Sat, Nov 14, 2015

Central PA CPA Winter Autocross

Hershey PA Parking Lot

About this event

[PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS A SATURDAY EVENT AND MAY BE CANCELLED FOR INCLEENT WEATHER] For a day of at-the-wheel entertainment for the entire driving family, come on down to Hershey for an autocross with Central PA PCA. Our course designs will vary at each event. They will be easy-to-follow and novice-friendly but still present a challenge to experienced cone mashers.

We run rain or shine.
Schedule of the event:
6:30: Early arrival – setup begins.
7:30: Normal arrival time.
8:00 – 9:00 Registration and Tech
8:00 – 9:15 Course open for walking
9:15 Driver’s meeting. Course closed for walking.
9:30: First car off
~1:00 pm – Competition finishes. Cleanup followed by trophy presentations.

$25 PCA Members (prepay or $30 day of event)*

$40 Non-PCA Members (prepay or $45 day of event)

*PCA Member Number – required for all who wish to pay the member price of $25 - $30. Membership card must be presented at registration.


Event requirements

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Helmet (Snell M or SA 2000 or newer)(a limited quantity of loaner helmets are available). Seat belts. Battery tied down. Car empty of loose articles. No major leaks.

You must be 16 or older, present a valid drivers license and a current PCA membership card (to receive the PCA registration price). If you have not prepaid you do not get to preselect your run heat. Drivers under 18 must have parent or legal guardian present.

CPA-PCA Car Classing 2014

Class A: Carrera GT, GT2, GT3, 991 Turbo

Class B: 991 S, 996 Turbo, 997 Turbo, 981 Boxster S

Class C: 991, 996, 997, 993 Turbo, 986-987 Boxster S ,987 Cayman S, Panamera Turbo, 981 Boxster

Class D: 993,986-987 Boxster, 987 Cayman, 964 Turbo, Panamera S, Cayenne Turbo

Class E: 930 Turbo, 911 (‘78-’94) , 968, Panamera, Cayenne S

Class F: 914, 924, 944, 928, Cayenne

Class G: 911 (‘63-‘77),  912, Vintage Porsches

Class N: Novice (Porsche only)

Class O: (Other) Non-Porsches

Class L: Ladies (Porsche only)

 For classes A-G - Classing assumes cars are completely stock. Deviations from stock will follow the upclassing rules to determine final class. Each modification to your car from stock will receive a certain number of points. If your car accrues 20 or more points you will be bumped up in class. There is no limit - a car with a high level of modifications might move up several classes. 

20 thru 39 points - Up 1 Class

60 thru 79 points - Up 3 Classes

100 thru 119 points - Up 5

40 thru 59 points - Up 2 Classes

80 thru 99 points - Up 4 Classes

120 or more points - Up 6



DOT approved tires with a treadwear rating below 140 (except as below)   +10 points

DOT approved R tires (Hoosier, Kumho v710, Kumho v700, Hankook z214)  +20

Non-DOT approved tires  +25


Wider than stock wheel size - any wheel 1"-2"  +5

Wider than stock wheel size - any wheel > 2"  +10

Light body

+5 points each for front fenders or rear fenders or front hood or rear hood or doors


Engine swap +20

Additional turbo or supercharger / larger than stock turbo or supercharger +20

Internal engine modifications +20

Intake modifications +10

Exhaust modifications +10


Non-stock axle or gear ratios +10


Non-stock springs/torsion bars  +8

Adjustable shocks w/ shortened ride height or coilovers +8

Adjustable shocks(stock spring perch height) +5

Non-stock rear sway bar +5

Non-stock front sway bar +5


Welded roll cage +15

Bolt-in roll cage or welded roll bar +10

Bolt-in roll bar +5

Non-stock seat(s) +5

Smaller than stock diameter steering wheel +5


Our autocrosses are designed to be friendly competition, not an all-out assault. Competitors should be sportsmanlike in self-classing. While it is possible to prepare a car to the limits of these rules that will soundly trounce more casually prepared cars that is non-sportsmanlike behavior and those competitors who insist on stretching the spirit to win will be asked to reevaluate their self-classing. Likewise, competitors who have modified their cars extensively but without regard to autocross competitiveness, should not be surprised to be bumped into a class with faster cars.

Entries (44)

John Tak
Derrick Min
Alden Axford Sr.
Adam Weaver
Jens Waterstradt
Betsy Stein
John Stein
Margaret Nettleton

Hershey PA Parking Lot

Hersey, PA


Autocross/Solo organized by

PCA - Central PA

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