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CSCC HPDE & TnT - 08/09/2024

Portland Int'l Raceway

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Cascade Sports Car Club HPDE Track Day & Race Test and Tune at Portland International Raceway

Our track days give you the opportunity to drive on the full Portland International Raceway course. Whether your car is a daily driver or a fully prepared race car, if you’re a first time track day novice wanting to become a better driver or a seasoned race driver looking for more seat time to shake down your car before a race, we’ve got you covered.

Our ICSCC-approved Driver's Training program includes classroom sessions with professional instruction in the dynamics of car control and high performance driving. You’ll learn about contact patch, weight transfer, and the physics of a car in motion that keep you in control. In between these classroom sessions, you'll put that knowledge to use with our expert staff of in-car instructors. You’ll learn at your own pace and gradually work your way up to more challenging speeds.

Our HPDE Novice and Intermediate groups also double as a "Competition Driving School" for those seeking an ICSCC competition license. 

Special Note About the Driver's Training Program for Race Licensure: You may be expected to participate in several CSCC HPDE track day events, starting with the HPDE Novice group and its ground school content. You will work with various instructors throughout these events, focusing on the feedback they provide and their evaluation of your readiness to apply for a race license. With their approval and that of the Chief Driving Instructor (CDI), you can receive a certificate that permits you to apply for a competition race license. It will take as many HPDE/Driver's Training track days with CSCC as is needed for the CDI and your instructor to completely evaluate your competency for competitive, wheel-to-wheel racing. There is no predetermined number of HPDE/Driver's Training track days you need to complete before getting signed off for competition licensing.

For those interested in simply honing their driving skills our HPDE Advanced run group is a club day environment where the goal is to enjoy a day at the race track driving fast in a controlled environment with friends and other enthusiasts who share your same passion. Prior track experience is mandatory and if you are new to CSCC, a check-ride will likely be required.

We also offer sessions for licensed racers in the Test-and-Tune (TnT) run group.

You must have a physical competition license to show in person at registration to participate in the TnT run group. You will not be allowed to join the TnT run group if you do not have a competition license, even if you are using a fully prepared racecar or participate in a racing series that does not issue competition licenses. The HPDE run groups are the alternative in these situations. 

Read our HPDE Information Packet for event information and FAQ’s. You’ll find answers to many common questions about run groups, how the days are organized and the best place for you to start in one of our fun and informative events. 

Tentative Schedule for this event (this may be subject to unannounced changes; official schedule will be available the day of the event).

Package Cost
HPDE Novice
Includes ground classroom plus full-day on-track instruction
HPDE Intermediate
Includes full-day on-track instruction
HPDE Intermediate Solo 
Full day of track time without an instructor/coach
HPDE Advanced
Full-day of track time (without an instructor/coach)
Test and Tune (TnT) $205
Test-and-Tune (TnT) 1/2-day (PM sessions only) $145
Open Wheel Session (end of day) $50
HPDE Instructors FREE
Helmet Rentals $20
  • $20 discount for Cascade Members registering for Driver's Training School or HPDE (contact the CSCC HPDE Organizer for the MSR discount code to enter on the online payment page)
  • 50% discount for any future HPDE event for those that volunteer their time for a full CSCC HPDE track day or other CSCC event
  • Competition license holders that volunteer their time as an HPDE instructor can receive a 25% discount (up to a $100 maximum discount) on a future CSCC race entry


Event requirements

No passengers allowed except for approved CSCC HPDE instructors. Only CSCC HPDE instructors are allowed to take approved passengers during the instructor track sessions. (All passengers must sign the required track waivers.)

HPDE Track Day Requirements

Safety is our primary concern. Cars and personal safety equipment will be inspected on the day of the event prior to being allowed on track. This inspection and roll bar acceptance is not a certification of a car’s safety or its ability to withstand the stress of this driving event. You are fully responsible for finding and remedying any safety issues prior to the event.


  • A helmet certified as SNELL SA2010 or newer is required. We have a limited quantity of helmets available to rent ($10).
  • Closed-toe shoes are required
  • We strongly recommend 100% cotton or Nomex clothing: underwear/bra/socks, long-sleeve shirts, long pants; leather shoes and gloves.


Portland International Raceway has a strict sound limit of 103 dBA recorded trackside from 9 AM until the end of the scheduled HPDE event day (5 PM). The sound limit prior to 9 AM is under 90 dBA. Any vehicle on track that exceeds the limit is black flagged (taken off the track) and given one chance to make modifications or repairs to be below the limit. A second violation will mean a car will be removed from the event for the rest of the day. (For Test-and-Tune racecars and drivers participating in the weekend's club racing: The vehicle in violation must re-tech the following day showing what was done to remedy the violation, pass tech, and be re-checked on course via the sound monitor.  If the vehicle fails again, it is disqualified from the entire event.)


