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Care of Your Aging 107SL

Care of Your Aging 107SL

MBCA - Peachtree

Saturday, June 6, 2020
Peachtree MBCA Virtual Georgia, Lincolnton, GA

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Join us for a great Tech Talk video-teleconference (VTC) on Saturday, June 6th at 11 am (Eastern Daylight Time) when MBCA National Technical Advisor George Murphy will present “Care of Your Aging 107SL”. The newest R107s are 31 years old and though generally very reliable cars, even the lowest mileage ones will need some attention by now. Higher mileage ones have additional items that require inspection or replacement. There are also items that deteriorate from time instead of mileage. George will cover tips on what to look at on your R107 and what you should plan to do to keep it in great shape. Following his presentation, we have plenty of time for questions and answers on this, or any other Mercedes topic.

Peachtree Section Vice President Gary Edwards will act as host and moderator and asks for any question’s participants have in advance to be emailed to him at . Edwards points out that questions will be solicited during the VTC as well, but it’s convenient to have questions in advance if possible. Edwards comments, “The feedback from our technical sessions shows a big appetite for technical information. This event is designed to fulfill that desire, and since the last event dealt with newer cars, we're shifting to the classic R107 for this one. Also, as a result of survey feedback, we've adjusted the time so that it's not too early for our west coast participants, but not so late that it ties up the whole day for the east coast folks. The question and answer session afterwards will be open to questions on any Mercedes topic. We are especially fortunate to have the club’s technical advisor George Murphy as our presenter; you won’t want to miss it!”

MBCA Technical Advisor George Murphy has owned an impressive assortment of Mercedes from a 1961 190SL to his current CLK350. He has been a member since 1978, was a charter member and President of Smoky Mountain Section and has served as a Director at Large and as National Treasurer. He is presently National Technical Director. He is also a concours judge at the Regional and National level and a frequent contributor of technical articles to STAR magazine. George is a retired nuclear power engineer and consultant and owns Performance Analysis Company of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, which provides oil analysis plus provides many unique and hard to find parts for older Mercedes, especially electronics modules such as climate control and cruise control. He does most of the maintenance on his own cars.

The price is $3 dollars per person, to help defray costs of the ZOOM VTC. We anticipate about a 45-minute presentation, followed by about 45 minutes of questions and answers. It will be a fun morning of car talk and you won’t want to miss it!

When you complete the registration process, you will immediately receive a confirmation email. If you don’t get this confirmation email, then either you are not registered, or your email address is incorrect in You should check your Motor Sports profile to verify your email address.

We plan to record this event, so be aware that your voice and potentially image may be recorded.

The session will be conducted via Zoom Video Teleconference. No NEED to leave your home. You can easily join the ZOOM meeting by computer, iPhone, iPad, Android device, or by telephone.

IMPORTANT ZOOM VTC SECURITY NOTE: The organizers are well aware of security issues that have been brought to light over the last several months concerning ZOOM VTCs. ZOOM has implemented many security fixes over the last several weeks and we have instituted a number of security precautions, which include a set of ground rules that will be covered at the start of the presentation. As these ground rules constitute part of our security system, it is important to follow them.

It would be best to download the Zoom app beforehand to simplify connection. We’ll plan to have the VTC up by 10:40 am EDT so we can hopefully get any technical issues out of the way. Please be on time, as we do not expect to be able to admit participants to the event after the 11 am EDT start time.

Don’t wait to register, as we have a limited number of attendees (250). For questions, call Gary Edwards at (757) 831-9556 or email Gary Edwards