Tue, Oct 12 - Wed, Oct 13, 2010

ACNA-NJ Thunderbolt D.S & Safety Seminar

Thunderbolt Raceway

About this event

Join the NJ Chapter for our third season at NJ Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ. This is a two day driving school and safety seminar.

Tuesday, October 12 and Wednesday, October 13 - General Driving School & Safety Seminar
Students will be separated into three groups based on your driving experience. Every student will receive in-car instruction. Classroom sessions are required for all students.

Instructors will be assigned one or two students and will also receive the same amount of time on track as students.

The event will be run on the Southern Road Circuit at New Jersey Motorsports Park, the signature Thunderbolt Raceway featuring over 2.25 miles of asphalt, 14 challenging turns, a one half mile straightway and approximately 40 acres of full service paddock space. Amenities on this circuit include concession buildings, event garages, twenty (20) VIP Suites, banquet rooms, and a three (3) story timing tower with media center.

Prices (Includes 1 ticket to the Banquet held Tuesday Night):

  • Driving School Student Registration -  $435.
  • Instructor Registration - $150

Please note all payment will be handled offline via check through our national office. Further information will be provided upon registration.

Instructors: Please log in and click through to see your special rate! If you would like to instruct but have not previously instructed with ACNA-NJ, please e-mail our Chief Instructor, Thomas at: tbuttner@acna-nj.org with your experience and contact.

About ACNA:
One of the goals upon which the Audi Club North America was founded was the idea that driving skills can and should be improved with practice in a controlled environment. After all, how better to enjoy your car than to be confident that you really know how it will react in all situations? This event will be held at a racetrack due to ample space, no oncoming traffic, plenty of runoff room, and workers before each corner with flags to warn drivers of any upcoming danger. Despite being at a racetrack, the event is not competitive, is not timed, and most certainly is not racing.

Why Attend?
Lessons and skills learned at these events really do transfer to everyday driving, as numerous former students attest to all the time. Many prior students report avoiding accidents thanks to things they learned at these events. Many others report simply enjoying their daily commute more knowing more about themselves and their cars. There really is no better way to improve your skills.
What you will learn at a performance driving school:

  • How to handle your car in a emergency situation
  • Understanding of braking dynamics
  • Increased confidence in the performance characteristics of your vehicle

Beginners will focus on classroom time and exercises prior to on-track lapping with an instructor in the car at all times. More experienced students will focus more on track learning, however every participant will be required to attend classroom sessions.

This is not a racing school, nor is it a competitive event. Anyone found timing laps will be removed from the event.

Students are required to be ACNA members to register.

Note: While the event organizers will make every effort to maximize track time, due to the possible track conditions and weather the number of sessions and session length can not be guaranteed.

Event requirements

BEFORE REGISTERING, please review the following requirements and information:

  • ACNA Member in good standing
  • Must be 18+ years old with a valid driver’s license with a photo ID.
  • Must have the first page of the Tech Inspection form completed by a certified mechanic within 4 weeks of event.
  • Brake fluid must be flushed within 6 months of event.
  • There will be a Pre-event safety check on the day of the event which your car must pass to be eligible to participate.
  • Failure to meet safety check or incomplete Tech forms will disqualify students from event and forfeiture of entry fee.
  • Open cars (convertibles) must have rollover protection which meets or exceeds the specs found here. No SUVs are permitted on track.
  • Equal restraints (seats and belts) are required for driver and instructor and must be securely mounted to stock mounting points or directly to the frame.
  • All drivers must have a helmet with a Snell SA95 certification or newer. A limited number of helmets are available for rent.
  • Long sleeve shirts and pants are required for all drivers and passengers on track.

Classroom Sessions:
This is a driver's education school and is not practice for any racing or speed contest. All participants are required to attend classroom sessions designed to teach vehicle dynamics and driving techniques. The number of classroom sessions varries per group. These sessions will continue throughout the day to help participants understand the fine art of high speed driving. Failure to attend as required will result in loss of driving privileges.

Tech Inspection:
You will be required to have a qualified individual/mechanic inspect your vehicle and verify its safety. They must complete page 1 of the form found below. This inspection must occur within four weeks of the event, but with enough time to fix any issues which are uncovered. Please plan accordingly and bring this to the track!

The inspection form can be downloaded from http://www.acna-nj.org/prep.php.

On the evening prior to the event our tech crew will collect all Pre-Event Safety Inspection Reports and perform a spot check of every vehicle. You are solely responsible for insuring that your vehicle is safe before you come to the track. Failure to present a completed Pre-Event Safety Inspection Report or failure to pass our spot check will disqualify you from participation in the event and your entry fee will be forfeited

Tech inspection and registration will occur at the Country Inn by Carlson in Millville, NJ on Monday October 11th, from 4 to 8 PM.

Last chance on-site inspections will also be performed at the track Tuesday at NJMP. This is first come, first served and your car may only be inspected while you are not required to be in class. THIS MAY RESULT IN  LOSS OF TRACK TIME.

Other Requirements:
All participants will be organized into run groups in accordance with experience, skill, and type of vehicle based on the experience of the applicants. Participants not "signed off" to solo will be required to drive with an instructor on board at all times. Under no circumstances will timed laps be permitted!

All participants must driving within their limits and adhere to the terms found in the Waiver. Failure to comply will result in expulsion from the event without refund.

If you are seen with a timing device at any time or are driving irresponsibly  you will be asked to leave and forfeit your ability to participate in this or future Audi Club Driving Schools.

Medical Information Form:
Completion of the Medical Information Form is at the option of the Applicant, though it is highly recommended. Complete this section within your profile if you would like rescue personnel at the racetrack to have your medical information readily available should you incur personal injuries or suffer from an illness while participating in the event. If you opt to complete the form, you must strictly follow the instructions. A sealed envelope with this form will be delivered to the rescue personnel before driving begins. After conclusion of the event, your envelope and its contents will be shredded.

To qualify as an instructor, you must have previously been certified by ACNA or another acceptable group. Please contact the event master prior to signing up in order to confirm your status prior to signing up. Membership requirements for instructors only are waived, however we encourage our instructors to join ACNA.

Thunderbolt Raceway

Millville, NJ


Driver School organized by

Audi Club NA - NJ Chapter

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