Fri, May 10, 2024

High Performance Driving School- Full day

Rocky Mountain Motorsports

About this event

RMM High Performance Driving Course
This full day program is designed for novice to intermediate drivers and motorsport enthusiasts aiming to take their driving skills to the next level. This full day course begins in the morning by participating in a classroom orientation. Following this introduction, participants will immediately take to the track in their own vehicles or Turn 17 Rental Mustang to complete fundamental car-control exercises. Course attendees will have abilities challenged with  group of exercises intentionally designed to utilize the specific nuances of the RMM circuit.

The afternoon portion of the course will focus on full track lapping, led and mentored by professional instructors. Participants will benefit from real-time instruction, allowing for quicker implementation of techniques. Designed for maximum track time, this course will allow plenty of opportunity to hone skills and apply newly learned techniques.

9:30am - 5:30pm

Arrival 9:00am (please arrive on time)

Course Highlights:
– Weight transfer and balance effects
– Braking techniques
– Ideal racing line
– Driver confidence limitations
– Corner sequencing
Multiple sessions of full track lapping

Lunch is provided for students.

Track Configuration:                Full Track
Course length:                         Full day (8 hours)
This Program does NOT count towards the Non-Member Access Policy.


Rental Car avalible at check out

Event requirements

Helmet rental included (sizes XS-XXL available), If bringing your own - SA2015 or higher

Clothing should be unrestrictive

Footwear must be closed toe, rubber sole prefered. No boots or heels permited.

Bring your own vehicle or rent a Turn 17 Garage Mustang 

Cars must comply with RMM sound limits. If your vehicle has a modified exhaust system, please reach out to confirm your ability to join. 

This course is designed for street legal passenger cars. No trucks, large SUVs or vans

Non-Member access policy is NOT active for this school.

Must hold a valid drivers license

Lunch included 

Turn 17 Garage Mustang Rental Program

Turn 17 Garage is proud to support Rocky Mountain Motorsports in the provision of a fleet of identical Ford Mustang track rental cars. These cars have been selected to provide ease of driving with performance and handling that will get the regular track junkies blood pumping.
The cars are available for rental use during the RMM Beginner Track Experience, High Performance Driving Course and for Corporate rental days!

• Full Day Rental for High Performance Driving Course - $900.00
• Deposit - $2,000.00
Car Information:
• Mustang Ecoboost Performance Package
• 320 - 330HP
• Front Engine, Rear Wheel Drive
• 10 Speed Automatic
• Continental ExtremeContact Sport 02 Tires
• Hawk ER-1 Endurance brake pads

T17 Rental Insurance:
Our cars are insured for the road and track, but like with any normal car insurance, there is an excess that you are liable for before the insurance takes over. So, in other words: you pay for the damage you cause to the car (Up to a maximum). This financial risk is normal in any form of motorsport, and while unavoidable, it is also part of the thrill of driving on track. However, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk, which are covered below.
• The basic excess (deductible) is up to a maximum of $45,000.
• This excess can be reduced to $5,000.00 with the optional track insurance package for $375.00.

How can I reduce my risk on track?
There are a few important steps you can take to reduce your risk of an accident on track:
• Your attitude and approach to driving the track. You should always drive carefully, within your limits, and drive defensively around other cars on the circuit. Watch what is going on around you at all times – but also concentrate on what you’re doing! Driving the circuit simply isn’t like a video game (this mistake is more common than you think!), and listen to our recommendations and advice. It takes hundreds of laps before you become familiar with the circuit, so don’t believe you can shortcut this and race on your first laps!
• Listen to your Instructor. RMM instructors are experiences professionals that will allow you to get the most out of your track experience.
• Excess buydown. There are options for reducing your excess (or deductible/liability) for the maximum you owe in the case of an accident.


Cancellation Policy
This event is rain or shine. If extreme weather results in the event being unable to run, cash refund will be given. 
Cash refunds will be given up to 7 days before the event, within 7 days refunds will be credit only.

Rocky Mountain Motorsports

Mountain View County, AB


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Rocky Mountain Motorsports

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High Performance Driving School- Full day

Fri, May 10, 2024