Fri, Jun 28 - Sun, Jun 30, 2024

2024 Flag Rock Hillclimb

Flag Rock Recreation Area

About this event

We have currently filled all 90 driver entries and have started a waitlist.  Please enter and you will be placed on that waitlist.  We do have cancellations so please check your email regularly as people drop out, you will get notification.


Flag Rock HillClimb
Event #2 of the 2024 Appalachian HillClimb Series
Presented by Summit Racing, Backroads of Appalachia and Grassroots Motorsports Magazine 

The Flag Rock HillClimb III will take place at the Flag Rock Recreation Area in Norton, Virginia, June 28-30, 2024.  The event is part of the Appalachian HillClimb Series and is hosted by SCCA’s Blue Ridge Region with support from East Tennessee Region and Central Carolinas Region. June 28 will be a paddock load in day, with a car show in downtown Norton that evening.  Competition runs will be on Saturday and Sunday only. The technical 1.7 mile Flag Rock HillClimb features approximately 15 turns with connecting esses and and an 
elevation gain of 920 feet.

Tech and registration will be in Norton’s downtown Expo Center, with grid and start approximately one mile away on Route 619 in the Flag Rock Recreation Area. All event activity will be within the city limits of Norton, VA. Lodging is available at local hotels and inns. For those unfamiliar with HillClimb events, SCCA HillClimbs take place on a section of mountain road that has been closed to commuter traffic. Competitors take turns seeing who can complete the course the fastest. Unlike a road course, which may have multiple levels of barriers, or an autocross where rubber cones are usually the biggest risk, a HillClimb course is lined with trees and rocks. Getting to the top unscathed is a mix of bravery and discretion. HillClimb cars need roll bars and racing harnesses at a minimum, and drivers need approved flame-retardant racing suits and other safety gear.

Entry Fee: $325 (If received by June 14, 2024)
Late Entries: $400 (If received after June 14, 2024)
Weekend Membership: $25 (If not an SCCA Member.)
Lodging available at local hotels and inns.

Event will open to SCCA members only through May 8,2024

Registration will close on June 25 at Midnight.






Event requirements

Driver Eligibility: (If you do not have an SCCA HillClimb or TT License, we will issue you one as part of the event.)

A. All Drivers

1. Weekend or Full Membership of the SCCA. (Event is only open to full SCCA members for the first week of registration.)

2. Valid government-issued driver’s license.

3. Be able to handle the physical and mental demands of competition for the length of a session for each session of the event. Click here to see detailed description.

4. An SCCA HillClimb, Time Trials or Competition License or a competition license from a recognized sanctioning body. (E.g., NASA Road Race, Rally or Time Trials License; Rally USA Comp License, FIA Competition License, SVRA, GridLife, PCA, BMWCCA or other recognized competition organization.) If you do not have one, we will issue one at the event.

B. Minor Drivers (Less than 18-years-old)
In addition to the above, minor drivers: 

1. Must contact officials before the event.

2. Must provide a completed SCCA Minor Waiver (Form 1068)

3. Novice HillClimb Program Attendance, Novice Coaching and working with a mentor is required

C. Novice Drivers
Drivers who have not participated in a HillClimb event are required to attend the Novice HillClimb Program, participate in Novice Coaching and work with a mentor.


Vehicle Eligibility
The event is open to automobiles (NO motorcycles, karts, ATVs or similar) which meet the following criteria:

1. Automobiles must meet all of the Safety Level 2 Standards at a minimum, and when necessary, the SCCA rules required for special construction (GT, Sports Racers, Formula Cars, Specials etc.).

2. Has at least four (4) wheels, grouped in equal sets of half of the wheels on the vehicle per side.

3. Is properly muffled.

4. Does not have a high center of gravity. Potentially unstable vehicles with a high center of gravity–determined by whether they are wider than they are tall–are excluded from SCCA Time Trials. Width is the average track width of the vehicle, and height is measured from the ground to the highest point. Extra caution should be exercised with non-traditional vehicles (e.g., trucks using racing slicks or tires with less than 200 tread wear rating.)

5. Is a vintage or alternate series racing car that meets safety specifications for their sanctioning body.

6. Cars need not be licensed or licensable for road use, so long as they otherwise comply with these rules.


Vehicle/Driver Safety Requirements
This event requires that all production vehicles meet SCCA HillClimb “Safety Level 2” at a minimum. This includes an approved racing specification helmet, at least a 4-point roll bar constructed to SCCA specifications, an approved racing harness, racing suit, shoes, gloves, and other items like arm restraints or window nets and fire suppression devices/systems. Specials are required to meet GCR safety levels- for questions and clarifications contact

Factory safety systems (like you might find at a track day or time trial) is not considered appropriate.

The full requirements can be found here:


Supplementary Regulations/Schedule of Events:

FlagRockHillClimbJune28302024Supps (3).pdf

2024 Flag Rock HillClimb III ***TENTATIVE*** Schedule

Friday, June 28
8:00 AM Course Setup, Route 619S in Flag Rock Recreation Area
12:00 PM Paddock Opens along railroad tracks east of Norton Expo Center
1:00 PM Check-in and Tech Inspection - Norton Expo Center
5:00 PM Race Car Show and Street Party - Downtown Norton
6:00 PM Novice Worker Classroom - Norton Expo Center
8:00 PM Check-in and Tech Inspection Close
9:45 PM Quiet Hours in Paddock

Saturday, June 29
7:00 AM Late Check-in and Tech - Expo Center
7:30 AM Worker Meeting at Legion Park
7:45 AM Driver’s Meeting - Expo Center
8:00 AM Course Closed to non-event traffic
8:15 AM First Competition Group Shuttle to Course
8:30 AM Competition Runs Begin
Noon Lunch Break - Course Open
1:00 PM Competition Runs Resume – Course is Closed
5:00 PM Competition Runs Conclude
5:30 PM Course Open
9:45 PM Quiet Hours in Paddock

Sunday, June 30
7:30 AM Worker Meeting at Legion Park
7:45 AM Driver’s Meeting - Expo Center
8:00 AM Course Closed to non-event traffic
8:15 AM First Competition Group Shuttle to Course
8:30 AM Competition Runs Begin
Noon Lunch Break - Course Open
1:00 PM Competition Runs Resume – Course is Closed
4:00 PM Competition Runs Conclude
4:15 PM Course Open
4:30 PM Flag Rock Hillclimb Trophy Presentation - Expo Center


Entries (158)

Caleb Sanders
Grant Taylor
Mike Still
Michael Henry
David Callender
Tony Morisco
Cory Lemmer
Jason Morisco

Flag Rock Recreation Area

Norton, VA


Hill Climb organized by

SCCA - Appalachian Hill Climb Series

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