Sun, Sep 1 - Sun, Sep 8, 2024

Border Racing Group Event# 9 & 10 FAST FIVE Runoff

Dillards N.W. Lot at Sunland Mall

About this event

Are you looking for a safe and affordable way to race your street or modified car near El Paso?   Look no further than Border Racing Group.  

Check out our website for more information:  Border Racing Group

Test the limits of you and your car by signing up for our next autocross.  



Event requirements


Annual Hoosier Racing Tire "Fast Five" Runoffs

*This is a 2-Day Special Autocross Event

There will be special awards given out to the top five drivers according to 2024 PAX Index. Each competitor will be given a minimum of six (6) runs per day to in order to establish their quickest time to establish their qualifying time toward the Fast Five finale. A competitor's quickest (PAXed Time) from each Sunday will be added together to determine your Fast Five qualifying position. The top five drivers based on their aggregate PAX time will then advance to the "Fast Five" Runoffs. These top five drivers will then be given just one (1) more run to try to win the "Fast Five" Runoffs. This is a very exciting autocross event and having Hoosier Racing Tire on board as a sponsor just makes this event that more special. You don't want to miss this event. Put it on your calendar.

*Special Note:
Drivers must compete on both Sunday event days in order to be eligible to possibly win a "Fast Five" award.

Day 1  SUNDAY September 1st
Day 2  SUNDAY September 8th

Approximate Event Times Each Sunday: 7:00 - NOON.  
2-Day Entry Fee (Both Sundays): $85.00 - Registration closes 8/31!
1-Day Entry Fee (Either Sunday): $65.00 - Registration for Event #8 on 9/1 closes on 8/31.  Registration for Event #9 on 9/8 closes on 9/7.

Online Entry Registration and online fee payments must be made in advance. No walk-on registrations accepted, except if prior arrangements have been made. An extra $10 fee will be accessed for at-site registrations.

  • Registration will open from 7:00 -8:00 am.
  • Participants must sign the event waiver and wear the correct wristband each day. 
  • Walk the course from 7:30 - 8:30 am. 
  • Vehicle Technical & Safety Inspection: 6:30am – 8:00am (one-time vehicle annual inspection). Be in line before 7:45 am!  
  • A Drivers Meeting will be approximately at 8:45am. 
  • First car out on the course: 9:00 a.m. approx. 
  • No COVID-19 requirements are in place.
  • Helmets with a Snell rating of 2015 or newer are required are required for all drivers and passengers. Loaner helmets are available.
  • All competitors will be required to help with course work assignments, and with the course tear down right after the event is completed. 
  • The number of runs for each competitior will be determined at the event.  We typically will get 8 runs depending on how the event is progressing and number of entries per day.  (Sunday we expect to start and end a little earlier in order to give participants time to make the drive back home)  
  • All competitor’s vehicles must have seat belts, mufflers, and be relatively quiet. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT MUFFLERS ARE REQUIRED ON ALL VEHICLES. (we will not enforce a db limit) 
  • Some vehicles will not be allowed to compete due to insurance regulations such as SUV's, Crossovers, and Motorcycles. 
  • Tires must be in good condition with no bald spots or bulges on the sidewalls, and no deep cuts or loose tread.
  • No engine coolant, oil, transmission fluid, differential fluid, or fuel leaks will be tolerated.
  • All vehicle’s batteries must be securely fastened or secured with proper battery hold-downs. No exceptions.
  • No alcohlic beverges may be consumed at the site.
  • ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE REQUIRED TO HELP WORK the event - when you're not driving, you'll likely be working.  

Let’s have a fun and safe time at all of our 2024 autocross events.


We will be using current SCCA classes, which are divided into the following categories:

  • Street
  • Street Touring
  • Street Prepared
  • Street Modified
  • Prepared
  • Modified
  • Kart


Any forced induction engine regardless of displacement is allowed.
Full interiors or fully-gutted interiors allowed.
All RWD, AWD, & FWD vehicles allowed.
Any size wheels with any size 200-treadwear summer performance tires are allowed.
Must have muffler(s).  No minimum weight.

PAX Index of .852

Any normally aspirated engine regardless of displacement is allowed.
Full interiors or fully-gutted interiors allowed.
All RWD, AWD, & FWD vehicles allowed.
Any size wheels with 200-treadwear summer performance tires are allowed.
Must have muffler(s).  No minimum weight. 
PAX Index of .845

(For additional help in classing of your vehicle - please go here:  

These categories are then divided into class depending on the model and year car you have and what modifications have been done to the car.


NOVICE – First time in autocross competition (for 2 years)

INTERMEDIATE – For less experienced drivers or cars not prepared at top level. No time limit for this class.

PRO – This a category that is reserved for drivers that have demonstrated very strong driver skills and experience (not to be judged in years), excellent car preparation and/or possess a vehicle that has a distinct and clear advantage over the competition due to its power, weight, tire & wheel size, car classification and/or PAX Index.


We may have a total of 5 to 8 runs per event depending on the number of entries and any time constraints. 


The cost is $65 for all entrants. 


1st-25; 2nd-18; 3rd-15; 4th-12; 5th-10; 6th-8; 7th-6; 8th-4, 9th-2; 10th-1.


Competitors are encouraged to bring their own numbers and letters. Blue painter’s tape will be available for making your own numbers and class letters. Numbers must be at least 8″ tall with a 1.5″ stroke in a contrasting color.  We will also have shoe polish available for application on a window! 

PAX stands for “Professional Autocross.” It is a handicapping system developed by Rick Ruth many years ago to equalize the times across the myriad of classes developed by the SCCA. Each car class will have a PAX index, or multiplier for each car’s raw time. A new index is updated every year by analyzing local and national level autocross events across the U.S. 

For example, A Modified (AM) is the fastest class and has a PAX index of 1. The slowest class is H Street (HS), which has a PAX index of 0.780. Theoretically, the PAX times for these two cars can be compared in competition and a winner determined even though they are in vastly different classes.

To see your car’s PAX index, visit SoloTime.  



Please bring your own food and drink to the event.  Food will not be provided at the venue.  

Dillards N.W. Lot at Sunland Mall

El Paso , TX


Autocross/Solo organized by

Border Racing Group

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Border Racing Group Event# 9 & 10 FAST FIVE Runoff

Sun, Sep 1 - Sun, Sep 8, 2024