • An entrant registered as a Pro, running in Street Mod, and using number 10  = XSM 10
  • An entrant registered as running in C Street Prepared and using number 5    = CSP 5



  • All entrants must present a valid state drivers license at registration. We verify your SCCA membership when you register, but SCCA members should be ready to show their membership card if asked.
  • Seat belt and helmet use are mandatory per the SCCA Solo Rulebook.  Helmets must be rated Snell 2010 or newer. A limited number of loaner helmets are available. Snell 2005 helmets that were valid last year for solo are NOT valid this year.
  • All cars must be muffled. Maximum allowable decibel limit will be 91 dB or a level determined by the site.
  • All vehicles must pass a safety tech inspection before being allowed to compete.  Before showing up at the event, please check that your battery is being held down by more than a bungee cord, that all of your lug nuts are installed, and that any loose items have been removed from your car.
  • In cases where a vehicle is not permitted to compete due to failing tech inspection, a 100% refund of entry fees will be provided.
  • Food is not provided by the club. A lunch break may be announced between heats, but is typically only 30-45 minutes, so food and drink should be brought with you.

All entrants are encouraged to review the MoHud Region's Solo Supplemental Rules: SUPs-2019.pdf

Entries (56)

Connor O’Farrell
Tom Hayden
Trever Lowe
Michael Orabona
Surya Chakrabarti
Scott Monti
Dean Bloch
Joseph Lagdao

Tech City Kingston NY

Kingston, NY


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - Mohawk-Hudson Region

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