Sat, May 4, 2024

Badger Burrow 2024 Tour RoadRally

Meyer Oak Grove Park

About this event

SCCA Milwaukee Region Presents

Badger Burrow 2024 Road Rally

Saturday May 4, 2024


Start Location:  Meyer Oak Grove Park (US 12), Sauk City, WI 53583

Finish Location:  Prairie House Food and Spirits 1920 Prairie St, Prairie du Sac, WI 53578

   Check-in opens:  9:00 AM         First Car Off:   11:01 AM        First Car Finished:   Approx 4:15 PM

Cost:  Rally entry is $55/car,  a minimum of 2 people per car is required, but $15 discount if at least one person is a SCCA member. 

Pre-registration is required for this event.  General Instructions that explain more details about how the rally works will be emailed to all registered contestants 2 weeks prior to the event.

IMPORTANT:  This event uses automatic scoring and GPS checkpoints.  You will be timed automatically as your car passes each checkpoint location and your score will be immediately displayed.  Contestants need to use a smart phone during the rally, running the Richta competitor app.  Please download the app from the playstore (android) or apple store (apple).  Please read the appendix of the general instructions for further details.

Sound interesting?  Want further information?  Contact the chairperson:
Fred Rosevear

Event requirements

 2024 Badger Burrow Rally

Milwaukee Region SCCA

     May 4, 2024




Richta Competitor App

Event name: Badger Burrow 2024
Password: bbur



The object of the rally is to follow the prescribed route and arrive at each control (checkpoint) exactly on time. Contestants will be scored 0.1 point per 0.1 second for early or late arrival at each control.

This event is conducted in accordance with the 2024 RoadRally Regulations (RRRs), as amended by these general instructions / appendices. A printed version of the RRRs is available from Amazon for $5.95 + shipping or they can be downloaded free of charge from the SCCA website It is our belief that  these General Instructions and any addenda tell you everything you need to know to run this event.


  • Time is indicated in minutes and seconds or in seconds. (for example 13:02:00 means
    1 o’clock 2 minutes, no seconds .Pause 12 means pauses 12 seconds).
  • Official Mileages are given to 0.001 mile at timing lines, restart points, and some other places.
  • Checkpoints are noted in the CP/RESTART/CAST/PAUSE column of the Route instructions. Any time you are working on an instruction that does not indicate a CP, you are in a Free Zone.
  • Any portion of the rally in a Free zone should be driven at a Safe and Prudent speed no higher than posted Speed Limits.


Course following

Please keep your headlamps on.

The course can be traversed at rally speeds with normal precautions and observing all normal traffic regulations and rules of the road.

Your ability to stay exactly on time will be the determining factor in winning the rally. 

 Official Mileage is reset to zero when the mileage is accompanied by the notation /0.000. Start the rally at the time shown in NRI 1 plus your car number in minutes. There is an odometer calibration check provided shortly after you start.  The purpose of the odometer check is to allow you to compare your odometer to the rallymaster’s and make adjustments if necessary.

All mileages and speed changes associated with an intersection are taken/executed at one of the following in this order of precedence:
1. The Stop or Yield on your right that controls your rally car.
2. The backward facing stop sign or yield sign on your left that controls the road on which you depart the intersection. The exact point of measurement is where the front wheels of your car are at the slimmest view of this sign.
3. The apex or center of the intersection.


Route Instructions

The Route Instructions for the Rally are presented in a four column format as shown in the following Example:

The smaller blue numbers in parentheses represent the GPS coordinates of that location. These can be entered into most GPS units to direct you to this point if you are lost.

In the absence of an NRI at an Intersection, participants should follow the obvious main (principal) road as determined by road centerlines, curve arrows, backed up Stop or Yield signs, or straight as possible. For the purposes of this Rally, dead ends, cul de sacs, road ends do not exist and should not be followed unless instructed to do so.


A portion of a route instruction enclosed in quotes refers to a sign (“SIGN”).  The quoted text may be part or all of the sign, but additional words will not appear in between quoted text.  For example, if the route instruction refers to “NORTH VALLEY”, it could refer to NORTH VALLEY ROAD or OLD NORTH VALLEY.  It could not refer to NORTH HIDDEN VALLEY.

A graphic representation of a sign that represents whatever is being referenced (e.g. DOWNHILL). The reference will not be enclosed by quotation marks.


