Sun, May 21, 2023

Jax Solo - Autocross Event #4

Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport

About this event



Pre-registered (online registration ONLY) SCCA member: $50
Pre-registered (online registration ONLY) non-member: $65

If you need to cancel for any reason, certainly to include COVID-19 symptoms, cancellations made via MSR will receive a full refund


The schedule is compressed in order to minimize down time and maximize drive time. It requires every participant to focus on:

  • Getting to the site EARLY
  • Getting Tech Inspection performed 
  • Walking the Course
Early workers: 7:00am
Gates open: 7:15-8:30m
Tech Inspection: 7:45-9:00am (roaming tech, ALL SCCA regional annual tech accepted)
Registration/Check-in: 7:45-8:30am
Course open to walk: 8:30-9:00am
Novice walk: 8:35am 
All drivers meeting: 9:00am
Green flag! 9:30am
Event complete: *normally* between 2:00 - 3:00pm



Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport, enter via Crane Island developmet. Access to the site is NOT through the Airport's terminal area. From the round-about at Amelia Island Parkway and Bailey Road head south and then west on Bailey Road. Drive past the soccer facility and through a gate on Bailey Road that leads to a Crane Island development. After about 1/2 mile there will be a dirt road on the left, take the dirt road to the runway. Use coordinates: 30.616684981024175, -81.4710347315853 to approximate location of dirt road entry. See below:




E4 notional course map:








Event requirements


Not sure what class you're in? Check out the SCCA Solo Rules :

  1. Determine your modification class (most cars are in Street, Street Touring, Street Prepared, or Street Modified, etc)
  2. Find you car make and model in Appendix A of the SCCA Solo Rules.
  3.  Dont be overwhelmed by the Rulebook! Drop the Event Organizer a message or join our Facebook group "SCCA Jax Solo" to introduce yourself and get any questions answered quick! 

Autocross is drive + work sport. All drivers will be required to work a heat and drive a heat, you must be present for both heats. 



Jax Solo offers a few car classes that are unique and not defined in the SCCA Solo Rulebook:

PRO "P": offered for drivers who will complete throughout the season in multiple classes or those who have routinely won a particular class. This class will use a 'modifer' based on the cars actual class index/pax. 

(STREET) TIRE "T": offered for cars who class, per the SCCA Solo Rulebook, may run R-comp (treadwear rating <200) tires but instead are running street tires (treadwear rating >=200). This class will use a 'modifier' based on the cars actual class index/pax. 

NOVICE "N": this class is intended for drivers participating in one of their first 3 autocross events. Running this class will ensure that a novice gets the attention and assistance from more experienced participants. Furthermore, the class will run in the second heat after working the first heat so that the novice has seen the action before they drive the course for the first time. This class will NOT use a 'modifier' based on the cars actual class index/pax. A novice discussion will be held prior to the drivers meeting to go over the basics. Additionally, a novice course walk will be  guided by a (typically) nationally competitive driver who will explain the course elements. The Novice discussion and course walk are open to any participant, not just those registered in the novice class!



Link to Region website



To keep autocross affordable and available each driver has to contribute to the event by performing a work assignment. A vast majority of the work assignments are course working - standing outside the driving line and watching for cones to be displaced and replacing them. Each heat is typically 1 to 1.5 hours in duration. If you are unable to stand for atleast an hour or unable run or quickly walk short distances PLEASE MESSAGE THE ORGANIZER  to request an alternate assignment.  Please understand that there is a limited number of work assignments that do not require standing or being able to move quickly. Therefore, please do not request an alternate assignment unless you truly require one. 



Entries (62)

Deyvin Dutta
Utpal Dutta
Christian Shipp
Todd Gloede
Michael Christoforo
Nelson Antunes
Eladio Flores
John Goodpaster

Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport

Fernandina Beach, FL


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - Buccaneer Region - Jax Solo

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