Sat, May 6, 2023

Escape To Wisconsin Navigational Scatter

Ptacek's IGA

About this event

SCCA Divisonal RoadRally (GTA)

May 6, 2023
Time:  10:00
Start: Prescott, WI
End: Near Ellsworth, WI (subject to change)

Bonus: At the conclusion of this rally we will be caravaning to Wisconsin Dells on our way to our final destination, Badger Burrow Divisional Tour, in Fitchburg, WI on Sunday. If you are wanting to Run Badger Burrow you need to pre-register. It fills fast.

Land of Lakes Region's first Navigational Scatter (NavScat). For SCCA purposes it is sanctionaed as a GTA.

Navigational Scatters were created to provide a rally challenge without the burden of staying on time.
We track your progress using the MiRally transponders. Your course is converted to driving distance via GPS and Google Maps. This distance is how you will be scored.

There are several locations to visit. Plot the shortest route that takes you by all of them.
Although a map has been provided you may also use any device you want to aid you including online mapping. Google maps id helpful but does not always give the shortest route. The route between the points below offers many options.
You have three hours and 20 minutes from the time you check-in until the time you check-in at the endpoint. This includes some extra time incase you make mistakes along the way.
Your score is the total miles from start to end.
There is a 30 mile penalty for each one you miss.

You will be asked to select a Class. There are no classes on this event, the selection will be used for the LOL chanpionship.

Event requirements

You are responsible for insuring the following are in order:
Headlights (high and low beams) and parking lights
Taillights and brake lights
Horn, windshield wipers and directional signals
Rear-view mirror
Foot brakes and parking brake
Tires (inspect for condition of sidewalls as well as tread)
Seat belts, securely installed for the driver and navigator
Safety triangle (optional)
First Aid Kit (optional)
Tow Rope (optional)
Fire Extinguisher (optional)



Entries (3)

Lucas Yoho
C Robert Morseburg

Ptacek's IGA

Prescott, WI


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SCCA - Land O' Lakes Region - Road Rally

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