Sun, Oct 20, 2019

Fall Track Event

Dakota County Technical College

About this event

Event Cancelled.

Unfortunately, we have to cancel this event. Check back for our Spring event--it's the first of the year and always a blast!

Land O' Lakes Region, SCCA Fall Track Event
Sunday, October 20th at Dakota County Technical College

More info coming soon!

 This is your opportunity to discover the joys of Performance Driving!


An SCCA Track Event provides the unique opportunity to bring your car on a real track.

Do you want to improve your driving skills? Come for instruction from trained instructors, who happen to be racecar drivers themselves.

And if you just like cars, go ahead and register.  We'll get you started as a volunteer.  One BIG benefit is you can take your car on track in the afternoon session, and even have an instructor ride along (no cost!)  So scroll down and click continue to register as a volunteer.  And if you want to drive, read on and also continue.

Fee:  SCCA members:  $160; Non-members are $250, including a year membership in SCCA.  This means you get all future Track Events, such as Track Night in America at the reduced, SCCA Member rate for the next year.

You get a full day on the track, classroom and instructor ride-along (advanced drivers can request this but it's not required) plus lunch is included.

Do you want to learn how to better control your car at a higher rate of speed than is legal on public roads? Here's your opportunity to go fast and not worry about getting a ticket in a safe environment. Plus you WILL become a better driver!

All you need to participate in an SCCA Track event is a registered streetcar, valid drivers license, and a helmet (and we have loaners if you need one).

First and foremost, a Track Event is about you driving your car. Our primary focus is the safety of you and your car. Getting you as much seat time as possible with instruction is our next goal, that way you can become more comfortable behind the wheel of your car at speed.

Should I do anything before I arrive at a Track Event?

If you are not sure your car is ready for the use it will see on a racetrack, we suggest you take your vehicle to a technician who is skilled enough to evaluate your vehicle for track use. You should also plan to bring appropriate “Gear” to the Track Event. Items like extra oil, coolant, tire pressure gauge, sunscreen, umbrella, hat, camera, storage bin or bag, lawn chair, etc. 


Event requirements

On-line Registration will close Friday, October 18th,  But call Kathy at 612-839-7905 if you can join us at the last minute!

Onsite Registration for Sunday , October 20th is from 7:30 to 8 a.m.  Group 1 drivers (Experience: beginner through 5 events) can NOT walk in and register.  Instructors are assigned and we can't promise there would be one for walk-ins.

Online registration requires payment by credit card or electronic check. The only way to guarantee your spot is to preregister and pay. Your credit card will NOT be charged until you check in and are on the track.

IMPORTANT!  If you register and do not show up or cancel in advance, your credit card will be charged $50.  Space is limited and your spot can't be filled at the last minute. So please let us know.

Before registering, please be sure to read the car requirements, especially if you have a convertible. If you have any questions as to whether your car meets the requirements please call David at 651-983-8238

Please review supplemental regulations, schedule, and SCCA Rules prior to registering. You will find them below:Fall TE Supps 2019.pdf ; Oct TE Schedule 2019.pdf ; and if you prefer a paper form:  TE 2019 LOL Official Registration Entry Form .pdf


Entries (18)

Kuo Wang
Sven Mueller
Gary Wereley
Glen Wilson
Christian Wagler
John Hertsgaard
David Schaal
Mark Utecht

Dakota County Technical College

Rosemount, MN
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Download track map


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