Fri, Apr 26 - Sun, Apr 28, 2024

FSR Spring 2024 Drivers Ed VIR Full Course

Virginia International Raceway

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Join First Settlers PCA for our all-levels HPDE at the world-famous VIR full course in Alton, VA from 26-28 April 2024.

Our hands-on, high-energy driver education program will give you the experience needed to learn and understand your car’s performance. We offer approximately 2 hours track time per run group on Friday, and 90-100 minutes per run group on Saturday and Sunday.  VIR full course offers a little bit of everything, long straights, tight and technical corners, high-speed corners, and elevation changes that add to the exciting experience. VIR also offers fuel stations (including high-octane racing fuels), large, paved paddocks, and a restaurant. VIR events usually sell out quickly so register early!

The greatest part of First Settlers PCA is the people, people that will help you with your car, and new friends to drive with.  This year may bring some new opportunities to socialize with other drivers after the track shuts down. This is a great time to talk about the day's driving, boast about your laps, or just get to know the people you are sharing the track with.

First Settlers PCA is also a social club, and new participants are welcomed and appreciated by the entire DE community. Although we love our Porsches, we encourage other marques to participate. It’s not just the cars, it’s the people!  

First Settlers PCA drivers education is 100% fueled by volunteers!  Every event of our season is organized, managed, scheduled, and instructed by volunteers who are passionate about this sport.  Our goal is to exceed expectations and make sure everyone has a safe and fun weekend.  We encourage you not only to participate, but also to volunteer/donate to help continue fueling the passion.  

Friday April 26th will be for solo group drivers only (blue solo, white, black, and red (Instructors)).  Recently promoted Blue and White Solo drivers without any previous VIR experience may need a recommendation from your Chief Track Instructor to be approved.  Saturday and Sunday will be a full-format event with 5 groups.  

An instructor will be individually assigned to all Green drivers.   Blue group is our first solo group; this group will be supervised by a selected group of instructors.  Instructors may be individually assigned to Blue drivers based on instructor availability.  If you would like to assure you have an individual instructor, please register in GREEN. There will be daily classroom sessions for the Green, Blue, and White run groups. Novice (green run group) students will only be driving on Saturday and Sunday.  

Are you new to DE and on the fence about whether Driver’s Education is for you?  Sign up for our DE INTRO!  For a $95 fee, we’ll get you out on the track in your car with an instructor for a single at-speed session mid-day on Saturday.  Standard DE safety requirements apply, so you’ll need a Snell SA 2020 or SA 2015 rated helmet (no M-rated helmets) and the car must be tech inspected.  FSR has just a few loaners available, so please email the registrar before you sign up if you'd like to borrow one; first come, first served. 

Instructors new to FSR must contact the FSR DE Registrar and/or CTI prior to registering.  Please have your most recent club Chief Instructor send a message of recommendation stating you are an instructor in good standing. We prefer those with "instructor training/credentials" from nationally recognized clubs and performance driving programs but ask us if your experience translates into instructing for us. 

Registration Fees: 

  • Drivers:  $795
  • Instructors with one student: $350
  • Instructors with 2 students:  $0, Complimentary (very limited slots may be open)
  • Intro to DE: $95

For more information about PCA HPDE events, please see this video filmed during a PCA FSR event. Learning Curves: High Performance Drivers Education

This is a non-spectator event therefore everyone attending must be registered and wearing the appropriate PCA supplied wrist bands for the event.  VIR gate entry wristbands are not PCA issued wristbands.

Volunteers and Crew members: Crew and volunteers must be registered for the event in MSR before registration closes, with their name, contact info, etc.

Lunch Time Parade/Charity Laps.  Want to see what all the fuss is about but not ready to register as a driver?  Friends, family, volunteers, and crew members may drive Charity Laps in any car that is in suitable condition (won't leak or drop parts on the track) and has seatbelts for every occupant.  This is a great way to enjoy a highway speed tour of the track and lasts approximately 20 minutes.  Donations collected go directly to FSR charities.

VIR Policies. Our hosts at VIR appreciate that FSR participants, crew, and event staff are typically considered courteous and knowledgeable of their specific rules before showing up at their facility.  Please read these policies at  VIR Policies.  Remember--camping in your race car trailer is still considered "camping" and the VIR camping fee must be paid in advance at the gate. 

