Sat, Feb 4, 2017

Milw SCCA Winter YetiCross #2 @ The Mile

Milwaukee Mile

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Winter YetiCross #2 @ The Mile

February 4, 2017

at The Milwaukee Mile – West Allis, WI

Brought to you by

Milwaukee Region / Sports Car Club of America
Schlossmann Auto Group

SCCA Sanction Number: 2017-RX-2002

HELD UNDER THE 2017 SCCA RallyCross (RX) Rules


SCCA Milwaukee Region presents the second of three Winter YetiCross events at the Milwaukee Mile infield road course in 2017.  These are RallyCross-style (RX) events that challenge the drivers with timed runs under changing course conditions.  These RX events will run all day.  Participants will receive two sessions throughout the day (approx. 1.5 hours / session) to take as many runs as they can or want.  There will be two classes of competition: 2WD and AWD.  Top three finishers in each class will be awarded.  This particular event is on SATURDAY, February 4, 2017.  As always, you get lots of seat time for a reasonable price.  See our website, for more information.

Entry fees for this event (Member/Non-member):$60 / $75

**State Fair Park is charging a $6.00 parking fee to enter the fairgrounds.  This fee will be waived only for those that are pre-registered.  Pre-registration closes Thursday, February 2nd at 11:59PM.  Registration open until start of event, but after 11:59PM on February 2nd the $15 late fee will apply automatically.


6:00 - 9:00         Track gates open
7:30 - 8:30          Registration / Check-In at site
8:30 - 9:00          Mandatory Drivers Meeting
9:00 - 10:30        RX AWD Class - Heat 1 
10:30 - 12:00      RX 2WD Class - Heat 1
12:00 - 1:00        Lunch
1:00 - 2:30          RX AWD Class - Heat 2
2:30 - 4:00          RX 2WD Class - Heat 2
4:00 - 5:00          Clean-up / Debriefing in Media Center

  • RX 2WD Class:  FWD and RWD on DOT tires, studded tires not allowed
  • RX AWD Class:  AWD and 4WD on DOT tires, studded tires not allowed

Please Note:

Driver volunteers may be asked to work a flag station during a session when their run group is not on course as directed by the Chief Steward or Safety Steward.

Event requirements


Winter YetiCross #2

Milwaukee Region SCCA

February 4th 2017 – The Milwaukee Mile – West Allis, WI

Sanction Number: 2017-RX-2002

Held under the 2017 SCCA RallyCross (RX) Rules

A. This event is organized by the Milwaukee Region of Sports Car Club of America, Inc. (SCCA) and will be held under the 2017 SCCA RallyCross (RX) Rules except as amended by these Supplemental Regulations.

B. Purpose: This RallyCross (RX) event is designed to be a COMPETITIVE opportunity for participants to experience the basic principles and skills upon which the sport of motor racing is based.

C. Registration Information and Entry Fees

1. ON-LINE REGISTRATION for this event is available. Please go to and navigate to the calendar entry for this event:

2. Event Registrar:

Rob Bedelis W233 County Rd S Hartford WI 53027. Phone (262) 573-7375


3. Important dates regarding entries for this event:

  • A late fee of $15.00 may be added to all entries entered / received after 11:59 PM on February 2nd, 2017
  • Returned / NSF checks and declined credit card numbers will be assessed a $40.00 fee ($25 fee plus $15 late fee).
  • A cancellation fee of $25.00 will be deducted from all cancellation requests received after 11:59 PM on February 2nd, 2017
  • Online registration closes at 11:59 PM on February 2nd, 2017.  Online registration will remain open until 9AM day of event but after 11:59PM on February 2nd, 2017, the $15 late fee will automatically be added.

4. In the event of forecast of inclement weather, event will continue as planned.

5. Entry fees for this RX event (Member / Non-member): $60 / $75

6. Milwaukee Region SCCA reserves the right to refuse any entry for any reason.

D. Participant Requirements

1. Drivers should meet one of the following criteria:

• Possess a valid state driver license, or

• Possess a racing license from a recognized motorsports organization

• An SCCA competition license is not required.

2. All drivers 15-17 years of age must contact event officials before the event in order to submit a completed SCCA MS-L minor waiver (Form MS-L).  Parent or legal guardian must be present at the event.

3. Current SCCA membership is required. For non-members, weekend memberships will be available at registration.

4. All participants, including drivers, workers, crew members, and guests must sign the SCCA Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement (Form # 9716).

5. Any driver found to have driven on course in any vehicle before having properly completed the waiver signing process or submitting a completed tech inspection form will be disqualified from the event with no refund of entry fee and will be removed from the premises.

6. Drivers and participants are responsible for conduct of all guests on site during the event.

7. Consumption of alcohol by any legal-age participant, guest, volunteer, or worker is prohibited until the last session of the day has concluded. Use of narcotics or other dangerous drugs is prohibited at all times. Violators will be removed from the premises.

8. Drivers may be asked to work a flag station during a session when their run group is not on course as directed by the Chief Steward or Safety Steward.

E. Vehicles



1. Any vehicle that is judged to be in an unsafe operating condition at any time during the event shall be prohibited from further participation until the deficiency is corrected and re-inspected by tech inspection personnel.

2. Your vehicle may be randomly inspected at any time during the event at the organizer’s discretion.

3. All loose items must be removed from the outside and inside of the vehicle.

4. All cameras or recording devices must be securely mounted.

5. All vehicles must provide factory original (or better) seats that are securely mounted, seatbelts (SFI or FIA rated are recommended), and roll-over protection for both driver and in-car instructor (if used).

