Sat, Apr 22 - Sun, Apr 23, 2023

Lightning 1 at NJMP

Lightning Raceway at NJMP

About this event

Join NNJR (the largest and longest-running PCA High Performance Driver Education program in North America) for two great days at the Lightning circuit at New Jersey Motorsports Park.  It is an excellent facility and a great venue.

This event will be an instructed event to include all student groups.The two full days are open to all driving enthusiasts and marques except open-wheeled cars. Non-PCA drivers are welcome. Light food and refreshments will be provided on Saturday evening by our very good friends and partners at Paul Miller Porsche.  Paul Miller Porsche

No refunds will be granted after April 8. No event credits in MotorsportReg will be issued after April 15 .

You will need a MotorsportReg account to register.  If you don’t have one, you can create one at any time.  Just go back to the previous main page and click on the “Create Account” tab above the event list.  Dont forget to come back here and register. 

STUDENTS: Groups (Green, Yellow and Blue) are initially kept artificially low in number to ensure we have sufficient instructors.  You may be initially waitlisted, but sign up anyway.  Students will be accepted as instructors sign up.  Do not sign up for another group just to avoid being waitlisted.  Generally anyone who signs up on the first day eventually gets in.

For all attendees: If you are wait-listed, please check your status frequently, as the Registrar will move you off of the wait list as spots open up. With few exceptions, everyone who registers on Day 1 eventually gets accepted, just be patient.

National Instructor Certification will be conducted on Satuday April 22 for invited candidates only. If you are an instructor candidate and plan to drive, just sign up as usual; but if not driving, there is a registration option just to attend the training.

We will conduct a Track Tour on Saturday April 22, starting at ~11:00 a.m. with a classroom session. The purpose of this activity is to give potential new DE drivers a "taste" of driving laps on the track at noon led by an instructor at no more than higway speeds, helmets are not required.  There is a registration option available for this activity.

For all participant's safety, NNJR has contracted for the highest level of EMT/ambulance support, which is a significant expense  Not all organizations provide this higher level of coverage. In addition, the track has increased their fees for 2023. We try to provide great events at fair prices but we have no choice but to pass along the increases.
Solo Drivers (White, Black, Red): $435
Instructed Drivers: (Green, Yellow, Blue): $480
Instructors: $160

If you haven’t already opted in to receive event text messages from NNJR, please do so at the end of the registration application. Note that in contrast to many organizations, our only use of this service is to send critical communications ONLY AT THE TRACK e.g., schedule changes.  The PA cannot always be heard in the paddock. You can opt out at any time.

Track website:

Additional general information on NNJR’s Driver Education program can be found on our web site:

For event questions please contact , Track Chair. Thom Calabro Email: 

For registration questions contact Craig Mahon, Registrar, Email:


Event requirements

National PCA has mandated the use of a head and neck restraint device (HANS) when the car is equipped with a harness system. When there are two occupants, both driver and passenger seats must have similar safety equipment.

Participants must be at least 18 years old, and have a valid driver's license. Snell M or SA rated 2015 or 2020 FULLFACE helmets are required (SA Highly Recommended). A limited number of loaner helmets are available for first timers.  Please contact the Track Chair to reserve.

911 Cabriolets with pop-up roll hoops are not permitted at either NJMP track without additional rollover protection i.e., aftermarket roll hoop or cage.  All cars with roll hoops must pass the broomstick test.

Your car must pass a pre-event tech inspection.  Mandatory Tech Inspection information including requirements, location, date, forms can be found here:Safety Tech Info and 2023 Tech Form  This information also will be distributed with the acceptance/confirmation email package. Out-of -Region participants may have their car inspected by their Region's tech inspectors as in the previous link.  All participants need to use the NNJR tech form.

You will need a credit card to register (this "holds" your registration, similar to making a reservation at a hotel). Your card will not be charged until a week or so before the event.


Lightning Raceway at NJMP

Millville, NJ


HPDE organized by

PCA - Northern New Jersey - Drivers Education

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