Sat, Feb 19, 2022

Jzilla Car Control Clinic 1

Barber Motorsports Park

About this event

Just when you thought Winter was down time, Jzilla Track Days proudly brings you:

JZILLA Car Control Clinic! - Powered by Chris Realty Group

A professionally coached car control clinic hosted at the automotive proving grounds at Barber Motorsports Park. Unlike other events and schools where you are forced to drive their fleet of cars, JZilla has designed this event for you to learn in your car!

The Jzilla Car Control Clinic is designed and coached by 9 of the East Coast’s most notable Performance Driving Coaches, stunt drivers, and competitive racers. Using their cumulative experience, Jzilla has assembled this exciting clinic using 4 car control modules. Learn how to proactively avoid understeer and oversteer on the Wet Skidpad. Master proper techniques for maximizing lateral weight transfer on the Slalom course. Understand how threshold braking really works in the Braking module. And put all of those skills together while practicing “String Theory” on the mini-circuit Autocross module! Roughly 3.5 hours of seat time!

Not sure what some of those skills and techniques are? No problem, that’s why we’re here! Each module is staffed with 2 professional coaches to instruct and correct as you repeat each exercise. 

So sign up and join the Jzilla family on February 19th.  Choose from the morning or afternoon sessions. Entry fee is $220.


Event requirements

Jzilla Track Days is an inclusive, community-focused organization. Our primary directive is the safety of ALL our participants. All registered drivers must conform to these requirements:

  • Must be 16 or older.
  • Have a valid, state-issued drivers license.
  • Must have a SA2015 or newer hemet (own or rent).
  • Submit previous, verifiable motorsports experience for proper classing.
  • Must conform to Jzilla Rules & Regulations
  • Must submit a completed Jzilla Track Days Tech Inspection form.
  • Sign our digital waiver.

All entrants are qualified by Jzilla Track Days Staff, approval of each driver is finalized at their discretion. The Jzilla Track Days vetting process ensures safety and ability to maximize each driver's time at our events. Jzilla Staff may contact you about the requirements above.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, Jzilla Track Days has specific guidelines and rules all participants must follow. Registrants will be limited to one guest at this time. Only that guest listed by the registrant may gain entry to this event.




Jzilla Track Days is nothing without our community, we believe it is our duty to protect our community in a responsible manner. We have specific guidelines we ALL must abide by. This event will incur stoppage or cancellation if ALL participants do not adhere to these mandatory requirements. Failure to comply will result in expulsion from this event:


  • Please stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, have an elevated temperature, or have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.
  • The temperatures of all guests may be monitored.
  • Social distancing must be implemented at all times. Please maintain a minimum of six feet from staff and participants.
  • Avoid physical contact with others when possible.
  • Participants should wash their hands regularly for 20 seconds.Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • We highliy recommend cloth face masks or coverings be worn indoors.
  • Drivers with open-faced helmets must wear a cloth face mask or covering (balaclava) if they have a passenger in their vehicle.
  • Passengers with open-faced helmets must wear a cloth face mask or covering (balaclava) while they are in a driver’s vehicle.


If you feel you cannot meet these requirements, please contact to withdraw.


Further guidelines to protect yourself and our community can be found at the CDC website.

Please take a moment and familiarize yourself with our rules and regulations. Also print out our tech sheet to begin your preparations.


Barber Motorsports Park

Birmingham, AL
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Jzilla Trackdays

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