Sat, Feb 16, 2019

CFR SCCA Brooksville Solo 2019 Jr Kart School

Brooksville Regional Airport

About this event

CFR SCCA Brooksville Jr Kart School

Event Date:                            February 16th (Saturday)

Registration Closure:             5:00 PM on February 15th (Friday)

Event CAP:                            25 Maximum Total Participants

Scheduled First Car Off:        9:30 AM

Fee for Members:                  $40

Direct All Inquiries Regarding This Event to 

This event will be held at the very grippy Brooksville Airport in Brooksville, FL.  This Saturday event is an event designed for novice and experienced junior karters, Jr B and Jr A (8-16 years of age). We'll cover the basics of autocross and how to drive safely. We'll also cover things to watch out for that are specific to junior karts. All of that is followed up with lots and lots of seat time with a break for lunch.
BROOKSVILLE GATE LIST: Brooksville requires a list of everyone who will be on site submitted 10 days in advance. If you are not already on the gate list from a previous event and it is less than 10 days from the event you should not register. For more information see the Brooksville Gate List FAQ.
IMPORTANT: All participants must check in with timing prior to 8:30 AM at the site. Registration closes at 8:30 AM, and check-in after that time may not be allowed as it potentially delays the overall event.  Late check-in will always result in a late fee. There will not be anyone manning the gate after about 8:00 so please be on site early or you won't be able to get in.
For lunch we will take orders and send someone off-site to get lunch or participants are welcome to bring their own. As always we will have water available for free.

Event Officials:

Event Chair: Terry Tabor Chief Safety Steward: Scott Swartz
Registration Chair: Dave Welsh Trophy Chief:  Steve Marcum
Youth Steward: TBD Waiver Chief: TBD
Timing Chair: TBD Workers Chief: TBD







  • 7:00 am - 8:30 am - Arrive at Site
  • 8:00 am - 8:30 am - Check-In / Registration 
  • 8:00 am - 8:30 am - Tech Inspection
  • 8:30 am - Drivers meeting
  • 8:45 am - Mandatory Jr Karter Course Walk with Instructor
  • 9:00 am - 3:00pm (approx.) - Competition

Novices are always welcome! 

Like all drivers, novices must pre-register and pre-pay. Get more novice info here: Getting Started in Autocross 

Site Location:

Brooksville/Hernando County Airport, Brooksville, Florida

GPS Address:

16479 Runway Dr, Brooksville, FL 34604

Directions from Hwy 50: Highway 50 is North of the site. Travel south on US 41 about 5 miles. Runway drive will be on the right about 300 feet before the railroad tracks. If you go over railroad tracks on Hwy 50 you've gone too far.

Directions from Hwy 52: Highway 52 is South of the site. Travel North on US 41. Once you've entered Hernando County, you will cross County Line Rd. There is a gas station on the NW corner. At that point you are about 3 miles from Runway Dr. Continue until you reach the railroad tracks. The turn lane for Runway drive starts at this point on your left.

Once you've reached Runway Dr proceed over the railroad tracks and through the gate. There will be someone manning the gate to let you in. They will also have a waiver for you to sign and get a wristband.

What to Bring:

  • Non-Members, get your Weekend SCCA membership here on
  • Minors (under 18), bring a completed minor waiver, see details below
  • WATER (it can get hot!)

Registration and Payment Policy:

To keep our prices as low as we can, and to improve the starting time for our events, we require pre-registration and pre-payment for all Drivers at all Events

Important: With our new system, your credit card will be authorized at the time of registration but will only be charged after the event has completed.  If you cancel your registration by closure of registration on, (5:00 PM the day before the event), your credit card will not be charged for the event. If you try to cancel after that time, or if you do not show up on the morning of the event, your credit card will be charged a fee of $10.


  • $40 Entry Fee
  • $10 SCCA Weekend Membership fee for non SCCA Members
  • $10 Late Fee if you check in late on the day of the event
  • $10 Fee will be charged if you cancel after registration closure or do not show on the day of the event

Event requirements

BROOKSVILLE GATE LIST: Brooksville requires a list of everyone who will be on site submitted 10 days in advance. If you are not already on the gate list from a previous event and it is less than 10 days from the event you should not register. For more information see the Brooksville Gate List FAQ.


Registration Closure:                         5:00 PM the day before the event.


  • CHECK-IN WITH REGISTRATION: DO THIS AS SOON AS YOU ARRIVE AT THE SITE! Even though you are pre-registered, you must still check-in on the morning of each day of the event. Registration will be open by 8:00 AM at the latest; usually earlier.
    • Solo events occur whether it’s raining or shining.
    • Solo events will be suspended while lightning is in the immediate area, at which time participants and guests should shelter in a car or nearby building.
    • Extreme weather conditions may cause an event to be suspended or sometimes canceled, depending on the expected duration.
    • If an event is canceled, and you have not made any competition runs, you will not be charged an event fee. Unfortunately, if you have made any competition runs, we must still charge an event fee.
    • A “Jr Kart Course Walk” is mandatory for all junior karters
    • This course walk will be conducted by one or our Junior Kart Stewards
    • This course walk will take place at 8:45 AM, starting near the course start line.


