Sat, Jun 29, 2024

Boston BMW CCA Test and Tune

Devens Airfield

About this event

You must be a member of the BMW CCA Boston chapter to register. $95 entry fee. Registration is limited to about 40 people. If this is your first time registering it can take MSReg a few days to verify your membership.

You get more seat time in your car during the day than any other event we host. 20+ runs per driver expected based on past events. 

  • Elements are available for testing
  • A small course to assist in setup changes all day. 
  • The event has limited registration to ensure tons of runs for each driver. 
  • Registration is limited to drivers with more than 2 years autocross experience or autocross chair approval.
  • Limited instructors (and instructor-driven runs) will be available.

You must sign the Speedwaiver prior to the event, the link will be emailed out in the DOE (day of event) email. 

Please also read the Autocross Policies & Rules here: Boston BMW CCA Autocross

Click here to add BMW CCA Boston Chapter Autocross to your account.

Event requirements



$95 entry fee. Registration is limited to about 40 people.

Drivers 16 years old or older are welcome to participate in our driving events. If you are under 18 years of age, or you bring someone who is, you must have prepared the waiver IN ADVANCE and bring it with you to attend this event. Please contact the registrar at:


You must be an active BMW CCA member to participate in our driving events and will verify your member number automatically. Please follow this link to join if you are not a BMW CCA member or you need to renew: BMW CCA

If you do not receive your membership card prior to the event you are signed up for, you must bring a print-out of your sign-up receipt with you to registration.


If the event is sold out, you'll automatically be placed on the wait list. We will move folks from the wait list as spots open up, and in the order you registered. Your credit card will be not charged to secure your spot on the wait list.  


Payments will be processed when registration closes. Credit will be issued if you cancel prior to registration closing. If you cancel AFTER the close of registration, or you do not show up, no refund or credit will be given.


Verify all of the following conditions are met before arriving at the event. Your vehicle will be required to pass an on-site tech inspection. If it does not pass, you will not be allowed to drive your car.

Your car must be in good condition and it must pass the on-site technical inspection to participate in the event. Vehicles are allowed to run at the sole discretion of the Autocross Chair. 

A year 2015 or newer Snell-approved helmet is required for the Boston Chapter Autocross Series. Both Snell SA (special applications) and Snell MA (motorcycle) ratings are accepted. Loaner helmets may be available, so feel free to come if you don't have your own helmet. If borrowing a helmet, please only use it for your run, as the number and sizes of loaner helmets are limited.

The single most common reason for failing Tech Inspection is loose objects inside the car. Cell phone in the door pocket? Jack stand loose in the trunk? Glove compartment not empty? Please clean these out in advance.

Sound Levels
The determination of whether a car is excessively loud is at the discretion of the Autocross Chair and Tech Chief. If your car is deemed over the limit, you will be asked to muffle the sounds in order to reduce its level or leave the event. Clamping on a short downpipe works wonders to reduce the noise of loud cars. We will be using a sound meter at multiple locations each event and each run group.

To help ensure that your vehicle and helmet fully comply with the Club's technical requirements, please review the following Technical Inspection Checklist:


  • Each driver must wear a helmet. The helmet must be rated Snell M2015 (or later) or Snell SA2015 (or newer).
  • Non-compliant helmets will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day.
  • We only have 10 loaner helmets, so it is best to bring your own.

Engine Compartment

  • Motor mounts solid.
  • Battery securely mounted.
  • No cracked hoses, belts tight.
  • No oil, gas, antifreeze, hydraulic, or other fluid leaks.
  • Throttle must be free with no binding.
  • Brake fluid reservoir must be full, no dirty brake fluid

Wheels and Suspension

  • Tires must have adequate tread; no cracks, blisters, or cords showing.
  • Lug nuts must be torqued to spec.
  • Hubcaps must be removed.
  • Wheel bearings must not show excessive play and must be properly adjusted.


  • Solid brake pedal feel with no bleed down.
  • Seat belts must not frayed or cut.
  • All loose items removed from interior, storage compartments, glove box, and trunk.

We reserve the right to refuse entry/participation to anyone for any reason. Racing is serious business and we need everyone in attendance to take it seriously. If you’re not following instructions, not playing by the rules, or not taking your work assignment seriously, we may blacklist you and/or ask you not to come back.

Devens Airfield

Ayer, MA


Autocross/Solo organized by

BMW CCA - Boston Chapter - Autocross

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Boston BMW CCA Test and Tune

Sat, Jun 29, 2024