Sat, Mar 16, 2024

Daytime HPDE

Mission Raceway Park

About this event

SATURDAY, March 16th // 800AM - 400PM

Weekend HPDE Day at Mission Raceway


BMW CCBC’s High Performance Driver Education day, also known as HPDE is our most advanced driving program. Our events have professional instructors with real Motorsports experience to help you advance your high performance driving. Our club runs 3 groups for our daytime HPDE.

All drivers must attend the driver meeting at 8:00am, so plan to be early and ready for the drivers meeting by 8:00am. There is no lunch provided for this event, participants can bring their own lunch or get lunch in the local area.

Helmets are required, please bring your own helmet. Helmets should be Snell certified SA2015, SA2020 or FIA equivalent. There are no helmet rentals.

Important: All vehicles must be insured with ICBC on the day of the event. Cars that are not insured will not be allowed on track.

Run Groups

Group C – Group C is our novice run group. Drivers in this group learn the techniques and fundamentals required to drive a race track safely and effectively at speed. This group will do lead follow throughout the day.

Group B – Group B is our intermediate run group. Drivers in this group have enough experience to run solo on track and pass in designated passing zones.

Group A – Group A is our advanced group. If track conditions allow, this group may have more designated passing zones than Group B.

Note: On occasion drivers and cars may be moved between run groups. Our events attract a wide variety of vehicles and experiences which can result in a difference in speed between vehicles. We aim to keep our events safe and enjoyable for all of our participants which may result in adjustments to run groups. Any adjustment to run groups will not affect the amount of time a participant has on track.


Advanced group requires previous participation in two or more HPDE Days or alternate verifiable course. For the purposes of our HPDE course, we classify drivers according to past experience with our club, or another recognized group, such as PCA or PDC. We define a novice as a person who has not completed an HPDE day with the BMW CCBC. If we cannot verify your previous experience, we will classify you as a novice for your first HPDE day with the BMW CCBC until an instructor can sign you off for a higher level.


All pricing includes taxes. This year we are offering early bird pricing for members that sign up earlier that one month from the event date. The club must make a decision to go ahead or cancel the event 2 weeks ahead of the event. Please make sure if you are interested in attending the event you sign up before this date. Signing up early now provides a discount to members. If we do not have enough sign-ups we will have to cancel events. So sign up if you want to attend and do not leave it until the last 2 weeks or you may not be able to attend due to the club having to cancel.

Member pricing

$ 345.00

Non-members pricing


Event requirements


Noise and safety restrictions apply at all BMW Club events, including HPDE days. Vehicles must be in sound mechanical condition, meet ICBC regulations as street legal and be properly mufflered to allow normal conversation in the vehicle. The noise limit at our events is 90db. Noise is monitored at Mission by the track marshals. Cars must be equipped equally for both driver & passenger safety and comfort.

It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure their vehicle is in a safe working manner to participant in a HPDE day. Tires are critical to your safety on track. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure tires are in suitable condition for track use. Tire wear to the level of secondary rubber or cords showing will not be permitted on track. If there are concerns to the condition of a car or a participants tires before or during the track day, participants may not be permitted to continue. Our goal is to make everyone’s track day enjoyable and safe.

Mission Raceway Park

Mission, BC
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Download track map


HPDE organized by

BMW Car Club of B.C.

Daytime HPDE

Sat, Mar 16, 2024