Fri, Feb 24 - Sat, Feb 25, 2023

Driverz Cup Race w/SCCA

Roebling Road Raceway

About this event

Come join us for our Driverz Cup Races at Roebling Road with single class racing on radial tires with 2.5 hours of track time!

Driverz Cup Members enjoy cash prizes thanks to our awesome sponsors, including $500 cash for one lucky driver each race weekend!

This race is for Driverz Cup wheels & tires on any Formula Vee with current specs for FV, except for weight of 1075. Challenge Cup cars are the same spec and are eligible.

The very forgiving tire allows for small mistakes without spinning like a top. No need to change to rains either. 

Schedule for our event is the following: Full schedule here.

30 minute sessions
Driverz Cup Practice                1:05 pm
Driverz Cup Qualifying 1          2:20 pm
Driverz Cup Race 1                  3:35 pm

Driverz Cup Qualifying 2          9:00 am
Driverz Cup Race 2                 1:05 pm


Event requirements

Legal Formula Vee under current SCCA rules. Current annual inspection (SCCA Tech Inspector at track).
Current competition license from SCCA, IMSA, USAC, FIA and others.
Set of Driverz Cup wheels & tires. Contact Driverz Cup for purchase. Details online at

Entries (26)

Jeanne Davis
Sam Neave
Kevin Higgins
Ryan Higgins
Michael Blakemore
William Duke Ragsdale
Smith Jackson Ragsdale
David McWhorter

Roebling Road Raceway

Bloomingdale, GA
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Driverz Cup

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