6. Hardtop and targa top vehicles are allowed.

7. Convertible vehicles operating with the factory roll-over protection system are allowed. Other convertibles not equipped with a factory roll-over protection system are recommended to have either a factory hardtop or a 4-point roll bar.

8. Vehicles that are in compliance with SCCA road race, solo, rally or time trial rules are allowed.

9. Drivers of open-top vehicles should use arm restraints or run with the top up.

10. Drivers of open-wheel cars must contact the event organizers for permission to participate.

G. Driver Safety Equipment

1. While on course, all participants shall wear a safety helmet meeting Snell SA2005 / M2005 or later specifications.

2. All drivers in open, convertible, targa, or T-top cars running with the roof panels removed must wear suitable eye protection, i.e., goggles, bubble shield, or face shield on full-face helmets.

H. Event Conduct

In general, RallyCross events are intended to emphasize driving skill and vehicle handling / agility.  Although sometimes necessary (and sometimes even fun), power and speed are secondary elements of success at RallyCross events.

1. RX driver groupings will be assigned prior to the event and will be based on drive type of vehicle to be registered for competition (2WD or AWD)

2. Best time in each class wins / awards to top three in each class

3. Each class will have two fixed time blocks to take as many runs as desired or as possible

4. Street DOT tires and snow tires allowed - no studded tires

5. The course layout may be altered at any time depending on changing course and/or weather conditions

6. If a vehicle has become stuck or inoperative on the course or in a run-off area, the session will be stopped until the vehicle is removed.

7. The only passengers allowed in any vehicle on course during any RX session are the instructors which are approved for that event or other participants that have signed the waiver. No other persons including spectators may ride along in any capacity. Violation may result in removal from the event.

8. Passengers other than instructors or other participants may be allowed at the organizer’s discretion.

9. The course will be divided into worker segments. Corner workers will have local control over their segments. Overall event conduct will be managed by the Event Chairman and Safety Steward.

10. The following flags and their meanings shall be explained at the driver’s meeting and used at this event:

i) YELLOW - MOTIONLESS - take care, danger, slow down, NO PASSING,

   YELLOW - WAVING - significant danger, slow down, be prepared to stop, NO PASSING.

ii) RED - Activity in the corner segment has been stopped.  Do not proceed until directed by a worker or official.


I. Pits, Grid, & Paddock

1. As per SCCA General Competition Rules, the hot pits shall be defined as the area from the chain-link fence to the trackside concrete wall.

2. The entire track property is considered paddock. Rules will be enforced accordingly for all participants which includes crew and guests. Access to certain portions of the track property will be limited or prohibited.

3. No paddocking or parking allowed on access road(s). It may be necessary to limit support vehicles in the paddock.  Car trailers are to be moved if so directed by event officials. Any vehicle or trailer parked in violation of the event official's instructions may be towed away.

4. A SLOW, SAFE AND PRUDENT speed limit in the paddock will be observed and enforced.

5. Proper credentials, closed-toe shoes and shirts are required in the pits, grid, and false grid areas.

6. Smoking is prohibited in the pits, grid and false grid areas.

7. No person shall ride on the bodywork of participating cars, tow cars, or on trailers.

8. Drivers will be informed at driver’s meeting if there are any unstaffed corners.

9. All trash must be placed in provided receptacles. All tires MUST be removed from the track property.

10. On-site fueling will not be available. Entrants are strongly encouraged to fuel their vehicles prior to arriving at event.

11. Caution should be used when refueling in the paddock.

J. Sound Control

Maximum sound reading allowed per SCCA GCR 102 dB at 50ft distance.

K. Event Insurance

1. Overall liability coverage for the event is $5 million. SCCA Member medical coverage is up to $500,000 per person; non-SCCA member medical coverage is $10,000 per person.

2. National SCCA, the Milwaukee Region, and The Milwaukee Mile are not responsible for any damage to personal vehicles or other personal items. Event insurance does not provide coverage for damage to participant vehicles.

L. Organizer’s Contact:

Milwaukee Region SCCA, c/o Rob Bedelis
W233 County Road S
Hartford, WI 53027

Phone: (262) 573-7375


Event Chairman: Tony Machi

Course Designer: Justin Gaver

Technical Inspector: Jim Stollenwerk

Safety Steward: Rob Bedelis


Milwaukee Mile Speedway Regulations:

A. Minors, pets, pit vehicles – All minors must be under the direct supervision and accompanied by their parent(s) or acting guardian(s) AT ALL TIMES. No pets are allowed at the Speedway without the express written consent of The Milwaukee Mile. Unlicensed motorcycles, mini-bikes, motor scooters, mopeds, ATV’s, golf carts, etc. are only allowed on The Milwaukee Mile infield. Licensed drivers age 16 and above are the only Club support members allowed to use or operate Club support vehicles.

B. Camping – Limited tent and motorhome camping is available. Some electrical hookups are available but no sewer or water hookups. Reservations should be made through the RV Park. Camping permits must be displayed at all times as well as electric cord tags. No fireworks or external sound systems are allowed at any time. No open flames or fires are permitted; however contained barbecues and camping stoves are permitted.

C. The Milwaukee Mile reserves the right to amend or modify these Supplemental Regulations at any time without notice.

Persons who violate these rules will be subject to removal without refund or recourse.

Entries (30)

Nick Seng
Julian Mancuso
Paul Hoff
Alex Wright
Todd Moore
Lee Kottke
Tony Machi
Rob Bedelis

Milwaukee Mile

West Allis, WI
Download track map
Download track map


RallyCross organized by

SCCA - Milwaukee Region

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