Tue, Nov 28 - Thu, Feb 29, 2024

FAASST School - 2024 PreSale

FAASST School - Colorado Tracks

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Now through February 29, 2024

Register NOW for a 2024 FAASST Performance Driving School and secure VIP access to dates once our 2024 schedule is posted.


If you have ever wanted to experience your own car on a race track, or begin racing with a local race group, the FAASST Performance Driving School is for you! 

You do not need prior track driving experience to participate.

The HALF DAY HIGH PERFORMANCE DRIVING SCHOOL is ideal for car club members, auto crossers and street drivers who have never been on a track. This half-day course teaches advanced driving skills, and communicates key elements of car control.

Price: $649 + Local Track Fee

Your Benefits: 4 track sessions, 3 classroom sessions, and a morning of track time.

Schedule: Track Check in 7am. Class ends at track lunch break.

The FULL DAY HIGH PERFORMANCE DRIVING SCHOOL  is progressive in nature and designed for the high end performance car owner or vintage car owner, who wants to pursue, test 'n tune events, open lapping events, time trial or driving experience (DE) events. Students learn to navigate any track in any car. If you are considering traveling to HPDE, PDX or TT competitions, then this course is for you! 

Price: $995 + Local Track Fee

Your Benefits: 7 track sessions, 7 classroom sessions, and 3.5 hours of track time. Learn how to drive any track in any car!

Schedule: Track Check in 7am. Class ends with last available track session.

The FULL DAY RACE SCHOOL is ideal for drivers with race prepared cars.  A vehicle log book with proof of an annual tech from a sanctioned race body is required.  

Price: $1195 + Local Track Fee

Your Benefits: 8 track sessions, 7 classroom sessions, and 4 hours of track time. Learn how to podium in your first year of racing!

Schedule:Track Check in 7am. Class ends with last available track session.


Event requirements

Students must be at least 16 years of age.

Helmet, gloves with leather palm and at least a 3 pt driver restraint harness are required for high performance classes. (4 pt harnesses not allowed)

Full nomex race gear and at least a 5 pt race harness is required for race classes.

FAASST follows track rules with regards to allowing high performance convertibles on track. If the track won't allow your street car on track because its a convertible, we won't allow it in class.

In case of rain, our school WILL proceed as scheduled. If you choose not to participate in the rain, you will be treated as a no show and will not receive a refund. No exceptions.

No Shows - We are not responsible for medical emergencies, business conflicts, canceled flights, weather or any unforeseen changes in your plans that prevent you from attending your FAASST School on the day you reserved. 

If you need race or driving gear before class, you may check out our FAASST Online Store (www.faasst.com) or call us 719-761-1372.

FAASST School - Colorado Tracks

Denver, CO


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FAASST Performance Driving School

FAASST School - 2024 PreSale

Tue, Nov 28 - Thu, Feb 29, 2024