About this event

Pre-registration opens five weeks prior to the event for Season Subscription holders.  Pre-Registration will opens to Members 4 ½ weeks prior and General Pre-Registration opens 2 ½ weeks prior to the event.  Entrants above 175 will be placed on a waiting list.  Pre-registration will close 10 days before the event in order for us to provide the access list the Navy in a timely manner.  Remember you must register for this event in order to access the facility this includes all spectators.

* Event Venue is Subject To Change


7:30             Gates Open

7:30 – 9:15  Registration

7:30 – 9:15  Tech

8:45             Novice Meeting/Course Walk at Start Line

9:15             MANDATORY Driver's Meeting at the TSCC trailer

9:30             First Car Off

The event will take place RAIN OR SHINE. In the event of severe weather, a decision will be made at the driver’s meeting to determine whether or not we will be running. You will be notified by email if the race event is cancelled before its scheduled date.

Event requirements

Important Site Information:

In addition to the customary competition requirements you also agree to abide by the following rules and regulations required by our host facility. Failure to do so could result in the loss of the facility by TSCC and could result in a citation being issued to you by base security. Tickets issued on a DoD facilities are Federal Magistrate jurisdiction for disposition of traffic violations.

  1. You are responsible for any damage that you cause to any any equipment, facilities or property,
  2. Speed limits on post are strictly enforced. It is disrespectful to our hosts to be driving recklessly outside of the competition venue.
  3. Cellular phone use is PROHIBITED while driving on base. There is NO exception for using Bluetooth or other hands free devices.
  4. Pedestrians have the right of way at all cross walks at all times.
  5. Firearms are PROHIBITED.
  6. Registration indicates your agreement to allow your vehicle to be searched upon entry or at any time while on base.
  7. No Photography is allowed outside of the grid, paddock and competition areas.
  8. You will drive no faster than walking speed while in the Paddock, Grid or elsewhere on the ramp.
  9. There is NO tire warming anywhere on the site.
  10. There is NO vehicle testing anywhere on the site.
  11. The only authorized smoking area is the Gazebo adjacent to the Ramp Support Building. Smoking is NOT allowed any where else on the facility, smoking includes the use of electronic or vapor cigarettes.

As this event is hosted by the US Navy on a Department of Defense facility. Access is controlled at all times. The actual area surrounding the competition site will include military equipment and vehicles. These vehicles and equipment are OFF LIMITS at all times. All buildings with exception of the Ramp Support Building are off-limits.

There are white lines painted on the ground around the LCAC hover craft. Attendees are prohibited from crossing these white lines. Personal vehicles and other property cannot be placed inside these white lines. Failure to comply with this requirement can result in competitor disqualification and attendees being asked to leave the facility with no refund.

We ask that you respect the facility just as we do. The Ramp Support building will be open to use the facilities and provide shelter from the sun. We ask that you keep the building clean and do not move any furniture located within.

Important Area Information:

Commercial facilities such as food and gas are reserved for military and government civilians. It is recommended you ensure you have adequate gasoline for both your support vehicle and race car prior to entering the facility.

Karts and Junior Carts ARE allowed to run at this event.

Remember to bring your identification (drivers license), registration and proof of insurance when coming to the event. It is also recommended that you proof of state inspection aside from the decal on the vehicle as well.


The event will be split into three or four heats, depending on the amount of participation.  As an organization ran by volunteers, entrants will participate in the event by driving one heat and working another.  During off heats, you can relax and enjoy watching other competitors’ on-course.


Work schedules for 4-heat events are as follows:

Heat 1 drivers will work Heat 3

Heat 2 drivers will work Heat 4

Heat 3 drivers will work Heat 1

Heat 4 drivers will work Heat 2

Every person driving in the event MUST work the event.  Workers will check-in with the Chief of Workers (COW) at a designated location to receive their work assignment approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of the heat. Failure to work the event without notifying the COW with a valid reason, you will be banned from participating in the next event. If this should occur a second time, you will be banned from participating in any events for the season.

Workers will change out on the fly. If you are unsure of the duties your work position entail, the COW will explain or direct you to an experienced member who can help in explaining what your work assignment will entail.  Be sure to coordinate with the COW as soon as possible if there are any particular assignments that you may not be able to perform.

