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HMS Motorsport - Bimmers Across the Border XXII

Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant

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(Intermediate and Advanced Drivers)

The Boston Chapter is back for our 22nd Annual Boston Chapter Bimmers Across the Border XXII Driving School at the incredible LeCircuit Mont Tremblant and Tremblant Resort sponsored by HMS Motorsport.


Please be advised that while the border will be open in April onwards, Canada currently requires travelers to be vaccinated to enter Canada.  We will be required to follow CDC, State, Canadian and Province guidelines, which continue to evolve.

THIS IS A LIMITED ATTENDANCE EVENT DUE TO THE LOCAL RESTRICTION OF 30 CARS PER TRACK SESSION AND SO THE EVENT IS PRICED ACCORDINGLY. Le Circuit Mt Tremblant is a unique track and this is a special opportunity to run on this storied race track with a smaller number of cars and tons of track time.

The setting is the European-style resort village Mont Tremblant nestled in the splendor of the Laurentian Mountains; Mont Tremblant is located just 90 miles northwest of Montréal.

This is the perfect vacation getaway for the entire family. The driving enthusiasts’ have the world class racetrack and everyone else has a world class resort all within a radius of only 2 miles! Come early, stay late, and bring your friends… you can easily spend a week without getting bored. The area features fine restaurants, shopping, and over 100 miles of protected trails for biking, skateboarding, and rollerblading. There are two great golf courses, an aquatics center and spa, and a beautiful lake with a large beach. There are activities for the entire family.

The Track - This village is only 10 minutes away from the world class Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant. Built in 1964 in the shadow of the majestic Mont-Tremblant, the picturesque and twisty 15-corner 2.65-mile track was completely rebuilt and upgraded in 2001. It is two meters wider all around with extensive runoff areas everywhere. Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant has been upgraded to meet FIA vintage Formula racing safety standards. If you loved the track before, you won't believe it now!

Situated in one of the most gorgeous settings in the world for a race track, the layout is a classic, as it combines the natural topography of the site with elevation changes from the start/finish line, to corner 8 and back again. The track is bordered by Lake Moore and Devil River (La Diable).

Driver Qualifications to Attend

This is a three day event for intermediate and advanced drivers based on the track rules for simultaneous cars on track. 

The WEEKEND registration is open to any driver with at least 8 track days experience at High Performance driving schools prior, with a record of positive evaluations from your past instructors.

Friday is available to all students participating in the Boston Chapter's ISG program, as well as to a limited number of students who have previous experience of at least 12 days driving at High Performance Driving Schools, driving at or above the upper intermediate level, with a history of positive evaluations from past instructors. Please contact the registrar if you have any questions about your eligibility for Friday. Students in other chapter's advanced programs, such as A-Solo/S-Group, may apply to drive in ISG by emailing the registrar with their driving resume.

Independent Study Group. For advanced students who want to extend their skills in a safe, fast-paced coaching environment, the Boston chapter of BMWCCA offers its Independent Study Group (ISG)

To promote continuous advanced skill development for experienced, independent drivers, ISG encourages students to identify the areas in which they want to improve, then allows them to create a personalized curriculum for achieving their goals. 

At each event, every ISG student is assigned a coach who will work with them to achieve their goals. ISG drivers are often offered additional solo track sessions and the opportunity to drive in the instructors’ run group.

ISG Qualification - Soloed drivers with substantial experience and the skills to drive a consistent line, at an advanced run-group pace, on a variety of race tracks are eligible for consideration. After passing a thorough checkout drive with an ISG instructor, which emphasizes awareness, safety, consistency, and pace, the ISG candidate is admitted into the group.

ISG on Track, Classroom and Exercises - On the racetrack, ISG drivers spend working sessions with their assigned coach to execute their personalized plan. Classroom sessions comprise lively discussions of driving lines, corner approaches, speeds, data analysis, and a wide range of additional topics. Specialized exercises are offered to improve situational awareness, increase comfort levels in close-quarters driving, and practice passing.

ISG, Serious Car Control - For advanced car control methods, essential for the final reductions in lap times, ISG students are invited to two Advanced Car Control Clinics (AC3) each year at Lime Rock Park. An AC3 event begins with a discussion of tire dynamics and grip, balance, weight transfer, and an introduction to suspension concepts that alter the understeer/oversteer characteristics of the car. Then, on the handling course and skid pad, drivers learn the methods for inducing controlled oversteer with the throttle and brake, while learning to correct and prevent understeer.

Registration Fees

You may register for Saturday and Sunday as a pair, or for all three days IF you have sufficient experience. You must provide information on your experience at the time of registration.

The student registration fees (US $) for this event are as follows:

BMW CCA Member - Saturday and Sunday BMW CCA Member - All 3 Days
$795 $1095

Canadian BMW Club Members may register at above member rates.

