Sun, Mar 19, 2023

March Miles Tour 2023


About this event

We will most likely have a critical need for group leads for this tour since several "regulars" are not available. So, if you are qualified to lead a group, please volunteer during registration.  Volunteering greatly improves your chances of not finding yourself on the waitlist!!

Join us for the “March Miles” tour – our fifth 2022-2023 "winter" tour.  Designed for Members who drive your Porsches year 'round!  This tour will feature great spring-ish scenery, new-to-us neighborhoods and rural road driving. We'll start in Dupont and within 5 minutes we’ll be in the Nisqually basin.  Our route takes us around and below Olympia into the edges the Capitol Forest with a rest stop at tranquil Deep Lake.  Travelling north we’ll visit peninsulas known only to locals yet just minutes away from big towns and big roads.   The we’ll explore the Olympic foothills west and south of Shelton.  This is tour for sightseeing and driving all rolled into one delicious tour. We’ll finish with a flurry near McCleary and traverse near to Olympia for a late lunch.   A great early spring tour with fun roads and great views!  Prefer not to drive your Porsche?  That's OK for these winter tours!

There are three lunch options.  You can review each at the links below and decide on tour what suits you.  Note that they all offer takeout service.  Also note that none of the three can handle everyone on the tour so plan ahead an "share"!

Event requirements

Tour Requirements:

  • Cancelations and refunds:  Cancelations must be made before March 15th...
  • Car club membership:  To participate you must be a current member of the PCA and preferably PNWR.  Porsche owners who are not members may receive a special invitation from the tour leader on a case-by-case basis.
  • Non-Porsches on the Tour:  Non-Porsches  ARE allowed on this tour due to the fact it's winter and you may not like to drive your Porsche in cold or inclement weather.  As we get into the spring months, we will return to "Porsches Only".
  • For Adult participants and attendees:  The waiver of liability release form must be signed at the tour start point prior to departing on the tour.  Minors have a separate waiver form (Minors as Observers Only) that must be signed by a parent or guardian at the tour start point and be witnessed by the person collecting signatures.  Waiver(s) may be viewed in advance on>Forms and Documents-->Event Management-->Waivers.  You must be signed in to the website to access the forms.

  • Age and driver's license restrictions:  All drivers must be at least 18 years old and in possession of a valid US driver's license at the time of the tour.  A driving permit is not acceptable.
  • Registering for Passengers:  Please make sure to include the names of any passengers riding with you during registration  in the space provided.  If you are participating with a minor (less than 18 year's old), make sure you include that fact during registration!  If you have two cars on the tour, each car and driver should register with a separate Motorsportreg account.
  • Additional information:  See our club website under "Let's Get together--Tours"



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