You will bring and use your own vehicle. It may be a daily-driver, modified street car, or fully-prepped racecar. It must be in good condition, free of leaks or safety issues, with fully-functioning seat belts (for driver and instructor, and must be the same level & quality for both), and plenty of brakes and tire tread. We also recommend installing at least a partial roll cage in your car (but this is not a requirement for HPDE).

It is the participants responsibility to ensure that their car is in satisfactory condition, especially all safety equipment, for the rigors of high performance driving on a racetrack. 

Per our insurance requirements, all entrants must be 18 years of age or older and show a valid driver's license at registration.

The following are the vehicle items that are covered in the event technical inspection:

  • Adequate tire tread
  • Proper tire inflation
  • Loose items removed
  • No cracks in windshield in the driver's view
  • Seat belts in good condition and working order
  • Driver and passenger seats secure
  • Brake lights functional
  • Ensure the positive terminal on the battery is properly covered
  • The battery needs to be mechanically secured to the car


Convertibles are defined as cars with retractable tops, whether soft-top or folding hardtop.

  • Only specific convertibles / roadsters with factory installed rollover protection are allowed without modification
  • Convertibles without factory installed rollover protection are not allowed to participate in sessions driven at speed without a roll bar and a 5- or 6-point harness for each occupant (which also implies seats that allow for proper mounting and routing of the 5- or 6-point harness).
  • Arm restraints are strongly recommended for for any vehicle without a hard top
  • ARm restraints are required for open cockpit street legal vehicles (Caterhams, Ariel Atoms in particular)
  • For a list of approved convertibles and roadsters as well as rollbar requirements, please see CSCC-ConvertibleRollbarRequirements.pdf

Cars with factory-installed, fixed rollover protection or removable roof sections (including Targa tops and T-tops) may be allowed only if the both the driver and passenger are within the protection of the Helmet Reference Plane described in section A.1 in CSCC-ConvertibleRollbarRequirements.pdf


This online registration process uses a "deferred payment" process. Your credit card will not be charged until the week prior to the event. A pre-authorization check is done electronically to confirm validity and capacity of your account by (MSR), much like a hotel might do. The pre-authorization should fall off your account within 24-72 hours depending on your bank card's practices. DEBIT CARD USERS, you can use your card on MSR, but you should treat the pre-authorization as a debit and account for this until the "hold" is dropped by your bank.

Cancelation requests sent through MSR must be acknowledged by the CSCC HPDE event registrar to ensure any eligible refunds are applied to your method of payment. Note that your registration is reserving one (1) of a limited number of spots for this event. As such, you must be aware of our cancelation policy, which is:

  • No charges will be processed on your account if you cancel 7 or more days before the event date
  • A $50 late cancelation fee will be charged if you cancel 2 to 6 days before the event
  • You will be charged the full amount if you cancel less than 48 hours before the event or are a no show

PLEASE NOTE that your registration reserves one (1) of a limited number of spots for this event. You will be charged if you do not cancel prior to the event, even if you do not show up and participate. 

HPDE Intermediate Requirements

  • Approval from prior CSCC HPDE Novice instructor to move up to Instructed Intermediate, or
  • Approval from CSCC Instructor to run Intermediate Solo, or
  • Approval from CSCC Instructor to run Advanced, but you wish to run Intermediate due to pace, new vehicle, etc., 
  • If you are working towards a competition license and need an instructor for further evaluation

HPDE Advanced Requirements

  • Must have prior approval from a CSCC instructor for participating in HPDE Advanced, or have a verifiable history of solo HPDE track day events within the past two (2) years. 
    • This prior history must be present in your account. Otherwise, you will need to submit this driving history to the event registrar via email
  • Must understand and obey all flags and CSCC HPDE passing rules. You can review these in the HPDE Information Packet.
    • You will be driving without an instructor and you will be expected to follow all rules and safety communications at all times. 

Race Car Test-and-Tune Sessions

  • You must have a Competition License (ICSCC, SCCA Regional or National, CACC, NASA or FIA).
    • If you are looking to test / shakedown a race car but you do not have a valid race license, then you will need to register in one of the HPDE Advanced sessions. 
  • You must have a fully prepared race car with all applicable safety equipment in good working condition.
    • A current annual inspection for your vehicle can be accepted for the HPDE/TnT event technical inspection. 
  • You must wear full race gear as required by ICSCC. (Fire suit, balaclava, gloves, shoes, Nomex or other approved fire resistant underwear, etc.) 


For event information and FAQ’s, read our HPDE Information Packet. You’ll find answers to many common questions about run groups, how the days are scheduled and the best place for you to start on one of our fun and informative events. 

Entries (48)

Ryan Campbell
Stew Tabak
Janik Knittle
Bobbie Kalben
Matt Lowell
Kevin Fischer
Dave Riehl
Christian Okpysh

Portland Int'l Raceway

Portland, OR
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CSCC HPDE & TnT - 08/09/2024

Fri, Aug 9, 2024