Sat, Oct 21, 2023

Member Driving Day - Sat 10/21/23

Dominion Raceway

About this event

Join us for our Member Driving Day at Dominion Raceway!

The Drivers Club at Dominion Raceway is a social club for motoring enthusiasts who want to go fast on track without the hectic schedule of a typical track day. Members have exclusive access to 40 exclusive track days a year on an exciting and challenging 2-mile road course.

Located in Thornburg, VA, we are within an hour’s drive of both Washington, DC and Richmond, VA. No longer do you have to spend half the day driving to and from the track.

In addition to having fun with your car on the track, The Drivers Club also offers members the opportunity to connect with people who also have an appreciation of high-performance vehicles and high-performance driving.  It is a great way to meet new friends and new business connections!


If you'd like information on joining The Drivers' Club, OR, attending as a Driving-Guest, please contact or visit The Drivers Club website.



COLD WEATHER:  If by noon the day before the Member Driving Day, the forecast calls for less than 3-hours above 45 degrees (not including the lunch break hour), the Member Driving Day will be canceled.  The majority of members have stated that they are not interested in driving on the track in temperatures below these.

WET WEATHER:  If by noon the day before the Member Driving Day, the forecast calls for an "all-day" rain, OR severe storms in both the morning and afternoon, the Member Driving Day will most likely be canceled. Typically, a forecast for 'scattered showers" or "a thunderstorm or shower" will NOT cause a cancelation. 

** Please be sure to CHECK THE WEATHER FORECAST the day before the event, and if any of the above applies, feel free to call, email, or text Jim Lorimer to confirm the Member Driving Day will be held.  (804-513-2054)


INSTRUCTORS:  If you are interested in instructing with us, please send your driving/instructing resume to

Event requirements

Thank you for helping with our planning efforts by pre-registering for upcoming Member Driving Day!  Please note that pre-registration is required if ANY of the following apply to you:

- Less than 3-days of performance driving experience

- Have not yet attended a Member Driving Day

- You would like a lunch prepared for you and/or non-driving guests

- You are bringing a Driving-Guest (Please send an email with the guests name to the registrar)

- You are a Driving-Guest

- You plan to arrive after 3 P.M.  (** We may end the day early if other participants are done and we don't know that you are coming)

More information is available on our website



If have not run with us before, and are wanting to run in Blue, Black, Red, or Instructor Run Group, BEFORE REGISTERING, please send the documentation noted below for the specific Run Group you are interested in to for pre-approval.

GREEN - Novice Member Day briefing and track orientation required (9:00 A.M.).  Restricted passing zones, and point-by required

  • No previous experience nor check-ride documentation required.

BLUE - Intermediate: Restricted passing zones and point-by required.  Must have one of the following:

  • Documentation showing at least 3 previous HPDE's AND documentation of a check-ride for intermediate level.
  • Documentation of running in (solo) Intermediate group in at least 2 previous HPDE events within the last 12 months. 

RED -  AdvancedPassing anywhere and point-by required.  Must have one of the following:

  • Documentation showing at least 20 previous HPDE's AND documentation of a check-ride for advanced level
  • Documentation of running in the advanced group at 3 or more previous "approved organization" HPDE events within the last 12 months
  • A current competition racing license issued by NASA, SCCA, PCA, IMSA, BMWCCA, VRG, VSCCA, or SVRA . 

NOTE FOR ADVANCED DRIVERS (RED):  If you have not previously run in Red Run Group at our Member Days, register for the  Blue Run Group and send above credentials to  Once those have been received and approved, your Run Group will be changed to Red.



8:30 AM - Check-In opens

9:00 AM - Track Opens (First session will be "BLUE" [intermediate] Run Group rules, to give tires and brains a chance to get warmed-up.)

9:20 AM - "GREEN" [novice] Run Group rules 

9:40 AM - If there are any "newbies" to performance driving, a "PURPLE" session will be run, which is essentially a training and lead/follow session.  Drivers who are not participating in these training exercises are not permitted on the track during this session.  If there are no "newbies" we will run "GREEN" Run Group rules at this time.

From 10:00 AM on, the normal schedule will be "RED" on-the-hour, "BLUE" at 20-minutes-after-the-hour, and "GREEN" at 40-minutes-after-the-hour. 

12 PM - Lunch (one hour, touring laps may be available)

1 PM - Afternoon Sessions begin

5 PM - Track Closes

**NOTE:  The Run Group schedule may be modified at any time, so, as you are leaving the pit lane, be sure to check the color of the "Run Group Board" on the large tire next to the Pit Marshal.

Before a member attends a Member Day each year, they must have a full technical inspection carried-out on their vehicle(s) and submit a completed "Vehicle Inspection Checklist" form.  The form can be found here.

In addition, all Member Day participants must carry-out the "Pre-Grid Inspection" (PGI) on their vehicle and submit the associated form in order to receive their tech inspection sticker (sticker is required to access the track).  NOTE:  For cars that are not trailered to the track, the PGI should be done AFTER THE CAR ARRIVES AT THE TRACK.  The PGI form can be found here.

All convertibles need to pass the "broomstick test" and may need additional rollover protection.  Information about convertibles can be found by clicking here.

Questions about our Road Course events? Check our FAQ.

Entries (13)

Rusty Gentry
Christopher Ziegler
Roger Howell
Bryce Harrington
Joseph Harrison
Michael Garrett
Dr Robert Tupper
William Howell

Dominion Raceway

Thornburg, VA


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Dominion Raceway - Drivers Club

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