Sun, Feb 19, 2023

IIRA IceCross Feb 19

The Landing, 803 Main St. S

About this event

The International Ice Racing Association is pleased to introduce a new, easy, way to enjoy our top notch tracks: IceCross. Cars will be sent one at a time autocross style, to lay down a time, and the fastest time in each class will win.

We will aim for 6 runs. Getting stuck will delay the day so make sure you stay on track so we stay on time. We are not liable for any damage that may occur from removing your vehicle from a snowbank.

Volunteers will get a $10 discount. And IIRA members will get a $20 discount on the events. Stackable.

8AM: staff/volunteers arrives on site – starts setup
9AM: registration and tech opens
9:45PM: drivers meeting, paced lap
10AM: first car off
11:30AM: switch heats
1PM: lunch break/Plowing if needed
1:30: first run group second heat
3:00PM: second run group second heat
4:30 PM: release event results
4:35PM: event complete, take down/pack up


All events are subject to track conditions, specifically ice thickness.  A minimum of 16" is required to start an event.  All lakes have different freezing properties, which means finalizing event locations must wait on ice reports.


With that, most events happen within 1.5 hours of the twin cities.  Our usually venues are Madison Lake near Mankato and Rush Lake near North Branch.

Event requirements


Must a be licensed driver.
Car requires front and rear tow points.
Car must be production based (no karts/tubeframes/sidebysides etc).
Car needs to pass a basic tech inspection.
A 2010+ SNELL rated helmet or newer.

Entries (20)

Dave Farrell
William Counter
Roman Zoltowski
Maciej Wolanin
Kamil Dziwisz
Marcus Thurloff
Sean Wincza
Bryan Onofre

The Landing, 803 Main St. S

Madison Lake, MN


RallyCross organized by

International Ice Racing Assn

Event Cancelled!