Mon, Mar 15, 2021

Automotive International Track Day

Carolina Motorsports Park

About this event

We are constantly looking for new ways for our customers to enjoy their fine automobiles.  Open to all levels of experience and cars!

Track days are an opportunity to drive your car, a friend’s car and/or ride with someone on a race track!  All types of cars are allowed to participate.  The experience will increase your comfort with your car, improve your driving skills, give you confidence behind the wheel and let you feel how cars respond in different situations.  Giving you an opportunity to explore the upper levels of acceleration, braking and cornering your car has to offer. It’s also extremely fun!

We will be on the track in 3 run groups.  Parade will probably have 2 sessions, one at lunch and one mid afternoon.  The other two groups will rotate with 30 minute sessions keeping track hot so plenty of drive time for all!!

Parade: A slower drive anyone can take around the course without a helmet.  As needed, we will have a pace car to set max speed.  No passing.

Beginners/Instruction: For people who have limited experience or the first time on a track who want to learn how to safely drive the course at higher speeds.  True beginners we strongly suggest taking the instructor package to accompany you on the first several sessions at least.  Or have a very experienced person ride with you.  Helmets and technical inspection are required.  Point by passing is allowed.  Speeds are moderate.

Solo:  For experienced drivers with substantial track time.  Our Solo group has some FAST drivers so depending on participation levels we may break this into an Intermediate Group and Supoer Solo.  Helmet and technical inspection are required.  Point by passing is allowed.  Speeds are highest.

We look forward to you joining us as a car owner, driver, or spectator.  Spectating if free and open to all but you do need to register so you will be on the list to be admitted.  That is the track rule.  If you are a car owner when you register you can add people who will attend with you.  

Plase CONTINUE and register now!

Event requirements

Driver’s License: All Drivers must have a valid Driver’s License and be at least 18 years of age to participate. You may be asked to present your Driver’s License at the track.

Helmet Requirement: A Snell M or SA rated helmet dated 2010 or newer is required for all drivers and passengers on the track. Due to COVID we will not have rental helmets for this event.

Attire: All participants on the track to wear long pants and close toed shoes. No one in shorts will be permitted to enter the race track.

Tech: A tech inspection is required for each car prior to accessing the race course. Someone from AI will be available to tech your car the morning of the event, but please view the tech form prior to then in order to be sure your car is adequately prepared.  It is best to get the inspection done by a qualified shop prior to event to insure the car will pass.  Download a copy of our tech form - AI Tech Inspection Form.pdf

Drivers Meeting - Mandatory: A drivers meeting will be at 8:30 AM.  There will be a PA announcement to confirm start time.  We will review all rules and regulations for the day.

Waivers and Signing in:  Being on track at speed involves risk…and Great Rewards! We’ve got to cover the track owners and ourselves by having you acknowledge those risks. CMP will have you sign in and sign a waiver at the gate when entering the property.  Please bring the AI waiver signed with you.  Download the waiver form RELEASE OF ALL AUTOMOTIVE INTERNATIONAL PERSONNEL AND INSTRUCTORS.pdf .   If the waiver is no present we will email you one soon.

Open Top Cars: Must have approved rollover protection. Please contact us if you have any questions about your car.  Arm restraints will not be required.

Speed Limits: Speed limit in the paddock is 5 mph. Speed limit on access roads is 25 mph. Do not test vehicles or bed brakes on infield roads. For non-racing events, the pit lane speed limit is 20 mph.

Damage: All participants and their guests are responsible for any damage to CMP property including on track and off track. 

Fuel: For the convenience of customers, Carolina Motorsports Park houses fuel stations, including race fuel and there are other gas stations nearby. On most track days the fuel stations are open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please keep in mind that AI Track Days are not a racing event but rather a Driver Education day. You will learn how to handle and control your vehicle at high speeds as well as explore the capabilities as a driver and those of your vehicle. At no time will you be pushed or encouraged to go any faster than is comfortable for you. All participants are organized into run groups based on experience, skill, and type of vehicle.

Extras to make you comfortableBring a folding chair, small cooler, hat, shades, sunblock-whatever will keep you happy. We’ll have water available. 


Please call email us at or call 704-521-2886 for more information.

Carolina Motorsports Park

Kershaw, SC
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Download track map


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