Sat, May 4 - Sun, May 5, 2024

GCAC 2024 Points Event #5 and Test-n-Tune

Buckingham Airfield

About this event

This is Event #5 of 2024 for GCAC. Registration closes at Midnight on May 2nd. Gates open at 8:00 am, your credit card is not charged until Friday morning the day before the event. You have all the time in the world to cancel if you need to, but once the cards are charged, there are no refunds. There is a $1 gate charge to be paid to the gate attendent. The GPS address where the gate to enter the airstrip is: 3991 Sunset Rd, Lehigh Acres, FL 33971

Novice school may be offered this month, but will be instructor headcount dependent. 

Event requirements

Gates open at 8:00 am each day. The GPS address for the entry gate is: 2001 Park Road, Lehigh Acres, FL  33971

For Saturday, we run with a coin token system for runs. You receive 3 with your registration, and receive 2 more for each 20 minute work session. Coins to not expire and many people choose to hoard them for future events. Participants can easily see a minimum of 7 runs with two work sessions. Track is hot from 10:00 am until between 2-3 pm depending on the number of people willing to work.

For Sunday, we run by run/work groups. Groups are randomly assigned after the attendee list is confirmed once everyone checks in. We typically have between 3 and 4 groups depending on number. The number of runs on Sunday is dictated by the number of entrants. Our MAXIMUM number of runs for the full day is 500, thus, if we have 100 entries, we'll do 5 runs. We won't do less than 4 runs, and 6 is the max. For those new to our site, please consider that our tracks are 1-mile long and typically range from 60-75 seconds, so much longer than your typical autocross. Plenty of seat time!

Entries (10)

Ernie Revuelta
Jaret Rapp
Hubert Wadya
Gary Pingel
Elijah Mercado
Max Brown
Howard Mintz
Nathan Gordon

Buckingham Airfield

Lehigh Acres, FL


Autocross/Solo organized by

Gulfcoast Autocrossers

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GCAC 2024 Points Event #5 and Test-n-Tune

Sat, May 4 - Sun, May 5, 2024