  • Arrive early enough such that you can Check-In with the Registrar and get your kart Tech Inspected by 8:30 AM.
  • It is best to arrive no later than 8:00 AM to give yourself time to Check-In, get your car Tech Inspected, and to walk the course one or more times.
  • Depending on several factors, the registrar may or may not allow registration or check-in after registration is closed (8:30 AM). If the registrar allows late registration/check-in, a $10 late fee will be imposed.

MINOR POLICY (under 18 years old)

  • Minor - Competitors and/or Passengers Only - must have a properly signed and witnessed SCCA Minor Waiver.
    • On-File – CFR SCCA minor waiver already turned in for the current calendar year.
    • Brought to Site - Florida Minor Waiver 1895 - NOTARY VERSION, must be printed in color, signed by BOTH parents, and witnessed by a Licensed Notary Public.
    • At Site – A Florida Minor Waiver 1895 – SCCA Official Version must be signed by BOTH parents, and witnessed by an SCCA Official.
    • NOTE: If a parent has sole custody, in addition to filling out Form 1895, he must sign an Affidavit of Sole Custodywhich must be witnessed by a Notary or by an SCCA Official.
  • Minor passengers must be 12 years or older, or 57” or taller.
    • SCCA Minor Waiver is required.
    • Membership is required (can be a “Weekend Membership” which is free for passengers).
  • Minors under the age of 16 who have a valid Minor Waiver are not allowed in "Hot Areas" ONLY when they are doing their competition runs or riding along as a passenger
  • Minors not driving or riding and without a minor waiver are not allowed in "Hot Areas" at any time and must be supervised by an accompanying responsible adult.

Junior Driver Policy

  • At this site, CFR SCCA supports the SCCA Junior Driver Program for JA (12-18 years old) and JB (8-12 years old). CFR SCCA does not currently support JC (5-8 years old).
  • All Junior Drivers (Unlicensed karters older than 8 and less than 18 years old) must be pre-approved by CFR SCCA in order to participate.
  • For new Junior Kart participants, the parent MUST send an email to that includes the karter's name, age, and level of experience, as well as a complete description of the Kart. This can be a description of the driver's past events, or training within a kart if they have never participated in an event. If you have not done this step PRIOR to the event, the karter MAY NOT BE PERMITTED TO DRIVE.
  • Also, refer to all of the following information SCCA Junior Driver Programming.
    • In the above linked materials, please note that Junior Driver karts must be legal for the class the driver is running in (JA or JB),
    • Also, the Kart must meet all of the safety items identified.
    • Jr Karters of age 12 and under must wear a SFI certified chest protector


  • All vehicles must pass technical inspection which includes but is not limited to:
    • Tires are not damaged and do not show cord.
    • Wheels are secure with all lug nuts present and properly torqued.
    • Battery is secure.
    • Body panels are secure.
    • Brakes work with firm pedal.
    • No loose items are present in the car.


  • All karts being run at the Jr Kart School must comply fully with the class allowances for JA, JB, or JC.
  • For classing information, see Section 19 of 2018 SCCA® National Solo® Rules, which define the classing categories, and the allowable modifications in each category.
    • Cars that are near stock will generally fall into Section 13 “Street Category”.
    • If you have modifications to your car, work down the sections from Section 13 to Section 19 to find the category that accomodates all of your car’s modifications.


  • All drivers must wear a SNELL 2005/2010/2015 (M or SA) approved helmet. Other European standards are also accepted. See 2018 SCCA® National Solo® Rules.
  • If you do not own a helmet, we have loaner helmets available in exchange for your Driver’s License as collateral.
    • Pick these up at the timing trailer/tent prior to the heat you will be running.
    • In rare cases of high demand for loaner helmets, it may be required that you share the helmet with other competitors, or to turn in the helmet between your runs.

Sound Policy

  • Our general sound policy will be the same as for SCCA Solo National events. The general limit is 100 dBa at 50 ft where the vehicle is expected to be at its loudest. See Appendix I of the 2018 SCCA® National Solo® Rules for details.
  • The exact implementation for our regional events, will be somewhat different in that we will generally not have a dedicated sound position. If, in the opinion of the event officials, any vehicle might be in violation, the sound level for that vehicle will be measured on its next run, and the SCCA National rules will be imposed.
  • Note: Directional exhaust tips aimed laterally away from the sound measurement station DOES NOT constitute a viable remedy, although directional exhausts may be used to aim the exhaust straight up, straight down, or straight back.

Payment Policy

  • With our move to for registration, we will authorize your credit card at the time of registration, but we will only charge your card after the event has completed.
  • If you cancel your registration prior to registration cutoff on, (5:00 PM the day prior to the event), you will not be charged.
  • If you cancel after that time, or do not show up for the event, you will be charged a fee of $10.

Brooksville Regional Airport

Brooksville, FL


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - Central Florida Region - Solo

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