Schedule: TBD

You may want to download the TrackKeeper iOS App. It is a convenient “At the Track” schedule manager and time tracking tool with a host of handy features. The TrackKeeper App is suitable to manage time and tasks more effectively and efficiently while you enjoy your track day. A must-have for any track day enthusiast, TrackKeeper keeps all data in sync across iOS mobile devices.




(If you don't have an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iTouch), you can access the myTrackKeeper Web App at: or by using the QR code below.

Android Devices

For more information, visit:

Event requirements

Required documentation and Waivers:  

The PCA Event Waiver must be signed in advance through an MSR system process called SpeedWaiver. 

Tech Inspections:  Every car on track must have a pre-event Tech Inspection performed by a professional mechanic sufficiently knowledgeable of your make and model of car to perform and sign the mandatory tech inspection form within no more than 30 days prior to this event.

This event is open all drivers 18 and over with a valid state or province-issued driver's license. 

  • There is no restriction on car make/model except it must pass inspection and have full fenders for each wheel (no trucks, please, Cayennes and Macans are allowed).
  • Non-PCA members are always welcome. 
  • Cars must pass on track technical inspections to show they are safe for track use. 
  • Drivers must wear an approved helmet. (SA 2015 or SA 2020). 
  • All the following information, in more detail, is available via provided links. 
  • This event will run rain or shine. Please prepare yourself and your car for the weather.
  • This is NOT a racing event or racing school.  Our events focus on learning proper high performance driving techniques that will translate well into both street and track use.  Our goal is to provide a safe environment where all participants have fun and return home with their vehicle in the same condition as when they arrived, but having learned something new and made a few new friends.  We pride ourselves on our low-key, low stress, but safe events that will make you want to join us again.
  • UPDATE 3/9/24: It is highly recommended that drivers in a TRACK PREPARED CAR wear a one-piece SFI- or FIA-rated driver’s suit with a minimum of two layers. A current SA2015 or higher rated competition-approved helmet and closed-toed shoes, either leather or Nomex recommended. Nomex gloves, balaclavas and socks are also recommended. A track prepared car is defined as any Vehicle in which the cockpit has been altered or modified in any way so that any part of the chassis or any firewall has been exposed.    
  • When registering, please select your experience based on the following guide.  We request that you keep your experience profile up to date, particularly which run group you ran with in your most recent events, to assist us in making accurate run group assignments.
    • Green: Novice and Beginner requiring onboard instruction ( typically 0-5 HPDEs)
    • Blue: Intermediate – Novice Solo (typically 5-10 HPDEs, at least 1 solo HPDE), *requires supporting evidence of safe solo driving experience.
    • White: Upper intermediate and advanced (typically 10-40 HPDEs with solo experience)
    • Black: Upper advanced (typically 40+ HPDEs and expanded passing experience)
    • Red: HPDE Instructors Only
  • Your preferred car number will be requested in the car info section of the registration form.  
  • All cars must have numbers at least 8 inches high on each side of the car in a bright, easy to read contrasting color.  Shoe polish on windows, although a less preferred method, is permitted, but the color must be bright and visible by the corner workers.  Blue painters tape is acceptable, but must be visible (light green painters tape is also available for darker cars).  Full event participants must provide their own numbers. Numbers will only be available for "Intro to HPDE" students if needed.
  • Convertibles must have a "fixed" roll bar or hoop extenders and pass the "broomstick" test.  For late model Porsche 911s (i.e. 996/997/991/992), a factory removable hardtop is not considered sufficient by our VIR hosts unless there is a fixed roll bar installed.  986 Boxsters require a Brey-Krause or similar bar for connecting/extending the hoops. "Pop-up" style extenders are not allowed.
  • All participants, staff, volunteers, and crew must sign the event PCA specific insurance waiver.  Everyone will also be required to sign VIR’s track specific waiver at the main entrance when they arrive.

Instructors:  If you've instructed with FSR since 2008, you should have the “Instructor Entry” option available to register on the online registration form.  If this option is not available and you have instructed with us in the past, please email the registrar BEFORE YOU REGISTER so that we can add you to our instructor list. If you have never instructed with FSR,  please provide your credentials or references via email to the DE Registrar BEFORE YOU REGISTER. We will then add you to our list and the instructor option will become available to you online.  In either case, you must have FSR on your list of clubs in your profile for the registrar to add you as an instructor.


NOTE: When registering please ensure you have a unique email address in your account profile. If you or a friend, family member, or someone else in the event use shared/duplicate email addresses in your profiles the system will create errors in its data base.  Every registrant must have a unique non-duplicated email address assigned.  


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Virginia International Raceway

Alton, VA
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