Locations for gas, rest rooms, and snack breaks will be indicated in the Route Instructions.  If you are behind schedule at a break, we strongly suggest you shorten the break and get back on time here.


Timing for the rally is from the previous Restart to that checkpoint. All checkpoints are noted in the route instructions.

Timing will be in hours, minutes, seconds, and tenths of seconds. The Competitor Richta GPS Checkpoint app records your arrival time at each control. At each timing control, the Richta Competitor App will ding and report your time and score at the control. If you wish, a tap on the bar on the screen should bring up a critique for that leg, including the exact mileage for that control. These mileages are provided to allow you to make minor adjustments to your mileage, but since they have been entered by hand, errors may occur. These mileages are intended as helpful, but should not the basis for major changes.

All starts are Flying Start truncate restarts. These allow you to restart whenever you are ready. When you are ready to start the next leg, drive up to and stop at the restart point as specified in the Route Instructions. Once you have set up and are ready to go, leave that point at the top of the next minute that has not been used by another car. Approximately 0.1 mile beyond that restart point is a trigger point that will cause your Richta Competitor app to ding and display your restart time. The Richta app takes note of the exact time that you passed the trigger point and then truncates that time to the previous whole minute or half minute. It is your responsibility to make sure that you use the restart time as displayed in the Richta app. That is the restart time that will be used to compute your score. If the restart time in the app varies from the time you had planned, you must adjust to the restart time in the app.

Some checkpoints are Time Checks.  Your Richta competitor app will ding, and your time will display. Time Checks are not scored. They are to allow you to adjust your clock if needed, and to reassure you that you are in the right place.


Emergency speeds and signs

If an emergency situation occurs, you will be instructed by a worker along the road at a checkpoint sign. There will be a form that the team must initial to show you have received the instructions. There is also a slim possibility that an emergency sign may need to be placed if something changes on the rally day. These signs will be written on colored plastic dinner plates and put up in an obvious place (most often the support of a Stop sign).  An emergency sign will be identified by the letters SCCA.

Three markings have special meanings as follows:

I - Ignore the road or sign.

NRI <number> - Execute the instruction associated with this number here.

Special Instruction - Just do whatever the sign says.


Scoring and penalties

Each 0.1 second early or late

0.1 point.

Maximum timing penalty

20 points

Unsportsmanlike conduct or irresponsible driving, including traffic citations.

Disqualification, or other penalty, at the discretion of the organizers

Time Allowance

No penalty

Final scores for the rally will be posted at the end point.

Time Allowances

Unforeseen events can happen on a Rally. Local traffic slows you, or you get lost. Whatever the reason, we want you to drive safely. Therefore, we encourage you to request a time allowance (TA) for any reason.


The following terms are defined for this rally:

Backed up Sign

The plain side of sign intended to be read by oncoming traffic. It is usually on the left side of your road.


Change, continue, or commence speed of.


Car Zero time. Your time here is the CZT + your CAR# (in minutes).

Free Zone

A portion of the rally which is free of timing checkpoints.  You can drive at your own pace.


Numbered Route Instruction.




To delay a specified time at a point or over a specified distance. The pause time is added to your elapsed time.  Pauses are specified in seconds.  For example, PAUSE 10 means pause 10 seconds.


An intersection of exactly three roads, where a road goes generally ahead and another road goes to the left or to the right, but not both.


An official octagonal stop sign at which the rally vehicle is required to stop.


An intersection of exactly three roads having the general shape of the letter T as approached from the base by the contestant. It is not possible to execute the instruction straight at a T.

Traffic Light

A fixed signal light alternating red and green (and frequently including yellow as a transition between green and red) used at an intersection to regulate traffic and which controls the rally vehicle. For rally purposes ONLY ONE TRAFFIC LIGHT MAY EXIST AT AN INTERSECTION.


.If you get lost or decide to drop out, please contact Fred Rosevear at (608) 886-8035.


Entries (5)

Allen Long
Bryan Anders
Jacob Berman
Jim Duea
Jeffrey Rogers

Meyer Oak Grove Park

Sauk City, WI


Road Rally organized by

SCCA - Milwaukee Region

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Badger Burrow 2024 Tour RoadRally

Sat, May 4, 2024