Sat, May 30 - Sun, May 31, 2009

The Holbert Memorial (Points Events #3 & 4)

Warminster Community Park

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Philadelphia Region, SCCA

2009 Holbert Charity Solo Event


Supplemental Rules


Special Event: This charity event is a special 2-day solo event held under SCCA Solo Rules and hosted annually by the Philadelphia Region of the SCCA. This year’s charitable contribution in honor of Al Holbert will go to both the Quest for Tech and Warminster Community Park. In the past, this has been Philly Region’s biggest event of the year with more than 200 participants including some of the best solo drivers in the Northeast United States.


The Holbert Trophy: This event features a special “Holbert Trophy” for the driver whose combined best times from both days produces the lowest indexed time. The 2009 PAX index multiplier is posted at and will be applied to all drivers. Everyone has a chance to win the “Holbert Trophy.” Last year’s winner, Pat Salerno, will bring the Holbert Trophy back to determine who gets to take the Trophy home for 2009.


Class Trophies and Points: Class finishing position trophies will also be awarded per our standard Philly Region Supplemental Rules, based on the best combined times from both days of competition. Competitors may register for a single day of competition, either Saturday or Sunday, but will be scored as a “DNS” for the day of competition not run during the 2-day event.


Passengers: During this event passengers will NOT be permitted. Our novice drivers may still request to have an instructor ride will them, but passengers allowed under our normal Supplemental Rules will not be permitted.


Registration: The cost of this 2-day charity event is $70 for SCCA members. Non-members may purchase temporary weekend memberships for $15. Registration must be made in advance through the web page – there will be NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION. Registration closes on Tuesday, May 26, 2009 at midnight. Single day registrations will be permitted at a cost of $40.


Meals Included: The entry fee includes a free dinner served Saturday immediately after competition, and lunch on Sunday. Guests of entrants may purchase dinner tickets for $10 on Saturday and lunch tickets for $8 on Sunday. Please make arrangements for your own lunch on Saturday. All participants and spectators are asked to bring their own coolers with ice and beverages sufficient to stay hydrated all day in hot conditions. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on-site at all times.


Entry Cap: Entries to this event are limited to 225 participants.


Driving Directions

From North of Philadelphia:
I-95 North. Exit 37- West on Route 132 (Street Road) for about 10 miles. North on Route 332 (right onto Jacksonville Road). The second traffic light will be Bristol Road, turn right. At the next traffic light, there is a gate on the right, turn there.

From South of Philadelphia:
Blue Route (476) North. East on PA Turnpike. Get off at exit 343 (old exit 27). Continued below…

From Allentown:
Northeast Extension (476) South. East on PA Turnpike. Get off at exit 343 (old exit 27). Continued below…

From Harrisburg:
East on PA Turnpike. Get off at exit 343 (old exit 27). Continued below…

From New Jersey:
New Jersey Turnpike to Route 276 West (what will eventually become the PA Turnpike). Get off at exit 343 (old exit 27). Continued below…

Bear right after the toll booth to north on Route 611. Follow Rt. 611 for about 4.5 miles. East on Route 132 (right onto Street Road). Follow Rt. 132 for about 3.5 miles. North on Route 332 (left onto Jacksonville Road). The second traffic light will be Bristol Road, turn right. At the next traffic light, make a right turn through the gate.

Click here for a map

All-Day Format: This event will be run using a full-day format as outlined in the 2009 Philly Region Solo Supplemental Rules. All competitors must check-in at the Registration Table and go through Tech Inspection in the morning. (Clarification - competitors with an annual tech sticker do not need to go through Tech Inspection.)  There will be no Registration Table or Tech Inspection on Sunday for anyone who competed on Saturday.


Run-Work Order: The run-work order will be posted after the close of registration.


Number of Runs: There will be 4 runs on Saturday and 3 runs on Sunday.


Overnight Parking: There is no overnight camping, however, vehicles and trailers may be left overnight on Saturday. Security will be provided, but all overnight parking is at your own risk.


Holbert Event Schedule



7:15 a.m.          Gate opens.

8:00 a.m.          Please plan to arrive on site at this time.

8:00-9:00 a.m.   Check-In at the Registration Table.

8:00-9:15 a.m.   Tech Inspection.

9:00 a.m.          Novice course walk.

9:15 a.m.          Course closed for walking.

9:30 a.m.          Driver’s Meeting – mandatory for all participants.

9:45 a.m.          Heat 1 cars report to Grid, Heat 1 workers report to station.

10:00 a.m.         First car off.

Dinner Will be served at the end of competition.




7:15 a.m.          Gates open.

8:30-9:00 a.m.   One-day participant check-in and tech by appointment only.

9:00 a.m.          Novice course walk (last chance!).

9:30 a.m.          Course closed for walking.

9:45 a.m.          Heat 1 cars report to Grid, Heat 1 workers report to station.

10:00 a.m.         First car off.

Trophies Will be awarded promptly following the end of competition.


Please refer to the Philly Region 2009 Supplemental Rules at:

These rules will apply except as modified in the special Holbert Supplemental Rules provided above and as may be amended in subsequent posting or at the event site.



SCCA Member Entry Fee - Both Days: $70

SCCA Member Entry Fee - Single Day: $40

Non-SCCA Member Entry Fee - Both Days: $85

Non-SCCA Member Entry Fee - Single Day: $55


Event requirements

This event is capped at 225 drivers

General Requirements

All competitors must posess a valid driver's license, except competitors driving Formula Junior karts (FJA or FJB class).

All competitors under 18 years of age are required to have a Minor Waiver form signed by a legal guardian.  This form must either be signed in the presence of an SCCA member at the event, or signed and notarized prior to the event.  The minor waiver form is available here.

SCCA Membership

All competitors must be SCCA members, or must purchase an SCCA weekend membership.  The cost of this weekend membership is included in the Non-SCCA Member registration fee.

Click here for more information about SCCA Weekend Memberships

If you are an SCCA Member, or you have a valid Weekend Membership from another event, you must present your membership card or weekend membership paperwork at the registration table on the day of the event, or you will be required to purchase a weekend membership for that event.


No passengers will be allowed at this event other than instructors per the supplemental rules.

Entries (131)

David McCallister
John Winchester
Justin Stone
Bill Ball
Ken Lin
Albert Rohr
Mike Denis-Rohr
Joe Caffey

Warminster Community Park

Warminster, PA
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Download track map


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SCCA - Philadelphia Region

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