Sat, Sep 15 - Sun, Sep 16, 2018

IRPCA HPDE, Sept. 15-16th 2018

Utah Motorsports Campus

About this event

The Intermountain PCA Region Invites you to a High Performance Drivers Education Event at  

Utah Motorsports Campus

Saturday, September 15th & Sunday, September 16th, 2018

  • Saturday - Outer Loop (3.0 miles, 15 turns)
  • Sunday - Full Track (4.5 miles, 23 turns)

Pricing & Schedule:

Sponsored by: Porsche Lehi


Event Info

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DE Insurance

Did you know that you can get low cost insurance for your car during HPDE?  More information is available here.   Click on the insurance tab at the top.

If you have any questions, please contact our DE Chair - Greg Troester -

Event requirements

High Performance Drivers Education (HPDE) is designed to improve your driving skills and learn techniques at speed. Track experience is necessary for this event and skills learned will make you a better driver. The full track is 4.5 miles long, with 23 turns and is an absolute blast to drive.  The Outer Loop adds a great high-speed turn, Witchcraft, runs 3.0 miles, and makes for some fast lap times!  UMC is a terrific facility with lots of amenities like paved parking, gas pumps and real bathrooms.  Food is available on-site, as are shaded areas for spectators.

You do not have to be a PCA member to participate, nor do you need to bring your Porsche! We expect a number of BMWs, Audis and other makes on the track.   There are also safety requirements for you and your car. These include a Snell M rated or SA 2010 or later helmet, and closed toe shoes.

Please indicate your level of experience on the registration form. There will be instructors available for the rookie and beginner groups.

Schedule is TBD - check out this sample schedule to get an idea of how our event will flow.

  • Registration typically runs from 7am-8am
  • AM Drivers meeting will likely be around 8:15am
  • Every run group generally gets 4-5 run sessions per day, with about 2 hours of track time per day
  • Each day will wrap up at around 5:30pm

Your car must have had a Full Tech inspection within the last 30 days prior to this event (annual tech forms are no longer accepted).

Find a full list of recommended inspection shops here:

Use the Safety Inspection Form found here:

In addition, PCA National requires us to do a "Top Tech" at the track. Please have this form completed at the track, prior to checking in with the registration desk:

Driver's Education Information
We look forward to having an extremely fun and safe event. We intend to follow PCA and Intermountain Region PCA guidelines during this event.

The Driver's Education program is based on a non-competitive format. We will not keep track of lap times.

Required equipment:

  1. A car that can pass a tech inspection, which must be current within 30 days of the event. Fill out the Tech Guidelines provided in the links above and turn it in at the registration table. You are responsible to make sure that your car is safe for high-speed use. If you have any concerns, contact the DE Chair:
  2. Shorts and short sleeved shirts will be acceptable for this event. Cotton is OK. Fire resistant materials are recommended.
  3. Closed toe shoes made of cotton or leather. Socks are required.
  4. Helmets rated Snell M or SA 2010 or newerDOT and motocross helmets are not permitted.
    1. Helmets can be purchased and tried-on at the event from Makes & Models - please visit their website for further info
    2. If you need to rent a helmet, please contact Utah Motorsports Campus for details
  5. Stock seatbelts are OK but racing belts are encouraged as are roll bars, roll cages and racing seats etc.
    1. 5 and 6 point harnesses can only be used with race seats. 4-point harnesses are OK with stock seats
    2. Equal Safety Rule - if used, the passenger seat must have as much or more protection than the driver. This is to insure that instructors and students are both safe in every car.
  6. Brake lights must work, steering must not be loose, brakes should feel firm, suspension and wheel bearings should be checked for tightness.
  7. The car's contents must be cleared out prior to entering onto the track. Batteries must be secured.
  8. Numbers on both sides of the car must be a contrasting color to car body and be at least eight inches tall. Taller numbers are recommended at this track.
  9. No Convertibles without roll-over protection. Porsche Boxsters and 996, 997, & 991 Cabriolets have Factory roll-over protection.  Earlier cars must add a Roll Bar or Roll Cage.
    1. Open-wheel cars are not permitted
    2. Race Cars are OK, provided that they can either pass the Standard Safety Inspection without exception to any rule, or have a current logbook from a recognized racing association.
  10.  At any time, if you feel you need instruction, ask for an instructor. This track can be tricky and has several high-speed turns.

Need a track map or video walkthrough? Go here:

No passengers are allowed except for approved instructors (with identification) and their students.

Be safe on the track and in the pits. The Number One objective of novice drivers on a track should be to become aware of other traffic. Number two objective is to be aware of how your car responds to input.

There will be a “three spins and you're out” rule enforced for this event. If you have more than two spins during the event you will be asked to leave. Following each spin anywhere on or off the track, you will receive a black flag telling you to come into the pits safely to have a chat with the IRPCA member running that group. He will ask you to analyze what happened. If you don't know, you'll be asked to exit the track at that point. If you realize what happened, explain what you could do differently and you’ll be allowed back on the track.  Your car will also be given a quick look over for damage.

You are responsible to know the meaning of the flags listed here:
Learn what the flags mean. Pay attention to the flag explanation in the drivers meeting. Also make sure you understand where passing is allowed. Passing at the wrong place or without a signal will result in expulsion.

Pass only on the straights and never in corners. Do not pass without being signaled by the driver that you are going to pass. Slower drivers should indicate your knowledge of cars about to pass you by pointing them past. You will not make friends by holding people up who are faster than you are.

DE Insurance        

Did you know that you can get low cost insurance for your car during HPDE?  More information is available from Lockton Motorsports - info can be found here.

Have fun and learn to drive well!

If you have any questions, please contact Greg Troester:

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Utah Motorsports Campus

Grantsville, UT
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