Sat, Aug 7, 2021

Coast Drive Summer 2021

Starbucks Wilsonville

About this event

NOTE: This event is for current BMW CCA members only. And is limited to 40 cars.

Coast Tour Summer 2021

This year’s 2021 drive to the coast will be great for family or friends to attend as your passengers! Wear your favorite Hawaiian shirts for fun. We will drive through winding roads via wine country and forests with the drive ending in Seaside, OR.  There are lots of great restaurants to choose from for lunch after the drive ends.

We will meet in Wilsonville at the Starbucks (by Sonic) starting around 7:30am. There will be two drivers’ meetings, one for early risers at 8:00am and then a second meeting at 8:45am, as we will stagger the departures. 

Starting in Wilsonville, we will go through Timber and end in Seaside after ≈140 miles.  As usual, many great roads and turns await you during this journey!

We will have the first of two DRIVER'S meeting at 8:00 AM, with the first group of cars going out immediately afterwards.  The second drivers' meeting at 8:45am with the last group going out Before 9:00am.


1. All drivers MUST be pre-registered online and be a current BMW CCA member at the time of registration AND the day of the Drive. Passengers do NOT need a separate registration.

2. Face Masks are encouraged for the unvaccinated while outside of vehicles during the event. 

3. Drivers and passengers should stay with their cars until registration is complete.

4. All drivers AND passengers MUST sign the electronic waiver prior to the event.

5. Registration is limited to 40 cars.

6. Drivers meeting is mandatory.

7. Restaurants have rules/regulations for COVID safety. Face Masks may be required. Make sure you have yours handy!


Event requirements


  1. All drivers MUST be pre-registered online by 8/05 and be a current BMW CCA member. No "Day Of" participation allowed.
  2. Passengers do NOT need a separate registration, but MUST sign the online waiver.
  3. Face Masks are recommended for non-vaccinated participants while outside of vehicles during the event. 
  4. Registration is limited to 40 cars 

How it works

 It all happens on the participants’ personal phones. No physical contact required.

Step one

Request an electronic waiver via text message.

Step two

Sign the waiver using your own smartphone. No sharing required.

Step three

Show your digital credential at the event. 

Starbucks Wilsonville

Wilsonville, OR


Fun Run/Tour organized by

BMW CCA - Oregon Chapter

Coast Drive Summer 2021

Sat, Aug 7, 2021