Sun, Oct 29, 2023

BMW CCA Peachtree Atlanta Autocross Sun 10/29/23

Atlanta Motor Speedway

About this event

2023 Peachtree Chapter Autocross Series sponsored by e3storage

We welcome all licensed drivers, as well as all makes and convertibles

Event #6 - Sunday October 29th, 2023


Morning schedule
9:00 AM Sign-in starts at
9:00 to 10:00 AM Tech inspection
9:30 AM Sign-in closes for all novice drivers
9:40 AM Novice course walk
10:00 AM Sign-in closes for all other drivers
10:20 AM Driver's meeting
First run group starts right after the driver's meeting

Event Registration Package Prices:


Autocross events are restricted to members only, so we created the NON-MEMBER SINGLE EVENT PACKAGE PRICE offer. The price includes both a one-year BMW CCA membership (regularly $58) and a single autocross (regularly $50) for only $85 -- a discount of $23! Please note that the non-member option is for new memberships, not renewals.

Bring two friends, get a free event! (Detail here: bring_two_friends_2023-04-28.pdf)

We are always looking to improve, please reply to this email with ANY comments or suggestions.

We are looking for additional sponsors. If you or someone you know might be interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us.

Event requirements


MSR's new terms include the following:  "We will collect personally identifying information ('Personal Data') including names, addresses, financial information and other information You require from individuals registering for Your Events.  If You ever enter Personal Data for anybody else or access anybody’s information, You must have their consent. You must obtain the correct parental or guardian’s consent before entering any information for a minor under 16."

The Peachtree Chapter BMW CCA autocross committee will not enter/update personal information for any participant, with the following exception:  We will update participants' profiles to include BMW CCA membership information, which consists of:  1) member number, 2) member chapter, and 3) membership expiration date.  By signing up to participate for yourself or a minor you are the parent or guardian of, you are consenting to the Peachtree Chapter BMW CCA autocross committee entering/updating this BMW CCA membership information.

Vehicle Class:

To be eligible for points in your standings against other drivers, you must classify your vehicle before registration using the spreadsheet provided below. If you prefer not to classify your vehicle, you can simply enter "U" for unclassified during registration. However, please note that cars competing under the unclassified category will not receive any points.

AX_Classification_Worksheet_2022-04-24.xls If you've used this same spreadsheet to classify your vehicle since 2019, and your car hasn't undergone any modifications or changes, your class will remain the same, and there's no need to go through the classification process again.

Participant Number:

You must choose your participant number according to the documents below and set it DURING registration for the event.  Please pay heed to the legibility guidelines explained in the "AX Number Assignments and Marking" document.

Number Assignments and Marking Requirements:  AX_Number_Assignments_and_Marking_2023-10-29.docx <<< UPDATED FOR 10/29/2023

Please purchase or fabricate your markings before coming to the event, or bring your own marking materials to the event.  Although we may have a small supply of marking materials on hand, marking materials are not included with the event fee and the marking materials on hand are for "emergency" use and should not be relied on as your regular marking materials for your vehicle.

List of active/open/reserved numbers:  AX_Master_Number_List_2023-10-29.xls   Note that this is not a "live" list -- it is updated at the beginning of each event.  Another participant might have claimed a particular number before you get to it, so any given number showing as being available in this list is not guaranteed to be available.

Additional Important Information:

Please review the documents and policies below before registering, as you will be held to the policies once registered.




Morning schedule:
9:00 AM Sign-in starts at.
9:00 to 10:00 AM Tech inspection.
9:30 AM Sign-in closes for all novice drivers.
9:40 AM Novice course walk.
10:00 AM Sign-in closes for all drivers.
10:20 AM Driver's meeting.
First run group starts right after the driver's meeting.

As per the policies stated in the documents above, late arrivals will neither be allowed to participate, nor will they receive a refund or any credit for the event.  Please note that these events usually run until approximately 3:00 PM -- plan your attendance and the remainder of your day accordingly.

Once sign-in is open, find the registrar, sign the waivers, and receive a wristband. This is required for all people on site, including spectators.  If a participant or spectator is a minor, a minor waiver must be completed: minorwaiver2016.pdf (this must be printed in color, preferably double-sided).

There is NO LUNCH BREAK, but there are a few minutes when switching between run and work groups, so please pack accordingly. 

Any vehicle parking in the EV Participant Parking area must pay $5 (cash on site) for charging, whether the vehicle is an EV or actually charges from site electricity or not.  If you do not wish to incur this charge, do not park in this area.

Helmets are available to rent for $10.  HELMETS MUST MEET THESE RATINGS:  SNELL 2015 or 2020, SFI 31.1 for FR (Flame resistant), SFI 41.1 for non-FR, OR FIA 8860.  IMPORTANT:  Inadvertent allowance of a non-conforming helmet in a prior event is not justification to allow it after the non-conformance is discovered.

Discount Codes:

The location to enter the discount code is on the "Confirm & Pay" page, right above your payment info:


Entries (30)

Peter de Guzman
Darshan Nagaraja
James Hunt
Philip McKnight
Philip Mcknight
Michael Beinenson
Elahn Little
Andrew Rivers

Atlanta Motor Speedway

Hampton, GA


Autocross/Solo organized by

BMW CCA - Peachtree Chapter - AutoX

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