Mon, Jul 9, 2018

DeMonte Motorsports Open Track Day

Lime Rock Park

About this event

DeMonte Motorsports Open Track Days powered by Skip Barber Racing School feature true open track time with no run groups, open passing and 4+ hour of track time! Our track days are open to small number of experienced drivers looking to test, practice and have a great time! With DMS Open Track Days there is no waiting for your run group, the track is yours 9AM to 1PM, and then for another 20 minute session in the afternoon. This is truly the best value in track days, $295 per driver.

Lime Rock Park Track Days are open to muffled vehicles ONLY! No exceptions!


Event requirements

These events are open to experienced drivers only. If this is your first DMS Open Track Day, please submit your driving resume to

  • Drivers must be at least 17 years of age with a valid drivers license.
  • All drivers must bring their own helmet that is SNELL 2010 or newer. 
  • All cars will be subject to tech inspection before being allowed on track.
  • Lime Rock Park events - All vehicles MUST BE MUFFLED to 86dB


  • Convertibles with roll hoops or roll bars must pass the “broomstick test”. A broomstick is placed on the top edge of the windshield continuing toward the rear and on top of the hoop/bar. The top of the driver’s helmet must be below the bottom edge of the broomstick.
  • Pop up factory roll hoops do not constitute rollover protection and such vehicles are not permitted.
  • Removable hardtops do not constitute rollover protection and such vehicles are not permitted.
  • Registration opens at 0730

Tech inspection will be open from 0730-0830 on all track days.


Lime Rock Park

Lakeville, CT
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Download track map
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DeMonte Motorsports

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