Sat, Jul 29, 2023

Michiana PCA Autocross #3

The Tire Rack

About this event

This is Autocross #1

All makes are invited and encouraged to attend. Participants must be 18yrs or older unless they are a part of PCA's Junior Participant Program

Loaner helmets are available.

All Participants must wear an approved helmet and closed toed shoes

Approved helmets Snell SA, M , K 2015, 2010, 2005, FIA 8860,  SFI 31.1 BS6658-85 Type A-FR

Registration fee: $35

9:00am - 10:00am On-site Registration is Available

10:30am Drivers meeting

10:45am First car off

Visit Michiana PCA at or

You can find basic information about autocorssing here.



Event requirements



S1: 968 (All), 911 Carrera 2 (964:1990-1994), Carrera 4, (964:1989-1994), RS America (1993-1994), 911 Carrera, (993:1995-1998), Boxster (986:1997-2004), Boxster S (986:2000-2004); Boxster (987:2005-On), Cayman (2006-On), Cayenne (9PA: 2003-On), Panamera (2010- On)

S2: Boxster S (987:2005-On), Cayman S (2006-On), 911 Carrera (996:1999-2005), 911 Carrera (997:2005On), 997S except X51 (2005-2009), 911 Carrera (991:2012-On), all except 991S, 911C2 Turbo (965: 1990-1994)

S3: 993 Turbo (All), 996 Turbo (Non-GT2), 997S X51 (2007-2009), 997S/GTS (2010-On), 991S (2012On), (All), Boxster Spyder, Cayman R, 996 GT2/GT3 (2002-2005), 997 GT2/GT3/GT3RS (2007-On), 997 Turbo/Turbo S (All), Carrera GT (980:2004-On)

P2: 911 Carrera 3.2 (1984-1989), 911 Speedster (1989), 911 Carrera 2 (964:1990-1994), Carrera 4 (964:1989-1994), RS America (1993-1994), 944S2 (All), 968 (All), Boxster (986:1997-2004) 

P3: 911 Turbo (1976-1989), 911 Carrera, Carrera S, C4S (993:All), Boxster S (986:1997-2004), Boxster (987:2005-On), Cayman (2006-On) 

P4: 911 Carrera (996:1999-2004), 997 (2005-On), 997S except X51 (2005-2009), 911 Carrera (991:2012-On), all except 991S, 911C2 Turbo (965: 1990-1994), Boxster S (987S:2005-On), Cayman S (2006-On)

P5: 993 Turbo (All), Boxster Spyder, Cayman R, 996 Turbo (Non-GT2), 997S X51 (2007-2009), 991S (2012-On), (All), 997S/GTS (2010-On), 996 GT2/GT3 (2002- 2005), 997 GT2/GT3/GT3RS (2005-On), 997 Turbo/Turbo S (All); Carrera GT (980:2004-On) 

I01: Improved Automobiles (All 4 Cylinder, up to 1999cc; All; All 4 Cylinder, 2000cc up to 2699cc; All 4 Cylinder, 2700cc and above and All 6 Cylinder, up to 2399cc; All 6 Cylinder and above, 2400cc up to 3199cc; All 6 Cylinder and above, 3200cc and above; All Turbo/Supercharged 4 Cylinder; All Turbo/Supercharged 6 Cylinder and above) 

M01:Modified Automobiles (All 4 Cylinder; All 6 Cylinder and above; All Turbo/Supercharged 4 Cylinder; All Turbo/Supercharged 6 Cylinder and above) 



ED1: Domestic brand vehicles that are also not Emod (i.e. Ford, GM, Chrysler street cars) 

EE1: Non-Porsche European brand vehicles that are also not Emod (i.e. Audi, BMW, Ferrari, etc  street cars)

EA1: Asian brand vehicles that are also not Emod (i.e. Lexus, Acura, Subaru, etc  street cars)

EM1: "Emod" everything that is not a Porsche and heavily modified for racing purposes (i.e. probably arrives on a trailer) - note that heavily modified Porsches belong to class M01 


The Tire Rack

South Bend, IN


Autocross/Solo organized by

PCA - Michiana

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Michiana PCA Autocross #3

Sat, Jul 29, 2023