Fri, Jun 10 - Sun, Jun 12, 2022

Club Race at COTA

Circuit of the Americas

About this event

The Lone Star Chapter is proud to announce that we are hosting a BMW CCA Club Racing Premiere Event at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) on June 10-12, 2022.

This has been designated by BMW CCA Club racing as a Premier race. Consider this event as a BMW CCA Club Racing Shootout between the East, West, North, South and Central US. . 

COTA is a premier track that is located almost in the middle of the United States from an East/ West perspective. We will run the 3.4-mile F1 Gran Prix course.

The entry fee will be at $1250 for 3 days of racing.  There will be garages spots are available for rental.  These are the same garages used by the F1 teams and are divided up into 4 spots per garage.  The cost for each Garage spot is $300 for the 3 days.  Racers have 40 spots allocated to us. 

Trailers can be unloaded on Thursday; gates are planned to be opened by 5:00 PM until 10:00 PM.

If you have never run COTA, you are missing out on one of America's best tracks.  If you have, you know just how special COTA is.  Members of your family will want to attend because of the track’s facilities and the culture and night life that Austin offers. 

Points will be:

  • Friday 1st Race - 100%
  • Friday 2nd Race - Fun Race
  • Saturday 1st Race - 150%.
  • Saturday 2nd Race - 150% (Feature.  Grid for this race will be fastest lap during Sat's 1st Race)
  • Sunday Race- Enduro - 100%

Please do not hesitate to register for this event.  The COTA track rental fee is very costly, and we do need at least 40 racers. The LSC BMW CCA Drivers Event Committee needs to keep the Lonestar Chapter of the BMW CCA finically viable for this event.  As such they are going to wait until April 1st to see the number of racers signed up.  If a tough finical decision must be made and you did signup on or prior April 1st your card will not be charged.  If enough racers have signed up to make the finical goals and you did signup on or prior April 1st your card will be charged.  For those who sign up after April 1st, your credit card will be charged when you sign up.   

Bottomline:  sign up now and your card will not be charge until the decision point of April 1st.  Your signup is telling the LSC BMW CCA Drivers Event Committee you want to make the Club Race part of this event to happen.  What you can do is generate interested amongst the racer community you are a part of to participant in this event, even if they are racing non-BMW chassis (E-mail for more details).

Cancellation Details After April 1st:  Cancellations after April 1st must be done by emailing the LSC Club Race Chair at  Cancellations received before the cancellation date (April 30th at 11:59 PM) will be charged $150.00 per driver - no exceptions and no matter how many days you have been registered.  Our event policy is that there are absolutely NO refunds for cancellations requested on or after May 1st.

LSC BMW CCA has been running Time Trials (TT) with fields up to 20 cars, and we will be running TT during this event.  If you know someone who is not quite ready to race, encourage them to consider participating in the TT.  To register for the TT please go to the LSC COTA June 10-11 HPDE/TT event which is soon to be open.  They are renting transponders.

If you do not have a BMW Competition license, but one from another organization check this link out:

NASA GTS, Spec 944, Spec Boxster, Spec 996 cars welcome. Other cars will be on a case-by-case basis (ask first before signing up).

Event requirements

More information is available by E-mailing the event organizer.

Entries (20)

Mark Lightfoot
Ken Matheny
Christian Shield
Luis Marques
Sean McKay
Sripathi Haputantri
Jim Sullivan
Robert Likovich

Circuit of the Americas

Austin, TX
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