Sun, Apr 3, 2022

Cmax Track Time @Heartland Spring 2022

Heartland Motorsports Park

About this event

Intermediate/Advanced run group only track day at Heartland Motorsports Park full course. All entries are subject to on track experience review, your entry may be declined should it not meet minimum experience levels. Limited novice spots with instruction available, contact organizer for details. 

Lots of track time with little to no traffic.  Get up to a weekend's worth of track time in one day. Event limited to 30 registrations. 

Open track format. Come on and off the track however much and long as you and your car can handle.  Event Schedule

Two Track Configurations in one day. 2.5 mile full course slow 8 for AM sessions, fast 8 for PM sessions. 

Track hot from 8am to 5pm. (one hour lunch break) 

$445 for all day

$275 for half day   

$175 for two hours of open track 3 to 5pm only

Use the discount code: EARLY for 10% off registrations 30 days or more before the event. 

$20 admin fee added for registrations within 14 days of event.  

Cmax Track Time is focused on delivering the most track time with the least amount of traffic.  We are looking for experienced drivers that value safety, courtesy towards other drivers, and fun in a relaxed but professional atmosphere.



Q: What is the minimum experience level for your intermediate?

A: Ideally at least two days or a weekend at Heartland. Whether it be with SCCA TNiA, NASA, etc. We will also have 8 "novice" sessions throughout the day if you prefer a slower pace and less crowded session. We do have limited instructors available for an additional fee if required. 

Q: How do I register if sharing a car with another driver?

A: Each driver will have to register. In the case of two drivers, one car, full day, each driver will be required to register as a half day and contact us that you will be sharing a car. Both drivers will still have the full day of unlimited sessions. 


Event requirements

Safety requirements:  Snell approved helmet, factory seat belts or certified harness.  Car must pass tech sheet inspection.

Track certification and/or track experience required. Novice drivers must select instructor option and will be approved on availability of instructors.  

Event is rain or shine, no cancellations due to weather unless the track closes for safety reasons. 

Entries (48)

Chad Martin
Chris Carey
Rob Hart
Dan Ropar
Jesse Granneman
Fred Granneman
John (Jake) Sanders
Bryan Cohn

Heartland Motorsports Park

Topeka, KS


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Cmax Track Time

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