Sat, May 28, 2022

APEX+ Solo Only Track Day and MSF level 2 ITS

Motorsport Ranch - Cresson

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Thank you for choosing Apex Driving Academy!

We teach high-performance driving skills in a safe and controlled environment and we provide sports car drivers with safe, affordable access to premier motorsports facilities in Texas. 

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This is a single day event, May 28th. If you are not SOLO APPROVED to drive, you will not be admitted into this event. Please contact for approval if you have any questions, please include the EMAIL ADDRESS YOU USE FOR MOTORSPORTREG.COM

Come join us for our first Solo Only track day. This will feature an open format for all participants with 5+ HOURS of potential track time. We will also host our Instructor Training School alongside this special event.


The entry cost is $265 with limited entries available, sign up early!

Motorsports Safety Foundation Level 2 Instructor Training Course

***You MUST complete MSF Level 1 before attending this course! Get it HERE***

Our Instructor Training School is an invite-only program. For this event, you will need an invitation to register. Please contact for questions, you must include the EMAIL ADDRESS YOU USE FOR MOTORSPORTREG.COM

This is an accredited MSF Level 2 Course. The focus is on the standardized instructor qualifications set by MSF. Once completed (and passed) students will be certified to the MSF Level 2 standard, which is recognized nationwide. Please note graduation is NOT guaranteed.

Learn more about MSF here:


Pricing is $549 for both May 28th and our test day May 29th

For more information please visit


First Time? Check out our Apex Roadmap here:

Event requirements


Basic requirements include:
 - Licensed drivers aged 16 and up (under 18? parent or guardian must accompany you)
 - Helmet, rated Snell 2015 or better (you can rent one from us if you do not have one)

 - Your track-worthy passenger car (such as sedan, coupe, station wagon, etc.) No SUVS, no pick-ups, no vans permitted
 - Advanced/Intermediate drivers welcome to bring their track cars

Before each event, drivers will need to perform a Tech Inspection on their car. This is required before each and every event, even if you just looked at your car last week or last month. This is for the safety of our instructors, your fellow drivers, and most of all - for you. This inspection can be done by you, your friends, or any qualified mechanic. Note that an in-car fire extinguisher is no longer required.

BYOC (Bring Your Own Car) allows individuals to use their own cars for high-performance driving school at the track. Our BYOC program caters to many drivers - beginner to advanced. We provide three separate levels grouped by experience, each with its own curriculum - Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. Our single-day program provides classroom instruction sessions along with up to 2 hours of track time. Track sessions are spread throughout the day so you can learn in the classroom and then practice what you've learned on the track. The learning is progressive, so by the end of the track event, you will have come a long way!

The Novice program is for drivers who are new to driving on a racing circuit or only have one or two previous events. The program includes classroom instruction throughout the day, on-track drills to help you learn some basic skills before you drive at speed, in-car instruction, and of course several sessions at speed.

The Intermediate program is tailored towards drivers who have mastered the basics and includes classroom instruction throughout the day with helpful feedback on techniques and driving lines. PLease note intermediate-level students are NOT guaranteed an in-car instructor.

The Advanced group is for experienced drivers. Data acquisition is included and provided by Apex Pro for our advanced student's classroom sessions, with the focus on fine-tuning skills using advanced techniques.

The BYOC program runs rain or shine, and driving on a wet track is one of the most beneficial exercises to help advance your driving skills at any experience level.

Cancellation Policy: 

Purchases are subject to non-refundable conditions. Terms and restrictions apply, including ANY and ALL reasons, including problems with your car, date conflicts, illness, and any other reason.

1) Cancellation/Date Change 28 days or more prior to event - Min $25 cancellation fee, with up to 80% refund.

2) Cancellation/Date Change 27 - 14 days prior to an event - Min $25 cancellation fee, with up to 50% refund.

3) Cancellation/Date Change 13 - 0 days prior to an event - no refund.

4) We reserve the right but not the obligation to keep a waitlist and does not supplement those unable to attend an event.


Apex Driving Academy events run in almost all weather conditions! Don't be put off by a forecast for rain - driving in the rain is an excellent learning experience, and will help improve your driving skills in all conditions.

Entries (60)

David Staab
Kirk Quebe
Haseeb Ahmed
James Mason
Terry Thornton
Laris Pezzulich
Austin Lee
Lew Alexander

Motorsport Ranch - Cresson

Cresson, TX


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Apex Driving Academy

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