Sun, Oct 20, 2024

CART AutoX @ Mohegan Sun Turtle Lot 7

Mohegan Sun Casino

About this event

Entrants must be pre-registered on Motorsportreg (MSR). This registration is good for the day of and day prior to this event incase of a fair weather day. Registration will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. There will be a 75 car limit for this event. Once we hit 75 cars we will start a wait list and we will notify you when space is available and you will pay at that time. Any arrivals after 9:30 will pay $75 for registration.

Location: 1 Mohegan Sun Boulevard   Uncasville, CT 06382

Please be sure to bring your own helmet as they will be required for the event.


Cost For the event will be as follows:

$50.00 Members Cash

$55.00 Member Credit

$60.00 Non-Members Cash

$65.00 Non-Members Credit 

Registration the day of the event is $75

If you would like to become a CART member, you can join us on our website and fill out a membership application.

CART runs a PAX-grouped classing system, C1 through C7.  Please refer to current SCCA Solo Classing and SCCA Solo Rules to determine your SCCA class, and then cross reference against our CART Autocross Classing Info

Although not listed at the link above, the three open/Pro classes (PRO S, PRO R, PRO G) are still available as well and have not changed.  Please see our website for more details on these three classes.

Event requirements

Event Information

What should I do when I arrive?

  1. Sign the waiver when you enter the lot.  All drivers and crew must sign the waiver and have a wristband.
  2. Find a spot to park and emptying everything out of your car for inspect; including floormats, garbage and the spare tire.
  3. Walk the course!  The more you walk the course the better so find a CART officer and introduce yourself and we will be more than happy to give pointers on how to get the most our of your car
  4. Confirming registration at the trailer will begin and be called out on the speakers. Registration will close at 9:30 late registrations will be accepted.
  5. All attendees will be required to work at least an one hour shift per event.  You will be assigned a work assignment when you check in at the trailer.  Failure to work your assigned shift will result in loss of ALL recorded times. Multiple violations will result in an entrant being banned from our events.

How do I get numbers on my car?

  1. If you dont have painters tape then ask a member if they have some that you can use.  Use tape when you get assigned your numbers and speak to us about getting better quality numbers and magnets.
  2. Car numbers should be 8 inches high, class letters should be 4 inches.  Car number is required and the class is recommended so others can easily see what C class you are in.

What car can I bring to an autocross?

  1. Any car (street legal or race) may compete. No trucks, SUV’s, motorcycles, horses or shifter carts can compete without prior approval from CART's Safety and Competion Comittees.
  2. All cars must be in good mechanical condition. This includes brakes and mechanically secured battery (no elastic cord). All cars must be muffled to a level of 95DB.

How old do you have to be to do an autocross?

  1. Minimum age to compete is 18 years old for non club member participants and 16 years old for paid club members (any club members 16 and 17 years old must be accompanied by a paid member parent and have a waiver signed by said parent prior to competing). All drivers must have a valid permit or driver’s license.

Do I need a helmet?

  1. Helmets are required  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND BRINGING YOUR OWN. Every helmet must conform to SCCA Helmet Requirements
  2. Helmets must be in good condition. No cracks or deep gouges / scratches.


Do I have to be a member?

NO, You dont have to be a member to participate, but you will not be eligable for events points.


C.A.R.T. maintains a good neighbor policy: any competitor or crew found driving in the pits or on the street in an unsafe manner will be ejected, and forfeit any fees paid. Vehicles that are judged to be too loud will receive one warning to correct the problem before they will not be allowed to run. Drivers exhibiting unsafe driving skills on or off the property will be banned from future events.

Mohegan Sun Casino

Uncasville, CT


Autocross/Solo organized by

Connecticut Autocross & Rally Team

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Sun, Oct 20, 2024