Thu, Jun 8 - Sun, Jun 11, 2023

FRP 2023 - PIRC

Pitt International Race Complex

About this event

All FV drivers, your registrstion site is:

FRP's 2023 Season Features 7 great events

EVENT #4 @ PIRC Is an FRP Event 
Hosting The Formula VEE 60th Birthday Bash
Culminating with the Brundage Cup Race on Sunday
Run groups:
Atlantic/F1000; F2000; F1600 - Each with 3 hrs of track time.
RCFFS/FFirst; Challenge Cup; 

Formula VEE - Vintage & FV SCCA Slicks
Each with 2.5 hrs of track time
& The Brundage Cup (Details TBD based on entries & qualifying times)

THis Registration site is for the 
Atlantic/F1000; F2000; F1600
RCFFS/FFirst run groups only.

All FV drivers, your registrstion site is:


Event requirements

Formula Race Promotions events in 2023 are sanctioned and insured by PMH/SCCA PRO.

ALL FRP participants — drivers & crew & guests desiring hot pit access MUST BE a member of SCCA or SVRA.
There is a weekend Membership available through ($20).

CREW & GUESTS may participate in FRP events without being an SCCA/SVRA member, but will not be allowed in hot pit areas.
Anyone found in a hot pit area without proper credentials will be fined ($500), and this fine will accrue to the associated team.

For 2023 - Crew Chiefs; Crew Members & Guests have their own FRP registration site, that works for the whole season. 
USE THIS LINK: FRP 2023 Crew & Guest Season Registration
If you want your Crew and Guests to receive event emails and track session results, it is Important to have them register directly using this form.
Link to the Crew Registration form can be copied and e-mailed to all, is also on the Hub Page of FRP's website, You can also sign up crew yourself.

A Hardcard CREW Credentials  is available at no charge directly through PMH.
PMH Crew Hard Card Application Click HERE

Every Participant entering grounds of a track venue must sign the specific track’s waiver, sometimes available online, sometimes only at the gate. Each track will have a specific wrist band for the weekend, which provides you continual weekend access.

EVERY Participant MUST ALSO check in at FRP’s Registration BEFORE going on track or into the hot pits.
This is where we verify eligibility, waivers, payment, and issue the FRP weekend wristband.
Drivers who do not check in with FRP registration and find their way onto the track WILL BE black flagged and may be fined.

Licensing Requirements for DRIVERS
All Drivers must be an SCCA or SVRA Member.
A Current Full Competition license issued by SCCA; FIA; HSR; IMSA; NASA; VRG; EMRA; Indy Car; & CACC. is accepted.

There are NO additional license requirements for one's FIRST 2023 FRP event.

FRP's Atlantic/F1000/F2000 & F1600 drivers: You MUST obtain the FRP/PMH-SCCA PRO License by your SECOND event.
ALL Other driver's (RCFFS/FV) there will be a($30) surchage option available for subsequent FRP events.

The FRP/PMH-SCCA PRO License: Is Issued Directly Through PMH
(SVRA/F4/FR/Trans-Am license holders already meet this license requirement.)

  • Approval for the FRP/SCCA Pro License is automatic with a Current Full Comp license issued by SCCA; FIA; HSR; IMSA; NASA; VRG; EMRA; Indy Car; & CACC.
  • Other applicants will be reviewed for eligibility by FRP. A racing resume is required.
  • FRP always retrains the right to determine qualifications, and deny entry, of drivers regardless of license held.
  • You must apply for the FRP/SCCA Pro license 2 weeks PRIOR to your first FRP event.

Links, instructions & forms to all applications are on the hub page of our FRP website:
And here: FRP/SCCA Pro License Application – Click HERE

Any Questions, contact us: or call 855-722-3377 ext. 701 or call 855-722-3377 ext. 708

Entries (71)

Gianni Nunez
Jack Sullivan
Garry Moorman
Ely Navarro
Shawn Westerfeld
James Dietz
Charles Anti
John Kierce

Pitt International Race Complex

Wampum, PA
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