Car Preparation/Tech Inspection 

Cars must be fully prepared before proceeding to tech.

  • Check all lug nuts (wheel bolts) are present and torques according to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Inspect your tires, ensure no cords are showing, do not use tire shine.
  • Check your brakes for pedal pressure and proper brake fluid levels
  • Clean windshield/windows.
  • Place your registration card under the driver’s side wiper.
  • Check throttle return spring
  • Check wheel bearings
  • Ensure your car is not leaking excessive amounts of fluid
  • Ensure your battery is secured(Bungee Cords are not an authorized method of securing the battery)
  • Numbers:  Number (at least 8” tall) and class letters (at least 4” tall) must be displayed on both sides of the car.  Painter's tape will be available from tech.   If you are unsure of your classing, please let us know before proceeding to Tech and we can help you
  • Interior:  Clean out all unnecessary items from inside your car (i.e. floor mats, loose speakers, items hanging on rear view mirror, wrappers, tools, etc) Plan on bringing a couple grocery bags with you for this purpose
  • Trunk:  Remove spare tire, tools, jack, loose/unsecured items
  • Helmet:  Helmets must be SNELL M2000, SA2000, K2000 or newer; SFI 31.1, 41.1, 31.1A, 31.2A, 41.1A, 41.2A or British spec BS6658-85 type A/FR are also acceptable.  Any helmet must fit properly and in good condition.  DOT helmets that do not meet the more stringent regulations are not permitted.  Club loaner helmets are available for those who do not personally own an approved helmet
  • Sound Limits:  For 2015, TSCC will be enforcing sound limits of 100dB as measured per SCCA rules, and will be enforced per Appendix I of the 2015 SCCA National Solo Rules.

Course Workers:

The most common work assignment, especially for novices, is course working.  Course workers stand at worker stations around the course and reset cones as they get knocked over.

  • Never turn your back on a car!  You need to look down to reset the cone, but keep one eye on that car as long as it's still on-course.
  • When you set a cone, please RUN, don't walk, and hustle back.  This is for your safety, and helps the event run smoothly.
  • The Radio operator at each worker station will also hold red flag - unfurled - but holding the tip to keep it from flapping in the breeze.  The radio operator should be calling in downed cones, not running for them.
  • If you see a dangerous situation, do not hesitate, throw a red flag and call "RED FLAG, RED FLAG" on the radio.  If one red flag is thrown, all stations will throw red flags.
  • No sitting or kneeling at worker stations while cars are on the course.  We try to place worker stations in safe positions, but drivers can lose control in unlikely places- you need to be on your toes and ready to react at any instant.
  • Cameras, cell phones and other distractions are prohibited at worker stations.
  • Watch out for your fellow workers- keep them safe, too.
  • Only upright cones are assessed as penalties.  Lay-down pointer cones are not assessed as penalties unless struck after the finish.  Cars are required to be under control after passing the finish beams; any cone struck after the finish disqualifies the run.

Radio etiquette:

 TSCC assigns one experienced course-worker at each station to operate the radio and red flag.  The radios used by TSCC have a delay after depressing the transmit button, and the first second or so gets cut off, so always pause before speaking.  State "[pause] Control, this is Station [#]".  After Control replies, key the button, pause, and call in your report.  This etiquette is especially important for events at large venues where 2-3 cars are on course at once and multiple cone penalties are being assessed simultaneously.  The exception to this is a red flag, which should be called immediately.  When reporting penalties, always refer to the car number, not the car description.

Insurance Waiver

All competitors will be required to sign an insurance waiver upon entering the facility.  Minors will need to have a minor waiver signed by both parents in order to compete or to ride along.  The minimum age for riding along is 12 years.

Entries (145)

Edward Musick
Marty Janzen
Thomas Bleh
Amber Holmes
Skye Gill
Gavyn Gill
Savannah Marie Powers
Sheila Powers

ACU-4 Little Creek Amphibious Base

Virginia Beach, Va


Autocross/Solo organized by

Tidewater Sports Car Club

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