Sat, Jun 29 - Sun, Jun 30, 2024

Indy SCCA Time Trials 3 & 4 @ Putnam Park

Putnam Park Road Course

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Join the Indy Region SCCA for our 2024 Time Trials Series! This will be Round 3 & 4 of a 9 Event Series, scoring the best 5 event finishes.

On June 29th and 30th

  Indy SCCA along with ViTour Tires and Forgeline Wheels will get you on track in a fun and safe environment at the Putnam Park Road Course in Greencastle, Indiana.  

We have the best Contingency Program in time trials, Win your class for the weekend Win 2 tires. 

Time Trials will be open to ALL, it is the same as an open track day, but with the added element of receiving timed laps during your sessions on track, better traffic control for more clean laps, and awards at the end of the day.  We have included the all the needed timing equipment in the cost of the event. We have classes with  professional Instruction for Novice Drivers.


Gear up for an adrenaline-packed adventure at the Indy Region SCCA Time Trials SERIES! Whether you're a laid-back driving enthusiast or crave a bit of friendly competition, there are two thrilling ways to fuel your passion on the track. Whether you are a first time track day attendee or a seasoned veteran, we have a place for you!

For those seeking an extra dose of excitement, Time Trial awaits—your ticket to challenging the clock and fellow enthusiasts in a friendly competition that elevates the intensity. It's not just about podiums; it's about discovering your limits and celebrating fresh personal bests.

But the excitement doesn't stop on the track; immerse yourself in a dynamic community of like-minded track enthusiasts! Off-track, relish in social activities, including the Saturday evening Social Party, filled with delicious food, endless fun, and camaraderie.

This isn't merely an event; it's an invitation to be part of the heart-pounding, pulse-racing good times. Don't miss the thrill—join us and ignite the excitement!


  • Each driver gets 5-6 sessions per day.
  • Time Trial drivers compete over two days, with results based on the fastest lap from three pairs of sessions: two on Saturday afternoon, two on Sunday morning, and two on Sunday afternoon. The podium highlights the three lowest combined times per class.
  • Whether you choose Track Event or Time Trial, all drivers will be grouped by their experience level.


Registration opens May 1st at 4pm EST!!! Cap is set at 100 for the Time Trial, so sign up early and get that sweet Early Bird deal!

Event Entries:

One Day Entry - $350

Two Day Entry - $550







Before you Choose a Run Group, Read this!

Remember: Run groups are based on DRIVER ability and awareness, NOT car speed. Please choose your group based on your level of experience. Thanks! Here are some suggestions to help you choose wisely, young grasshoppers...

Advanced Group: You are very aware of your mirrors. You give point-bys without blue flag reminders in an open passing situation (even to Miatas that fill your mirrors). You understand how to use the racing line -- and the non-racing lines. You are situationally aware and working on finding the last 10th on course from your car. You're safe, courteous, and determined to perfect you're techniques on course--no matter how many (or, few) HP your ride has under the hood.

Intermediate Group: You know how to check your mirrors, but sometimes you need reminded with a blue flag. You understand the racing line and how to safely give a point by in defined passing zones. You can hold your line, know what a grid is, how to get yourself on and off track and generally don't need help with the process of a track day. You're working on figuring out your car and how to drive fast, but you're not seeking out the final 10th....yet.

Novice Group: You're new. You're not really sure what to do when you get to the track. Flags? What are flags and what do I do when I see one? What is a racing line, point by, apex....?? Or - yeah, I know all of that stuff, but I'm not really ready to move on to a class without an coach watching over me. I would like some instruction and debriefing after my sessions.

You must be 18 or older and have a valid state issued driver's license to attend this event. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


Event requirements


It is highly recommended that all convertible vehicles be equipped with an aftermarket roll bar that meets or exceeds the standards set in the SCCA Time Trials Safety Rules. However, convertible vehicles may participate in Track Night events provided the vehicle meets at least one of the following criteria and is not subject to any of the below exceptions:

- The vehicle is equipped with an aftermarket roll bar that meets or exceeds the standards set in the SCCA Time Trials rules.

- The vehicle is equipped with documented factory installed roll over protection (examples of manufacture documented roll over protection would include hydroformed and reinforced a-pillars or windshield frames and factory installed roll bars and/or “pop-up” bars that are designated as roll over protection.

- The Vehicle is a 2006-year model or newer.

Exceptions: In addition, vehicles that were manufactured since 2006 that fall into any of the below categories must meet the criteria stated above for factory or aftermarket roll over protection:

- Vehicles equipped with factory V8 or forced induction engine

- Vehicles modified meaningfully beyond the factory performance potential (examples: engine swaps, aftermarket forced induction)

Note: Targa and T-Top vehicles are classified as "hard tops" and do not have to meet the terms and conditions of the convertible policy.

Not sure?  email us and ask! TECH QUESTIONS

Download and READ the SCCA Tech Form HERE 

                                        Competition Rules HERE

                                       Car Classing Rules HERE

                                       SCCA Safety Rules HERE


                                       Supplemental Rules HERE

                                       Series Rules TO BE ANNOUNCED 


**Race prepared cars are allowed.  Please see the Time Trials rules for acceptable vehicles HERE.  NO OPEN WHEEL CARS ALLOWED at this event.

Putnam Park Road Course

Mount Meridian, IN
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Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap


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