A LATE REGISTRATION FEE OF $100 will be applied to all registrations after July 11th.

Wait-List Rules

Due to the limited number of student slots available for Boston Chapter driving events, it is common for us to receive more registrations than we can admit, hence a Wait-List will be created. Applications will be admitted from the Wait-List on a first come, first serve basis. 


You don’t need to own a BMW to be part of the club and participate in our Driving Events but you do need to be a member! We offer a huge variety of events to our community all across the country, making club membership a rewarding and worthwhile experience. Annual membership costs $48 and includes a subscription to the fantastic BMW CCA magazine, Roundel.

If you are not a member you can apply at the link below and then return to this page and enter your new membership number. The BMW CCA website will provide your membership number immediately with your enrollment.

BMW Car Club of America National Website


HOTEL DISCOUNTS - Please follow the link below for a group rate and discounts for hotels at the resort.

WORK IN PROGRESS - RATES to be updated as we receive them.

Vacations at a discount - Hotel Discounts 
One of the sweet aspects of this event is the opportunity to take family and friends along for a value-priced vacation. Your hosts have negotiated unbelievable values on hotel accommodations right in the heart of the village available on a first come first served basis. Our special rates apply to the week before and the week after the event, so don’t delay and book you reservation early – space is limited! Log on to for full details about this event.  



Holiday Inn Express  Rate Per Night 
 Room Type   Mon-Thur  Fri to Sun
 Hotel Room - 1Q  $   $ 
 Deluxe Room - 1Q + Sofa  $  $ 
 Hotel Room - 2 Double Beds  $   $ 
 Superior Room 1Q + Sofa  $   $ 
 One Bedroom Suite - 1Q  $  $ 
 Executive Suite - 2 Double Beds  $   $ 


Hotel La Tour Des Voyagers  Rate Per Night 
 Room Type  Mon-Thur  Fri to Sun
 Hotel Room  $   $ 
 Studio  $   $ 
 One Bedroom Suite 1Q  $   $ 
 One Bedroom Suite - 2D  $   $ 
 Two Bedroom Suite  $   $ 


La Place Saint Bernard Rate Per Night 
Room Type Mon-Thu Fri-Sun
Hotel Room 1 Queen/ @ Doubles    
Studio Loft    
One Bedroom Suite - 1 Queen    
One Bedroom Suite - 2 Doubles    
One Bedroom Loft     
Two Bedroom Suite     
Two Bedroom Loft Suite    



Le Lodge De La Montagne

 Rate Per Night 
 Room Type   Mon-Thur  Fri to Sun
 Hotel Room    
 One Bedroom Suite - 1Q    
 One Bedroom Suite - 2 Double Beds    
 Two Bedroom Suite    
 Hotel Sommet des Neiges  Mon-Thur  Fri to Sun
One Bedroom Suite -  1K    
One Bedroom Suite -  2Q    
Two Bedroom Suite 1K + 1Q    
Two Bedroom Suite 1K + 2Q    
Three Bedroom Suite    

NOTE:  All room rates are in CANADIAN DOLLARS subject to variation and are exclusive of several taxes – 3% resort tax, 5% TPS, and 7.5% TVQ each cumulatively added.   Note the exchange rate is pretty good so a discount is likely with the conversion. Please check your bank.




For questions regarding registration or Driving Schools in general, please email the registrar using the "Contact Host" button on the right side of this page.



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Event requirements



Before registering for HMS Motorsport, Bimmers Across the Border XXII, please read and understand:

  • ProceduresAndRulesBoston2022.pdf
    Haven't run with Boston this year (or ever)? Click on this Procedures Document to see what you need to know. This is important.

At the event you'll need:

More information to make your experience better:

New for 2022:

The 2022 Procedures and Rules have lots of little updates from last year. Some notable changes are:

  • Drones or other remotely controlled aerial vehicles? Nope. Leave 'em home.
  • SFI 31.1 and FIA 8860. Snell SA2015/2020 and M2015/2020 or newer helmets required. SA2010/M2010 helmets will no longer be accepted. 
  • Eligibility rules for Targa/T-top cars and high-performance SUV/SAV/CUVs have been clarified.
  • Automated Collision Avoidance Features Before you register, please note cars with automatic braking and/ or lane drift correction systems will not be permitted to participate unless the systems can be fully turned off for the track sessions; proof that the systems can be turned off must be provided (i.e., information in Owner's Manual, etc.)


• For answers to questions regarding student registration, or our Driving Schools in general, please email the registrar using the "Contact Host" button on the right side of this page.

New-to-Boston Instructors

• If you are an instructor for other chapters or car clubs, but have never instructed for the Boston Chapter, please contact the registrar.

Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant

Mont-Tremblant, Québec
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Download track map


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BMW CCA - Boston Chapter

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HMS Motorsport - Bimmers Across the Border XXII

Fri, Jul 29 - Sun, Jul 31, 2022