About this event

The second evnt of the 2023 season. Take what you have learned from the first event, and try to improve.



Event requirements


Track Set Up starts at 8:30am

Online registration only thru


Registration closes at 9:59pm Friday night before the event.

You will need to check in at the track by 11am to race that day.

***Registration will be cut off once we have 50 cars registered***

Drivers Meeting at 11:30am

Racing starts at Noon

$30.00 to race

Spectators watch for Free

**Autocross classifications****Drivers are responsible for classing their own cars

**GT – 1990 and newer 4 seat coupes and sedans (late model Mustang, Camaro, Cadillac CTS-V, etc.)

**GTV – 1989 and older 4 seat coupes and sedans, including C1-C3 Corvettes and AMX

**GTU – Unlimited sports car (C4-C7 Corvette, any AWD, any 3 rotor, and all modern mid and rear-engine vehicles)

**SCB – Sport compact turbo and supercharged vehicles (4/6 cylinder or 2 rotor, no AWD)

**SCN – Sport compact naturally aspirated vehicles (4/6 cylinder or 2 rotor, no AWD)

**No Limit Outlaw – Run whatchu brung and hope you brought enough. This class is for all vehicles that run slicks or competition tires generally under 200 treadwear, or don’t fit into the above classes, lightweight cars and kit cars. Lightweight, heavy mods, professional drivers, this is for you.

**Tech inspections

•The interior and trunk are void of loose objects. •The tires are not corded or otherwise damaged and have the proper air pressure.

•The seatbelts are functional. *The brakes have proper pressure and the braking system is in a maintained condition.

•The throttle return functions.

•Remove your floor mat. You don't need it getting caught in your pedals •The wheel bearings do not have significant play.

•All lug nuts are present and torqued.

•Hub caps and wheel covers are removed. •The battery is properly secured (factory battery tie- downs are preferred). •There are no significant fluid leaks.

•Approved helmet. Bring your own helmet. NO LOANERS

Thanks and see you in May!!

Entries (9)

Sam Hicks
Alexander Beckham
Jake Hladysz
Barry Vansickle
Darrick Schuman
Brendan Klueckman
Michael Murray
Randy Oldfield

Central States Fairgrounds Midway

Rapid City, SD


Autocross/Solo organized by

Black Hills Sports Car Club

BHSCC Event #2

Sun, Jun 18, 2023