Wed, Nov 4, 2015

Laguna Seca Open Track Day November 4, 2015

Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

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Come join the Golden Gate Lotus Club for this open track event at Laguna Seca  Raceway November 4, 2015

You do not need to own a Lotus to attend this event.    Price is $220 for non-GGLC members and $200 for members.  You can purchase a yearly membership for $25. This event will be limited to a total of 3 groups of 35 cars each.  Advanced Group will be with open passing and Intermediate and Novice Groups will be restricted passing. The groups will be classified as follows:


Beginner Group (sharing track with the Novice Group)

     No previous experience is required.  Beginner drivers will be requried to take a coach as a passenger until a GGLC representative approves them for solo driving.  Beginner drivers will be on-track with the Novice  Group.  There will be a very limited number of Beginner spots available for this event.


Novice Group

     You must have a minimum of 2 track days or equivalent previous experience.  This group is intended for cars with small motors and/or drivers with less skill/experience.  Passing without a point-by will be allowed on the long straights and some of the short straights.  Passing in turns will be allowed with a point-by.


Intermediate Group

     You must have a minimum of 7 track days previous experience.  This group is inteneded for cars with big motors and/or drivers with more skill/expereinece.  Passing without a point-by will be allowed on the long straights and some of the short straights.  Passing in turns will be allowed with a point-by.



     You must have a minimum of 15 track days experience or equivalent .  Passing without a point-by will be allowed everywhere except through the corkscrew.


 Laguna Seca enforces a strict sound limit of 90 db.

This event will run rain or shine.  There will be no money back cancellations.  If you need to cancel and we can fill your spot by October 21st, then we will offer you a transferrable rain check for a future event.

We will not conduct a tech inspection on your car.   You are soley responsible for the safety of your car.

Open top cars MUST have a roll bar that attaches at four locations on the body/chassis. Decorative, or "Style Bars" are not allowed. Factory installed roll bars are OK.

Open wheeled cars will be allowed in the Advanced group only.


Click the button at the  bottom of the page to enter.  Please use this website and your credit card to register and pay for your entry.

We will close registration at 105 cars.  We suggest that you enter early to ensure a spot.   This event will certainly sell-out fast.


 If you really like using checks and paper, then you can go to this site  to get a mail-in registration.  Send it to the address on the form.  If you choose to enter by mail, you must add $10 to the entry fees shown above to cover processing. Please notify us by email if you sent a check.



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Lotus Club Open Track Day at Laguna Seca November 4, 2015

Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

Salinas, CA
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Golden Gate Lotus Club

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