Mon, Mar 29, 2021

Laguna Seca Open Track Day March 29, 2021

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

About this event

Come join the Golden Gate Lotus Club for this open track event at Laguna Seca  Raceway, March 29, 2021.  You should sign up early to ensure yourself a spot.

You do not need to own a Lotus to attend this event.    Price is $250 for GGLC members and $270 for non-members.  You can purchase your GGLC yearly membership for $25 at time of signup and get the discount immediately. 

This event will be limited to a total of 3 groups of 35 cars each.  Advanced Group will have open passing rules and Intermediate and Novice Groups will have restricted passing rules.   

The groups will be classified as follows:


Novice Group

You must have a minimum of 1 track day or equivalent previous experience.  This group is intended for less experienced/skilled drivers.  Passing without a point-by will be allowed on the long straights only.  Passing in turns will be allowed with a point-by.


Intermediate Group

You must have a minimum of 8 track days previous experience or equivalent.  Passing without a point-by will be allowed on the long straights and some of the short straights.  Passing in turns will be allowed with a point-by.


Advanced Group

You must have a minimum of 18 track days experience or equivalent .  Passing without a point-by will be allowed everywhere except through the corkscrew.


Due to the Coronavirus, there will be no Beginner Group at this event since this would require us to put a coach in your passenger seat.  

(Update) There will be no passengers allowed on track. We have discussed this with the track officials and they are not budging. This is outside out control.

Laguna Seca enforces a strict sound limit of 90 db for this event

This event will run rain or shine.  There will be no money back cancelations.  If you need to cancel and we can fill your spot by March 14th, then we will offer you a transferrable rain check for a future event within one year.

We will not conduct a tech inspection on your car.   You are solely responsible for the safety of your car.

For drivers experiencing mechanical failures that result in dropping oil on the track, damage to track property such as broken brake markers, etc., and deployment of the fire truck which results in any additional charges to us for clean-up, repair to track property, etc., we will consider whether to pass on these additional costs to the responsible driver on a case-by-case basis.

Open top cars MUST have a roll bar that attaches at four locations on the body/chassis. Decorative, or "Style Bars" are not allowed.  Factory installed roll-over protection including pop-up bars are allowed.  Drivers of open top cars must wear eye protection.

All cars must have numbers on both sides of the cars for Identification.  Pick any number.  Digits must be 6” tall minimum.

Open wheeled cars will be allowed in the Advance Group only.

Click the button at the  bottom of the page to enter.  Please use this website and your credit card to register and pay for your entry.

We suggest that you enter early to ensure a spot, this Laguna Seca Track Day event will certainly sell-out fast!

 If you really like using checks and paper, then you can go to this site  to get a mail-in registration.  Send it to the address on the form.  If you choose to enter by mail, you must add $10.00 to the entry fees shown above to cover processing.   Please notify us by email if you sent a check.

Event requirements

Golden Gate Lotus Club Open Track Day at Weathertech Laguna Seca Raceway Monday, March 29, 2021.




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May 2020


The GGLC is committed to providing events that put participant safety as a number one priority. All GGLC events will follow the guidelines and mandates of the local health officials and authorities.


Entrants are required to follow these guidelines. Any participant may be asked to leave the event for non-compliance.



  • Follow state and municipal guidelines in relation to COVID-19
  • Provide, when possible, COVID-19 prevention supplies to event staff—hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, trash baskets, disposable face masks and cleaners/disinfectants.
  • Plan ways to limit in-person contact for workers supporting our events
  • Close event to spectators who are not associated and supervised by an entrant
  • Require event staff and participants to stay at home if they are at higher risk for severe illness, or if they are sick or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath.
  • Limit the sharing of equipment.
  • Hold driver meetings within social distancing protocols
  • NOT supply food, water. There will not be community beverage coolers or similar.
  • NOT supply lunch.
  • NOT supply loaner helmets.
  • NOT have community pens, clip boards, tire pressure gauges, etc.
  • Announce in advance any change normal event hours to provide more time for set-up, registration and break-down.



  • To stay home if you are NOT feeling well or have been ill within two weeks prior to the event. The GGLC will refund entry fees.
  • Report to the GGLC immediately should you fall ill at the event.
  • Follow the local, Track and GGLC COVID-19 protocols for participants and workers
  • Bring your own –
    • Food
    • Water/Beverage
    • Pen (for signing waivers at gate)
  • Bring your own PPE –
    • Mask
    • Gloves
    • Wipes and/or hand sanitizer
  • Avoid sharing equipment, tools, food, beverages, etc.
  • Bring and use their own helmet and driver equipment. Do not share with others.
  • Maintain social distancing at all times. Staff may remind participants during the event to maintain Social Distancing. Anyone who continues to ignore social distancing procedures will be asked to leave.
  • Park 6’ away from other vehicles or as far as paddock space allows
  • Stay out of special work areas (timing/scoring, start/finish) unless you are assigned to work
  • Limit the guests to family (of the same household) and essential support.
  • Wear a mask at all times, unless on-track. If are unwilling to meet this requirement and wish to cancel, notify the GGLC at least 48 hours in advance and your entry fee will be refunded”.



  • Per the requirements set forth by the County of Monterey, there will be no passengers allowed and no coaching.



  • Online registration is required. There will NOT be any at-event walk-up registrations.
  • Do not handle clipboards. Waivers will be in a place accessible by the participant. Pens will not be available, bring you own.
  • GGLC will try to have non-contact check-in



  • Worker & Driver meetings will be held outdoors and social distancing protocols must be followed
  • COVID-19 procedures will be reviewed in these meetings


WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

Salinas, CA
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Open Track organized by

Golden Gate Lotus Club

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