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Have you ever wondered what High Performance Drivers Education Events (HPDE) are really like? Is it racing? Can I use my daily driver? Do I need special tires? Will it hurt my car? Will I feel intimidated by the "track junkies"? What do I need to get started? 

To help answer your questions AMR will be hosting a “HPDE 101” session on March 6th from 10:00-11:00 AM. The event will be held virtually. This HPDE 101 introduction is just 6 weeks before AMR’s first 2021 HPDE which will be held at La Junta Raceway on April 17-18. We will present an overview of HPDE 101 events, discuss the Lead-Follow instruction we will be using while COVID-19 restrictions are in effect, then have several of our HPDE participants share their HPDE stories. As extra incentive we are offering a $50 credit towards HPDE registration costs to all "newbies" (first timers) who attend HPDE 101. All members are welcome. There is NO cost to participate in the HPDE 101 session.

Event Chair: Robert Baumgartner (rbaumgartner@mindspring.com)



AMR Drivers Education

AMR, Colorado


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PCA - Alpine Mountain Region

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